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#932618 Storn's Art & Characters thread.

Posted by Guest on 03 February 2006 - 10:23 AM

Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.

RDU Neil launched a new chapter in the RDU... or... err.... outside of the RDU... last night. It is a multiverse, dimension hopping campaign where we are Champions of a alternate RDU.

Well, with new characters, comes new sketches. This is B's Victoria Hilton... aka Crystal.

As they would say on FIREFLY ... Shiney!

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#754493 Storn's Art & Characters thread.

Posted by Storn on 29 June 2005 - 05:13 PM

Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.

Jeff T's Millennium Knights.

Jeff gave me an exhaustive description. I hope I did his team justice. To those others that I have commissions to do for, I will be getting to them slowly and surely. Origins is eating up a bit of time due to prep. But I'll be taking sketches to do with me.

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#2591424 Wonder Woman

Posted by wcw43921 on 01 June 2017 - 02:49 AM

For The Win--



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#913232 Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

Posted by input.jack on 12 January 2006 - 05:02 PM

Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

I was running my Zombie Apocalypse game, with several long-time friends.

The three PC's and one NPC are on the top of a sporting goods store that they and their survivor group has been holed up in for a couple of days, as they prep to leave L.A.

The three PC's are Jordan, a gorgeous LAPD "kiddie cop" (think of Eliza Dushku in the LAPD uniform. Now youre on track), Eric, a recently-graduated high-school athletic star who was about to turn pro before the world ended (looks like Tom Welling), and Gabriel, a six foot ten EMT ambulance driver (who looks like Abraham Benrubi). The NPC with them is most often referred to as "Conspiracy Man", and goes only by the name of Ed. Despite a few comments about the "alien overlords" and the "flouride mind-control policy", they nevertheless gave Ed a rifle, as they had just raided a pawn shop, and his oddly useful skill-set was instrumental in their success. (They suspect he is ex military, and has seen too much).

The group has recently discovered that there are a few more survivors trapped on the fourht floor of a building about a block away from their own hideout. The people trapped in the office building have smashed out a window and hung a sign out of it written on a drape that says "Help Us".

As the characters are deciding what to do next, the sounds of gunfire erupt from a rooftop a few buildings away. The characters look around, and realize that it is coming from four gang-banger types who are taking shots at the "Help Us" sign, and the people behind it. (These are people with the same mentality as those who were shooting at police, ambulances, and fire fighters during the L.A.riots).

Jordan, the cop, is the first to spot the perps. She aims her rifle at them. The others follow suit. I tell them that one is shooting, another has a rifle also, and there are two others with pistols besides. They look like they are in their early twenties, of mixed ethnicity, and are wearing loose clothes with alot of sports team endorsements. Jordan makes a Perception roll and recognizes them as wearing local gang colors.

Ed: Firing order?

Jordan: Im taking down the shooter.

Ed: Ill take the other one who has a rifle.

Eric and Gabriel's Players both indicate they are also going to fire. I ask them to pick targets. And then...

Gabriel's Player: Ill shoot whichever one has the most underwear showing.

After we all finally stopped laughing, Garbiel then proceeded to randomly hit the unlucky s.o.b. in Location 13. For near-max damag,e and maximum Stun.

I guess Gabriel -really- didnt want to see that guys underwear!

(Edit: If this post accidentally offends anyone out there who habitually "busts a sag"... TOUGH! Pull your gorram pants up!)
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#627658 f/u Grab: Throwing & Squeezing after initial Grab

Posted by Steve Long on 15 February 2005 - 07:27 AM

Re: f/u Grab: Throwing & Squeezing after initial Grab I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "either" roll. If a character attempts a Grab and misses, he's never going to get to the "Throw" stage of things in the first place, so the Throw rules don't come into play. Only if the character has to make an Attack Roll with his Throw -- either to perform it at all, or if he's trying to hit a specific target with the Thrown character/object -- are the "miss" rules going to come into play. If what you're asking is, "Can a character Throw a Grabbed person in an effort to hit another target (such as another character or a specific hex), miss that target, but still inflict Throw damage on the Thrown person?", then the answer is "No." There aren't any provisions in the rules for that; a miss is a miss. The GM could alter that if he likes, but generally the rules don't let a character miss/fail and still obtain some measure of success.
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#2511876 The Master List Of Complications/Disadvantages

Posted by ghost-angel on 05 June 2016 - 08:26 PM

All of the websites where I knew it was stored are gone to the obliterating tides of time.... and not a small number of people have emailed me in the past year or so asking where the copy I was hosting was, as it returned a SQL Database error.


As bigdamnhero has requested one for his new campaign, and as I'm a player I thought it best to help the GM out, I found my original files (3 archive hard drives deep and counting... I need a better system) and found all the backend logins I needed, fixed it all up, and we're back.


It was originally built in the days of "Disadvantages" and "Limitations" instead of just "Complications" and so that stands - because this was a quick and dirty fix, not an update; but for new players the terms are functionally interchangeable, don't let that stop you from using them, enjoy.




(you know what I also found... the abandoned Master Index Cross Reference Project... If I get bored this summer the Online 5th Edition Master Index may find the light of day yet.)

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#865849 Storn's Art & Characters thread.

Posted by Storn on 17 November 2005 - 11:41 AM

Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.

This is for "Heroes & Legends". From About Time! Games. They are
currently in playtest and have a tenative release date set for late 2006.
You can check out their website at www.abouttimegames.com.

I thought it was a clever tackling of a universal RPG system, instead of the multi figure approach of other covers.

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#2573826 Hyperman in the hospital

Posted by Hyper-Man on 17 March 2017 - 07:12 PM

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone. Today is the first chance I have had to be in front of a full size keyboard in over a week and it feels good! I had a reoccurance of Melanoma cancer... this time in my brain. Probably a lucky break since the symptoms presented like a stroke. They've cut out the big/easy piece and have just done a hires/3d MRI of my brain stem so they can target with radiation next week. The next big hurdle is the results a PET scan of eveything else in a couple of weeks. I am much better than just few days ago. The fine motor dexterity and strength of my right hand is the biggest issue right now. Typing this was good exercise. I know I am not a frequent contributor to this part of the forum but you guys always put a smile on my face. .... Be sure to have yourselves checked for skin cancer!!! :) HM
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#2524841 The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

Posted by Old Man on 04 August 2016 - 05:16 PM

I don't see GL in the same light. Techno-suits, robots and cyborgs have been all over Sci Fi cinema, and Iron Man at first glance doesn't look all that different. What's the precedent for a blockbuster hit starring a guy with a magic ring?





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#2612904 A reminder of Andy Mathews

Posted by Lord Liaden on 25 September 2017 - 09:20 AM

I was rather startled to see Andy Mathews, aka "AndyM" on the forums here, listed among Today's Birthdays on the main forum page. The former Art Director for Hero Games, Andy would have been fifty today, if he hadn't passed away suddenly in December of 2008. There's no blame behind my bringing this up -- obviously his birthday is just in the system and was called up automatically. But it seems to me to be a good opportunity to reminisce a bit.


I never had the honor to meet Andy in person. I only knew him from his input here, and his work for Hero Games. I haven't seen his name come up in a long time, which is understandable. What I do remember is that he was a crucial part of the team DOJ Inc. put together to revive Hero Games at the beginning of the millennium, after its long period of living death. From all I've read, Andy Mathews was key to developing the layout and art style, and maintaining the quality, that defined the Fifth Edition line of books. I also remember his forum posts, which while not profuse, were consistently helpful and friendly, with a wry understated humor and lack of drama that I appreciated.


His loss was a shock to all of us fans, but I could tell it was a huge blow to the small DOJ family, personally as well as professionally. I give full credit to them soldiering on without him with little pause, as one must do when there's a company to run. At the very least he left a large contribution to the hobby we all love, to remember him by.


I would invite anyone else who has thoughts about Andy Mathews, particularly the people who knew him, to share them here. To me this just seems a good time and place to remember him.

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#2509997 Marvel's Latest WTF?! Moment

Posted by Pariah on 27 May 2016 - 08:37 AM

The only explanation I've seen so far that makes a [redacted] bit of sense.



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#2591807 Wonder Woman

Posted by Ranxerox on 02 June 2017 - 08:16 PM

I went, saw it. Loved it!


Agreed.  Loved it also.


One of the things that I noticed about it was that it was remarkably free of irony or cynicism.   It's protagonist was just plain good in the way that you would expect from a DC superhero, but which none of DC movies prior to this have delivered.  It is not imitating Marvel movies with heroism robed in irreverence and snark, it is like DC movies should be with heroism sincere and the feels genuine.


:thumbup:  :thumbup:

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#2586572 The Adventures of "Fish Guy" (Superhero fiction)

Posted by Hermit on 10 May 2017 - 01:49 PM

Okay, long one... meaning even more violations against the English Language . Hope you enjoy



The Balance spilled all around me, before it was almost equal parts land and water, but the land was shrinking even as the view of it was expanding. More and more I took in glimpses not of flowing rivers, but great gaping oceans that seemed to pour off the edge of the metaphorical map that was the strange plane. It wasn't hard to guess why.


"I guess my mind is on the others right now and the sea," I confessed, "So… I'm affecting the view?"


"Quite right," Dr. Salem told me. Unlike before, she did not appear as a beautiful young woman. There was a glow to her, but her age here matched her many years on the mortal world. It wasn't hard to guess the reason for that either: Energy conservation, "But that's all right. Just leave me enough to sit on, and think on the ocean. Imagine going further than you've ever been before."


I didn't completely have to imagine on my own. A lot of brave explorers and brilliant scientists have made studying the depths their lives' work.  The Balance reared up, and suddenly she and I weren't just sitting on an Island, we were in a bubble. The ocean depths! I swore I could see figures moving in the great twilight murk of the aquatic world beyond. Whales? Squid? Flickering schools of multitude fish.


And the currents, I could see the currents blowing past like windstorms of the depths. The energy of them was intense. Part of my longed to drift into one, and let it carry me away…. Even if the ultimate goal would be oblivion and then renewal into… who or what I didn't know?


Doctor Salem sat down next to me, and pulled out a spear. She had dabbed some goo on her forehead before this, and some on my chest over my heart. Marks of some ancient culture I didn't know jack about; so much for my love of history.


"Take one," she said.


I reached for another spear, and felt the rage, the intense hatred rise up, but not only was I mentally braced for it, the wards cast on me numbed it. It was like having a drug in your system that took you out of yourself. It made me detached. I could see the anger inside me. I could feel it but it seemed less real than before. Good thing. Eight of these without some protection and I might have slapped the old woman silly.


Yeah, that thought indicated I wasn't as detached as I thought.


"Islu Katan!" She raised the spear she carried with surprising strength for she lofted it one handed, "Islu Marduk! Islu Gaia! Wyrdaan nosi! Tantu fo vragain!"


I had no idea what she had just said, even if I was going to get greater understanding, this was the plane for it, but she followed it up with an order, "Break it."


And I snapped the spear!


Worthless! Pathetic miserable little me! Daring to try again to gain the notice of a universe that loved me no more than a dog loved a tick. Energy that I would never grasp, power I was unworthy of, burst around me and flowed… and then was drawn into the other spear Dr. Salem carried.


"Grab another!" She demanded.


I wanted to curl up and sleep again, and hope I never ever woke up. Here I was, wasting my time in some ritual I didn't understand while my team mates could be dying, no doubt they would be dying, for they faced the blessed troops of the Eldest while I sniveled here like a child taunting an oncoming Tsunami only now realizing his mistake, "We can't possibly…"


"Grab.Another!" She bellowed!


And I did, it was useless, but if the hag wanted me to grab another, so be it. I resented it though, especially now that I held a new spear again. How dare she snarl orders at me anyway? She was just another insect, as unimportant and meaningless as I. Didn't she see that?

Apparently not, more chanting began railing out of her mouth, much like before. In my mind's eye, I thought the images of the great sea were gaining substance, clarity, but they weren't pleasant.


"BREAK IT!" She demanded!


I snapped it, directing my rage and loathing at the object. It cracked then sundered, and another wave of suicidal self loathing struck me! It was…weaker!

The Law of Diminishing returns, they had said. So it was. I still felt insignificant, but this time my survival instinct rallied more quickly. So what  if I didn't matter… maybe there was a certain reason to live. If infinity wanted to be uncaring, to remind me how it had no obligation to me and I would die miserable and alone with nary a glance, I could at least spit in its metaphorical eye and make it notice me.


Let's hear it for North Carolinian stubbornness!


I glanced up! I could see distortions along the Balance! It was like looking in a hall of mirrors if the mirrors couldn't quite agree on what they were reflecting! I saw whole cities underwater! Some were elegant spiraling towers, others were vast cave networks with beautifully adorned entrances, and others still looked like ancient Grecian architecture lit up by radiant plant life! Some plunged into the dark depths, pits rather than towers, yet they were no less magnificent for it. One floated, touching neither sea floor nor surface! Another was  a Giant Turtle with an Island nation upon its back, it's people only seeing the surface once a century when it decided to rise.


Wonder had slipped through the terror… but then the pictures changed, focusing, narrowing…images of vile shrines at each location! Hearts being torn out like Aztec priests of old sans restraint, determined not to raise a sun, but allow it to be devoured! The Eldest's priests … their shrines were their forges! Of course, of course!


One tendrilled priest twisted as if he knew was being watched. And I felt a cold chill return as his eyes flickered at hate for the intrusion on what to him was a most sacred rite.


I almost didn't notice Doctor Salem warning me, "Good, soon the Eldest will try other means … falsehoods and visions… brace yourself, and grab another!"


"What the hell do you think I've been doing?" I said a bit louder to the old crone as I seized yet another. Damn, the anger was getting through, "Sorry."


But she didn't have time to answer, she was chanting again, more words that flowed in one of my ears, stirred something ancient in my mind, and then left forgotten.


"Break it!" She said.


I didn't hesitate this time and snapped that sucker like a great white going to town on a surfboard.


They were all around a table, each New Samaritan, and Valorous!  Ariana was there too, the only one missing, was me!

"The stupid hick actually thinks he's important" Pinprick said laughing and holding up a thimble sized glass, "I'm telling you, Vivian, you got that kid so convinced he's got the right stuff, he'd let you launch him to the damn moon."

"We aim to please," Lady Obsidian, helmet less, took a drink from her own glass of wine, "Not bad, I must admit, but we needed a sacrifice for Doctor Salem's ritual and it's not like I wanted to lose a real hero."

"Hey, credit where credit is due," Arctic Fox snuggled against Valorous, "if it weren't for Ariana setting salmon man into spawning mode, he wouldn't be so distracted that he never noticed how my man, who is not a member somehow is on every other mission and always available."

Ariana winked, "Thank you. None of you are as happy to see him gone as I am. I mean, I did not want some redneck pawing at me any more than necessary."

Tornado laughed, "Can you imagine what your mama would say?"

"well, I for one am grateful," Valorous said, "And look forward to joining the best team officially soon. Here's to Fish Guy… a very useful map maker….and… hell, I can't think what else he was good for?"

Pinprick laughed, "The source of a lot of good jokes!"


Their laughter resounded.


"Oh, bullcrap," I snarled, shaking my head and scattering my vision, "You overplayed that one," I said to the thing moving past the barrier of oblivion, "They're grown adults, not middle school jackasses willing to murder… try again, punk!"


"Eel? What are you doing?" Doctor Salem asked.


"Just having a chat with the Eldest or at least I think I am," I said. Images had grown clearer of the locations where the spears had made, even taking direction, so that the others would know where to go.


"Yes, I gathered," She said, "No need to call him out."


"Makes me feel better, I'm tired of this bullying 'I'm nothing he's everything' bunk," I answered, "You just keep chanting and let me rant a bit at him. I'm calling this loser out."


"That loser could obliterate you with a thought," She warned, "If it ever gets free."


"Ah, but its not free," I said, "It's trapped behind the barrier and now it's writing badly out of character fan fiction….Keep chanting…" Then I added, "Please."


And she did. I was pissed as I grabbed another spear, not just because the thing was tainted, but the honor of my friends had just been insulted. I've got a real problem with liars saying crap about my friends. Pinprick could be a jerk, but he'd looked after me. Lady Obsidian believed in me every step of the way and was trying to warn me of the pitfalls of the calling. Tornado was becoming a friend. Arctic Fox had never let me down when the fighting started. And Ariana was too sweet a soul for that nonsense whether she wanted to date me or not.


Valorous?  Okay, I still felt Valorous was a jerk, but I was angry for their sake.


"Break it!" The now familiar command came.


"Whoops,"  I said to the void and Shattered the fourth spear! "Should have bought American, Eldest!"


The wave of self loathing… and another vision…


The battle was not going well. Lady Obsidian held the line! A force wall held back besieging tentacles hammering, hammering against the fields like a thousand sledgehammers! Pinprick's magic arrows did nothing, and something like a barracuda shot up and bit him clean in half before continuing onto attack the next one!

I could smell his blood in the water!

Arctic Fox froze foe after foe, but the undersea warriors kept coming, until one broke through a protective layer of ice and stabbed her right in the heart with one of the blessed spears! If it could penetrate my hide, why had I ever let them risk themselves! I could have taken the blow…

If I'd been there.

I saw Lady Obsidian's helmet sinking to the bottom of the sea trailing blood.

Tornado's lifeless body floated to the…



I shook my head, "You need to pay less attention to my fears and more to the logistics!" I seethed. That vision had hurt! I felt sick to my stomach. If I hadn't realized Torando was still laid up and on the base, that might have taken me out of it completely.


"Grab another and snap out of it!" Dr. Salem's voice was shrieking.


"Wrong order, but yes," I agreed and took the fifth, "Two more to go… hurry!"


But there was no rushing the ritual. The chanting went at its own pace.


And now it felt agonizingly slow. Despite my bravado, that last vision had rattled me.


"Break it!" She said.


Thank God, I thought, and snapped it ready for the…


The punch knocked me through the bank wall with such force that the stone work shredded like tissue paper. My own body certainly felt the impact.

Where was I?

I was back in North Carolina, in my home town.

I knew where I was…and I knew when I was.

"Oh god," I said and looked up into the masked face of Mister Brute. He wore a pin striped outfit that looked like a period piece from golden mafia days of old, or at least what Hollywood tells us they wore. The mask, such as it was, was more phantom of the opera than anything.

I had never felt a punch as hard as the one he delivered.

"Eel, is it?" The man moved through the hole in the wall he'd just created using my body, "Eel, I warned the others that this little bank robbery was beneath us. Especially in a small town like this, I doubted it would have much of worth, but…well, they wheedled and since we had time before our real job started elsewhere, I indulged them."

"Aren't you a sweet heart?" I said cockily, far too cockily for one who had just gotten his bearings again, and lobbed a manhole cover at him with all my might as a distraction.

He caught it quicker than I thought possible, "Nice throw. Now, little did we expect this place would have a hero guarding it. I admire your dedication, but you are outnumbered, and frankly, over matched. Stay down, boy."

He flung the manhole cover back at me with twice as much force as I'd managed. I tried to move to the side but it still clipped me knocking me like band English on a pool shot.

"Get bent!" I said, backing away from the bank as I got up again, and motioned him to follow me. I needed to get him away from the crowds.

"You warned him!" A woman's voice, and the popping of flames. Firebug was one of those villainesses who enjoyed showing her body off. It wasn't like anyone was going to touch her without permission, not with blue edged flames all over her, the body said come hither, the eyes added 'and die'.

Flames burst around me and I felt it all over again! The heat searing my flesh, the light blinding me. So much stronger than what Bodysuit had managed. I grabbed for the firehydrant to open it…

And for my trouble I bled, badly. Something shot by me faster than I could see, and cuts appeared along my torso.  I called out, surprised.

"Slice has her moments," Mr. Brute said and only now did I get a glimpse of the blurring figure carrying the knives, "Speedsters, not common, but not unheard of. Now ones with blades that can cut through almost anything or anyone, and training in those blades? That's rare. "

"Can we just finish him off already?" Slice's voice was in one place on moment, by my ear the next, and then closer to Mr. Brute, "I'm bored." I realized another slash, this one across my belly was threatening to split wide open.

"Pay attention, Slice," Mr. Brute said, "Observe… he's kept an awareness of this place, where things are… the struggling for the hydrant? No doubt to try to direct a shot of water at Firebug. And he's been pulling us further away from the crowds. This is, in most ways, an intelligent young man… most ways, a truly intelligent individual would be running now. Besides, his plan isn't going to work, is it Dice?"

Dice turned out to be a bored looking blond man in a black body suit with a duster over it. The logo on his chess was that of Snake Eyes. He lowered his shades and there was a glow, "It's not his lucky day."

While they were talking about plans, I was putting them into action. I broke the hydrant open only to feel a rush of empty air flow in my face!

"Awww, just air in the line, what are the odds?" Dice laughed.

I'd never faced a probability manipulator before.  I flung the hydrant itself at him but my shot veered wide and all I did was succeed in breaking a window in the distance.

"That's your solution to ranged targets? " Mr. Brute frowned, "you throw things at them? You are not well equipped for certain challenges, are you? Come at me, boy. I may knock you around, but at least, I'll let you get close." And he walked with slow deliberate steps towards me.

I took the bait and swung at him, clocking him hard across the mouth!

"You asked for it," I said with a moment of satisfaction.

"I felt that, nice," He said, "Good. Again!"

I jabbed, and he grabbed my arm and swung me around like a child.

"Did you study any hand to hand? Do you have any idea how to apply power you've got?" Then he pinned me, "I mean, this is the boonies, I don't expect to find a Krav Maga practitioner, but surely you considered learning something beyond the basics?"

I arced up trying to break him with a sudden movement, but he kept the grip.

"Now assuming I'd be surprised by that is an insult to a man of my talents and experience," He frowned, "I don't like insults."

And he broke my arm.

I screamed. This had happened before, but the pain was no phantom. This wasn't fiction, this was real, it was memory, and it was a fact!

"I'm going to test your resolve," he offered, "Now, if you can last  one minute of what we're about to do to you without begging for mercy. I will only kill one person here. If you can last five… no one , with the possible exception of yourself dies. See, I want to teach you a lesson about numbers, and the value of team work. I want to teach you to respect experience. But first… I want to see what you're made of. And just how dedicated you are to this protection of the innocent. If you agree to this little test, we'll begin. Refuse it, and I'll have Firebug torch every building on this block and send slice loose. Do we have a bargain?"

Firebug landed nearby. I couldn't reach her.

"You're insane," I sputtered at them all.

"With a name like Apocalyptic you expected warm and fuzzy?" Firebug turned her fingers towards the nearest building and flames built up.

"Three, two…" Mr. Brute said as calmly as you might time an egg.

"Fine!" I said, these nuts would really do it, just to make a lesson clear to other heroes, "I agree!"

"Brave choice," he nodded sounding like he almost admired it.

"It's not a choice at all," I spat at his face. The glob hit the side of his cheek, "Go fu…"

"Oh, now you've made it personal," He nodded to Firebug, her hand burst into flame and touched my wounds.

And I screamed and I screamed and I…


"Wake up," Doctor Salem informed me! "The ritual, we can't let it slip!"


I was in a fetal position again. I was too scared to touch the last two spears. I was terrified, "I can't…" I shivered, "I can't experience that again, the pain the helplessness... the… I'll rather die."


"Young man, when the last one in your possession breaks the other heroes will be able to destroy the spears themselves without the curse striking them! They'll be able to stop this at the source! The connection of the conduits will see to that! Without it, they will be helpless at best, and most likely some of them will die as the rage eventually turns them upon each other. The choice isn't would you rather die… the choice is would you rather them die?"


"You're wrong," I said, reaching for the next, "That's not a choice at all." And when she said break it, I did.


My brother didn't hear me. The car came streaking by and I raced towards it… ready to pull him to safety. I would save the day, I would save…

I was seven years old, and seven-year-old don't out race speeding cars.

"Kevin!" I cried out.


More chanting, and a voice telling me "Break it!"


I grabbed the last one, numb, on autopilot. My brother was dead all over again.  And the feeling that it was my fault somehow was as strong as it was the first time.

I was tempted to plunge the last spear in my chest and end it all.


I don't know where I found the strength to break it.


I don't remember what vision I saw after that. I think… I think I retreated into catatonia for a moment. Only dimly did I catch a glimpse of  Dr. Salem taking the spear she had been using and snapping it between her own spindly fingers.


I had made that possible.


And now it would be possible for all the spears—everywhere.


I blacked out unable to feel victory, satisfaction, or even hope.

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#2585463 Funny pics

Posted by Pariah on 05 May 2017 - 12:32 PM

For history / aviation buffs:



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#2563519 Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

Posted by Doc Shadow on 07 February 2017 - 07:34 AM

I feel this needs to be shared.



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#2547970 The Flash

Posted by sinanju on 30 November 2016 - 01:21 PM

This is why it's important to build a team based on the same number of character points each.


Fun episode. A lot more screen time for the crossover characters than I was expecting.


What do you do?

"I have a bow and trick arrows and lots of fighting ability."


"I'm a martial artist."

"I'm a thug with a flame gun."

"I have supersuit and can shrink to miniscule size."

"I'm half of the flying fire guy."

"I'm superstrong. And superfast. And invulnerable. And I can fly. And see thru walls. And shoot lasers from my eyes. Or freeze things with my breath."

"You're the GM's girlfriend, right?"

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#2491881 Lesser Evils 2016: America's Presidental Race

Posted by BoloOfEarth on 18 March 2016 - 06:34 AM

This strangely mixes with an odd thought I had...


I was trying to make a pop culture analogy to explain the 'torch & pitchfork mob' comparison I'd made to some Trump supporters up thread, and Gaston raising up the villagers in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was the first thing that popped in my head...


Now I'm thinking someone needs to put Trump's head on Gaston and re-word the bragging song in the tavern...


No one's slick as the Trump
No one's quick as the Trump
No one's head’s as incredibly thick as the Trump
For there's no man in town half the ego
Humble, a pure paragon
You can ask any Carson or Christie
And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on

No one's been like the Trump
A king pin like the Trump
No one's platform's incredibly thin like the Trump
As a candidate, yes, I'm intimidating
My- what a guy, is the Trump!

Give five "hurrahs!"
Give twelve "hip-hips!"
The Trump is the best
And the rest is all drips


No one shouts like the Trump
No one pouts like the Trump
At debate no one preys on your doubts like the Trump
For there's no one as loud and loquacious,
As you see he's got lies he will share
And everyone wonders what’s up with that hair

No one brags like the Trump
Rags on hags like the Trump
On conspiracies nobody nags like the Trump
I'm especially good as a Birther
Ten points for the Trump!

When I was a lad I told four dozen lies
Ev'ry morning to help me take charge,
And now that I'm grown I tell five dozen lies
So my ego’s the size of a barge!

No one shoots like the Trump
Spouts those beauts like the Trump
Then goes marching around in jackboots like the Trump.
We “Heil Trump!” at all of his rallies
Say it again
Who's a man among men?


And then say it once more
Who's the hero next door?
Who's a super success?
Don't you know? Can't you guess?
Ask his fans and his five hangers-on
There's just one guy in town who's got all of it down
And his name's THE TRUMP!

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#2432062 Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

Posted by Hermit on 17 May 2015 - 02:07 PM

Obviously, he was going to ask the bear to sharpen his hatchet.


"So," The Bear said, "You come to my cave for the secret of Ursine steel , do you?"


"Such is my quest," The human said earnestly, hope in his voice but it was a hope he dared not hold onto too tightly. The Bears had guarded their secrets closely from humans, and with good reason. None of them had forgiven the actions of the human King Colbert the First and that mad monarch's reign had tainted human bear relations to this day.


The bear scratched his chin, "Not far from here, you will find a greedy and selfish ranger! A woodland warrior who has ever vexed me."


The human nodded slowly. He had heard of this fellow, a man by the name of Smith, "I know of him. It would be easier to defeat him with ursine steel," He said hopefully.


The bear laughed, "No little human, I do not wish him killed. Bring me Smith's treasure, bring me, his picnic basket."


The human winced. This would be no easy achievement. The Bear was setting him to a task that the bear himself hadn't achieved. He should have known. Any animal with the secret to Ursine Steel had to be smarter than the average bear.

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#2617980 Black Panther

Posted by Greywind on 17 October 2017 - 10:43 PM


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#2601373 Legalities in a superhero battle

Posted by massey on 25 July 2017 - 09:27 AM

Again, thanks to all who have given input - it is appreciated.


To give more specifics about the scene itself:


  • 4 undercover VIPER agents pulled up in a generic rented car (nothing special), each had a 8d6 blaster pistol (normal damage) and a single Stun grenade to knock their target out (6d6 NND gas grenade).

  • On phase 12 the Speedster of the PC group runs up and Disarms the leader, taking away her blaster pistol. The brick got to go before the agents (higher DEX) and punched the leader using his full STR (15d6).

  • I told the players that when the agents pulled up they had changed into more casual gear from the evening clothes they first saw them in the previous scene.

  • Still wanting to preserve their cover as "normal" couples I didn't give them too much armor (armored street clothes 3rPD/rED) because they weren't expecting to deal with metas, except for their target - a known telepath. At most they [VIPER] were expecting other agents to oppose them.

  • The VIPER agents had/have 10 BOD 26 STUN and the damage rolled was 17 BOD 55 STUN -> in and of itself, the leader might have survived that, albeit being severely damaged. However...

  • 10 inches of knockback that knocked her into a building, resulting in extra dice of damage which did the agent in.

So...I want to preserve a blend of  4 Color/Realism in the game, but not bring down the hammer (if that makes any sense?). I also want to use this as a teaching device so the player (the brick) knows that he needs to gauge his strength when he tackles normals.


Thoughts? Feedback?




So you've just got to make a decision on how you want things to work in your campaign.  As you said, you want a blend of 4 color and realism.  What you do next depends on how you want that balance to work.  It is entirely dependent on what you want to do.  That's the good news -- you aren't straitjacketed into any particular outcome.  The bad news is -- it all comes down to how you want the game to flow and there are no simple answers.




Now in real life, I am a criminal defense attorney.  I was a public defender for almost 10 years, and I've been in private practice since.  I've handled dozens of murder cases.  In real life, the scenario you've described isn't a murder.  It's not a manslaughter.  It's justified homicide (which is not a crime).  So your heroes are standing there in the street or something, and suddenly these guys pull up:




They jump out of the car and they're holding weapons.  Your characters don't know what the weapons do.  They're just holding sci-fi looking ray guns.  You already know they're terrorists.  So one of the heroes starts to run forward to punch the leader, and then in the blink of an eye, her gun is gone as the guy with superspeed snatched it from her.  The other hero follows through and hits her.  She drops immediately.  She's either headed to the hospital or she's dead.  The hero says "you guys give up or I'll do the same to you!" and the other terrorists surrender.  In the real world, what legal situation does our hero find himself in?


He's in absolutely zero legal trouble.  Everything he did is 100% justified (in the US anyway).  Here's why.

--VIPER is a known terrorist organization.

--The VIPER goons were carrying what are probably highly illegal military weapons.

--The heroes had a previous violent encounter with the same VIPER agents.

--VIPER goons are known to wear concealed force field belts that protect them from bullets.

--A fraction of a second before the hero punches her (literally in the same segment), she was holding a gun and pointing it at the heroes.

--None of the heroes (and none of the prosecutors) really know exactly what those guns VIPER was carrying can actually do.


There's nothing at all in the law that will punish the hero for killing the VIPER chick.  Think about accidental cop shootings, where a policeman blows away some kid holding a toy ray gun.  Cop doesn't know that the gun isn't real.  Only this time, it's not a kid holding it, it's some convicted felon and the gun is real.  Did he mean to kill her?  No.  Did he use more force than he intended?  Yes.  But he was justified in killing her anyway, regardless of his intent.  There's no requirement that he rely on his "nigh-invulnerability" and hope that the gun she's carrying can't hurt him.  Remember that an 8D6 Energy Blast can punch holes in a brick wall.  It looks like a pretty lethal gun to normal people.


Then there's the very real political issue that no prosecutor is going to want to go after a popular superhero who saves the lives of countless civilians, just because he accidentally killed a crazy terrorist lady when she and her co-conspirators were pointing guns at people.  Who wants to be the DA who tried to put Superman in prison when he killed one of the terrorists who was trying to hijack a plane?  Nobody is looking to be that DA, let me tell you.  In real life, the other VIPER agents will be charged with felony murder (someone died while they were committing a felony, so they get charged -- it doesn't matter that it was their friend who died.  I've got a former client doing life in prison on very similar facts).


So, in the real world, he's perfectly fine.  This is all the justification you need to let the character go.  He hasn't committed a crime.  You might do a slight wave of your hand and say that PRIMUS has been holding him for psychological evaluation.  "At first I thought they'd hold him because he might have committed a crime, but after checking on it, it turns out that he hasn't.  So what they're really doing is having him see counselors to deal with the psychological stress of what happened.  Bob, your character is really upset about this.  People keep telling you that it's okay, you were justified in what you did.  But you keep feeling that you didn't need to swing so hard.  You never realized just how hard you can really hit.  You just see that body twisting in the air, limbs going in directions they weren't meant to go.  You think you need to stay a while longer and talk it through with the doctor a bit more."




In a comic book world, the law is whatever you want it to be.  But if you plan on prosecuting the character for this, ask yourself why?  He's a new player who didn't know any better at the time, and now he does.  You'd be intentionally diverging the comic world from the real one, just to make a point about players showing restraint.  Is that going to be necessary?  Is that what your players are going to enjoy roleplaying?  Is the new player sick of his brick character already?  Does he want to play something new?


You've got the easiest excuse in the world to just ignore what happened and move on.  The law doesn't require superheroes to follow a superheroic code.  If the Joker has a bomb, and Batman blows his brains out with a shotgun, Batman doesn't go to jail.  He feels guilty, he feels like he's broken his code, failed his parents, etc.  But he doesn't go to prison under anything resembling the actual law.  The only time he's in danger of that is when a writer ignores what the law actually is and just wants to tell a "Batman in prison" story or something like that.  Is that what you want to do with this adventure?  Nothing requires you to.  So it's completely up to you and your players.  If this is something you want to make a major story arc, you can.  Just know that you can also get rid of it if it's something you don't want to mess with.

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