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  2. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    I would say fear based mental powers. Man seems to have a natural fear of snakes.
  3. Can we forgive old movies?

    I'd blame Catholic guilt for some of it. It's one of the hardest things to shake when becoming a former Catholic, that feeling that everything's really your fault, somehow. Former Catholics seem to only rarely convert to another religions. More often, they become agnostic or atheist. It's like Catholic catechism either makes you one of the faithful, or burns the desire for organized religion out of your system. There's sort of a middle ground, that of being a lapsed Catholic, but that's sort of like Limbo*. Some lapsed Catholics will attend mass on High Holy Days and other occasional events, often out of a sense of duty to others (usually related to the guilt of upsetting someone), and others will cruise along, until asking for a priest on their death bed ("Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It's been 34 years since my last Confession....). I said that I was a lapsed Catholic for a long time, until I finally realized that I had essentially become an agnostic (or a Deist on sunnier days). *Except that Limbo's been removed from Church** teachings after 800 years, but you get the idea. **See, there's that Catholic dogma again. There's only one true Church, and we're still a little upset over that upstart, Martin Luther.
  4. World traveler, mysterious benefactor, secret protector and defeater of dragons! This is the man who guards Amsterdam from the secret world beneath it. I find this guy interesting. Some good hooks and a good power level. It mentions that the secret world beneath Amsterdam has its own super humans. I could see him as a mentor to them. Power wise he's versatile. Strong, tough, manuverable and a decent ranged attack.
  5. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Freon. Done for me. Gauntlet. Done for me (CVV3, a hierling dragon). Halfjack. Done for me. Hayaijaze. Done for me? (Champions Worldwide?) That leaves Hiss. All we know is that he is VIPER'S pet mentalist. Someone once surgest that he is able to manipulate man's lizard brain, the primitive nature of man. That is all well and good, but exactly what does that mean? Humm...mind control, only to trigger anger, rage, fear, Berserk/Enrage. Beyond that...I don't know. Does he need more?
  6. Play by Chat Room

    Right. Did you want to make a yahoo group now then so we aren't spamming the forums? I'll give you my email if need be. Conveniently, it's a yahoo email~
  7. Mass Producing Pistols

    15 points Wealth, defined as "manufacturing plant".
  8. Another generation of gamers

    He loved it. Asked if we can play Pathfinder immediately after.
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  10. Another generation of gamers

    "We didn't ask questions back then!"
  11. Can we forgive old movies?

    That is a fair point. I was using that pronoun implying responsibility when in fact I have not done that. It seems I cannot completely distance myself from the collective human race, no matter how I try.
  12. Mass Producing Pistols

    No. Once the guy you gave the item to spends points for it, you don't have to. I don't understand why you think you do. You don't. If you make it and give it away and the guy you give it to does NOT spend the points, THEN, yes, you get stuck with the bill so to speak. But if they pay their own way, there's no reason for you to pay for them. As for having a pistol factory, if you absolutely have to have character points involved somehow, just buy some degree of the Wealth Perk and say "I own a profitable factory that makes pistols." If someone wants one of your pistols, and it's a superhero game, they can spend character points for one. If it's a heroic game, they can pay you money and get one. Lucius Alexander Palindromedary Enterprises - we sell more than just palindromedaries! (no pistols though)
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  14. In other news...

    Given that God hung a big warning sign on Cain and put the word out that he was under protection and any injury to him would meet massive retaliation, the question to me is "Why would anyone think God wasn't completely pleased with Cain's act? He's rewarding it." I wish I had a Deity looking out for me and promising sevenfold retribution to anyone acting against me. But I'm not about to go kill someone for it. Lucius Alexander Anyone injuring me risks the wrath of the palindromedaries, but that's not nearly as intimidating......
  15. In other news...

    Just heard on BBC and All Things Considered: Ratko Mladich, organizer of the Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities in the Bosnian Civil War, has finally been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Dean Shomshak
  16. Can we forgive old movies?

    Dude, that one was pure Chinese racism. At a time when America was supporting the Chinese against the Japanese invasion, I might add. This isn't wartime propaganda, just everyday yellowface racism from 1937.
  17. Age Manipulation

    Given that there is actually no aging mechanic in HERO, it's pretty much a matter of choice. What matters points wise is how different the target is from initial condition to final condition. Transforming someone from a 10 year old to a 30 year old is a big change; changing a 30 year old to a 50 year old isn't, I can assure you. Maybe shuffle some points from characteristics to skills in the latter case. You could probably build what you want with a general Transform Into Older Self, Requires a Roll and a custom limitation; something like "add one year per point skill roll made". Maybe a -¼?
  18. Help with Magic Items

    "Ummmmm......why?" Well, let me try to address a possible why.... "I have to wrap my head around this...." Try wrapping your head around this: "I am not looking to have a chracter be able to build a 'cheap way to buy a lot of weapons or gadgets and hand them out.' " You may not be looking for it, but if you could do what you propose that you should be able to do - use a low level of Usable By Others Advantage to create one item after another without having to spend more points - then that is exactly what you find, looking for it or not. "how is a standard pistol ever mass produced by a company?" Well, probably NOT by spending character points on it. If it's in a heroic campaign, points don't even enter the equation - the process of mass producing weapons is pointless, as is the question in that context. If it's a superhero campaign, the only place points enter in is if one or more customers is a superhero or supervillain, in which case, THEY (the player or important non play character customers) pay the points for the guns. The simplest way to create anything is never to use a Variable Power Pool for one thing. But as for how to create a permanent magic item, the simplest way is probably to buy the power using the Focus Limitation and stating "this is a magic item." Especially if you designate it as Unbreakable. "The character Receiveing the power pays CP. Never disputed that. So I am not sure to what you are referring?" Okay. If you really are not disputing that, then what is it YOU have been referring to this entire thread? The title says something about magic items, then you start talking about casting spells, and eventually you seem to be talking about owning a pistol factory. I'm just not sure what it is you are trying to DO. If the question is, "I want some other guy in the game to spend points to have a magic item that my character created, what does my character need to justify that?" then the answer is going to have to be "consult whoever is running your game." It could be as simple as "you have to have an appropriate Power Skill." Okay. As for "mechanics of mass production (in game)" - if it absolutely HAS to be represented with points, buy the Wealth Perk and say "I own a profitable factory that makes pistols." As for "mechanics of creating magic items" that depends on what the item is, what it does, and how it works. "even a Cell Phone requies CP" - actually, no, it doesn't. It doesn't cost character points to have a cell phone, to own an ordinary home, to have and drive an ordinary car. If you want a cell phone likely to survive if you get hit by a villain's energy blast or capable of contacting the Starship Enterprise and saying "beam me up!" THEN you might have to pay points for it. See some of my comments above - yes, do clarify! "how does one create a magic item without losing the ability to use the spell that created the item, or spending an ever increasing amount to create just the same effect." Please give me an example (in plain language, not game terms) of an item you wan to be able to create, and just maybe I can give you a build for it. And it is not the case as far as I know that you ever have to spend "an ever increasing amount to create just the same effect." If you are handing out magic items to multiple people, you are NOT creating "just the same effect" you are creating an ever expanding effect as reflected by an ever expanding cost. Lucius Alexander And an ever expanding collection of palindromedary taglines.
  19. Can we forgive old movies?

    I think you mean "They" are destroying Civil War statues. Unless you have done so. As for that I think it's acting out in a meaningless way. Why not go after the big dogs like President Woodrow Wilson who segregated the Army and Washington, D.C., or Senator Robert Bryd who was an actual member of the KKK. Why not take their names off of building and destroy their statues?
  20. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Because you may not want to destroy the hands of the target, for a start, or maybe your powers wouldn't reasonably allow that to happen (you need to heat steel to around 1300-1500 C to actually melt it, but I defy anyone to hang on to metal heated to 100 C with their bare hands...). There may also be a reason that you need that item intact. "Unhand the crown of Kings, varlet!" "Never!" (Mumbles, points wand) "Centarius Celsius!" "Aaargh!" *Clang!* But I just picked that as an example. Another special effect that might do the job is an electrical zap that causes the hand to spasm and drop the tool. And all this gets back to the point I've been banging on for the whole thread in that Dispel only turns a power off. How it gets turned back on isn't defined by the effect, but informed by the chosen special effects.
  21. In other news...

    I have never understood how the literal interpretation of a text outstanding for its content of parables became so overwhelmingly important to so many.
  22. 5th Edition 250 Points Superhero World

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  23. 5th Edition 250 Points Superheroes Random Generator

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  24. 5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Characters

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  25. 5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Character Generator

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  26. 5th Edition 250 Points Original Characters

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  27. Hero System 5th Edition

    I'm generally on board with DreadDomain's post, but I found the merging of Gliding and Flight (Gliding was NOT removed!) a good thing. The power allows you to have one or the other easily enough, but having Glide as an option for a Flyer by default works for me. I used to basically build all my winged characters that way anyway, with both (sometimes in a multipower). IMHO Instant Change should have been formally merged with Shapeshift. You can still construct it using that power (Persistent with the Instant Change adder) and probably get a custom limitation on it if the change of clothes doesn't change your identity. Derek the Super-Model's ability to instantly change into any fashionable ensemble is probably worth a -1 or more; being able to instantly go from Barry Allen to Flash is a normal Shapechange identity change and wouldn't qualify for a limitation. Ironically, high speed characters probably don't need to bother with it, since they'll likely have a spare phase to change clothes under the standard rule. The changes to starting points and complications/disadvantages don't concern me. I didn't agree with the 5e changes to those defaults and am setting my own numbers (losing figured characteristics does need a 50-100 point increase for superheroic). Always worth keeping in mind that those have only ever been suggestions. Even 3e (as far back as I can reliably go) talked about changing the base points to suit the campaign and taste.
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