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  2. Toxic Avenger Stats

    In the Toxic Crusaders cartoon show, wasn't Moppie sentient itself?
  3. Stunned without losing STUN?

    NItpick: I think you mean, the Cannot Be Stunned Power. Takes No Stun is considerably more expensive. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary wants to buy Cannot be Nitpicked
  4. mr Mxyzptlk managed to pull off orange
  5. Adult Dessert Flavors

    The cheeses with blue mold (bleu, Stilton, gorgonzola, ...) are adult taste, at least here in the US. But that isn't a dessert, though with an after-dinner drink they go just fine.
  6. Adult Dessert Flavors

    Okay all kidding aside. Rum. Adults like rum flavored cakes, kids hate it.
  7. Adult Dessert Flavors

    Cardamom is used much more in northern and eastern Europe; its use there is closer to cinnamon's use in standard US cuisine. Currant and gooseberry are the same way. Here in the US I encounter currants only in scones, and more or less never in products aimed at kids. Gooseberry, I think, isn't cultivated much here, because it is a host for a fungus or something that's pretty destructive to some more significant crop. I remember encountering plums more often in Europe than in the US, too. I know there are similar differences with the other side of the Pacific. I do not like lychee or red bean paste and avoiding those in desserts gets difficult in some cuisines. Differences in nut use are also cultural, which can get masked in the adult/child question since children tend to be much more conservative in their tastes (by that I mean, they will only eat what they are used to), and people tend to give their kids what is common and cheap. Back in the '60s I found it jarring that the nuts in German ice cream bars etc. were usually hazelnuts, rather than the peanuts, almonds or walnuts I was used to (one set of grandparents had several walnut trees, both English and black, in their yard, so we got a lot more walnuts than most folks, though). Back on topic as given, mushrooms often feature in adult foods but not kids', possibly because of texture. Grapefruit also seems to be more of an adult taste (sometimes hiding under the codeword "dacquiri"). If your "burned sugar" includes molasses, or rum, or sorghum, I dunno. I have liked the molasses taste all my life, but sorghum only met my approval after I encountered it again in my 30s after a 15+ year hiatus. In the US canned tuna is ubiquitous, but fresh fish isn't. Cheap fish is usually bland white fish, something that IME kids tend to dislike. jeff
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  9. Black Panther with spoilers

    Thought she was killed by him? Of course, once shot we don't see her anymore and at least in the comics she's got a bunch of medical knowledge.
  10. Adult Dessert Flavors

    BEER! Adult men prefer beer flavored desserts! In fact, skip the fracking dessert, just give me more beer!!!!
  11. People who know stuff and have relevant real-world experience tend to be biased against this administration.
  12. A few days back, the BBC asked an American teacher's thoughts about Trump's proposal of arming teachers. This teacher happened to be a former Marine (I don't remember the weapons in which she claimed expertise, sorry). She gave an eloquent and reasoned explanation of why this was a Very Bad Idea. Sure, you can find one person to support any conceivable POV. But this is not the only military or former military or police person I've heard who was dubious that the solution to gun violence was more guns. Dean Shomshak
  13. Negative END and charges

    GA to me it sounds like 1 END minimum should be more of a genre thing. In a Pulp game I see no reason why even a Martial Artists couldn’t pay END for even their martial maneuvers. Now for a martial arts game? No END even for Standard maneuvers.
  14. Funny pics

  15. Adult Dessert Flavors

    Watching yet another cooking competition focusing on desserts. One challenge was a birthday cake for children. We know that children generally have different tastes than adults. I've thought about this before, but never really focused on it before so I turn to the masses: what are dessert flavors that adults like which children generally don't? Here's my first go at a list. Coffee Bitter/bittersweet chocolate Salted Caramel Burnt sugar Passion fruit Cardamom Black walnut Cayenne/Spicy hot Wine I'm sure there are more. What's missing? Thoughts?
  16. Toxic Avenger Stats

    +4d6 HA OAF, Reach...MOPPIE
  17. Black Panther with spoilers

    What if Eric's girlfriend is carrying his child? Obervation made by a friend.
  18. Probably an artifact of halftone printing. Any orange super would have looked like crap on paper until the 1980s.
  19. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    Soooo... Due to player illnesses and what-not, I still have yet to run the players through the VIPER Nest, and tonight's game was just cancelled. This is giving me WAY too much time to prepare stuff. I currently have about 8 pages worth of notes for this adventure: the MST3K schedule (see below), motivational posters, HR notices, etc. More robots have been added. I can't believe that nobody (myself included) thought of the robots from MST3K. My sister pointed that out. So I added Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo - in the back of the briefing room / auditorium, naturally - as well as Gort, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Robocop (to go with ED-209), and Bender (by popular demand). Given the addition of Crow and Tom Servo, I've changed the movie listing to be Thursday night Mystery Snake Theater 3000, and went for a campier snake movie list (e.g. I replaced Snakes on a Plane with Snakes on a Train, and they're showing the 2011 Conan instead of the 1982 original). It occurred to me that there's really no need for agent barracks, since this Nest is located under an apartment building which VIPER owns and rents solely to its agents, scientists, VIP guests, etc. But I'm keeping the barracks in anyway, for on-duty personnel. (The actual building is at 33 Rogers Street in Cambridge: Axiom Apartment Homes. It has a central courtyard where I can put the Flying APC entry hatch - concealed, naturally. I love Google Maps - the satellite view even shows the place under construction, though the street view shows it all finished.) But I did remove the VIP quarters (figuring they'll be given apartments above-ground). This allowed a more realistic-sized physical plant area, as well as a conference room and a private dining room (plus storage for extra chairs, tables, etc.) Somehow, I doubt the players are going to have as much fun running through it as I've had putting it all together. Anyway, thank you all for your help. The suggestions have been great. Here is an updated version of the map:
  20. Stunned without losing STUN?

    Aside from the aforementioned addition to Change Environment in the Advanced Players Guide; Sounds like you want a Target to spend half their phase 'shaking off' some attack/effect before they can act, that isn't really a 'and you've been Stunned' mechanic (i.e. no actual STUN Loss). Within the current ruleset, PRE Attack could actually achieve this effect, oddly enough. With a "can only achieve +10 Level of Effect, Target loses 1/2 Phase Action" Limitation and a Special Effect of that could boggle someone, like "solid punch to the ear" or "small flash bang" or something. Otherwise, you are probably looking at making a whole new set of mechanics or attack/defense to deal with a new situation, which seems like it might actually cause more problems than it solves.
  21. They'll just go back to '78 and reboot all the DC movies except the Adam West Batman.
  22. I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!)

    Commissioner Gordon was helping to fight an alien invasion by decoding messages on food in a supermarket. I woke up as he was grilling cheese to read it. CES
  23. The Non Sequitor Thread

    Ooo, Heidi Klum!
  24. The Last Word

    Loki plays the harmonica. I thought everyone knew that.
  25. Negative END and charges

    Obviously, even with attempts to clarify, and the fact that rules are just really poorly written - the whole thing has convoluted itself in its own attempts to prevent... something, "gaming the system" perhaps, or just trying to prevent a situation where 'firing a weapon' has to cost something... for Reasons™ At this point, it'd just be best to tear the whole section out and rewrite it. "Powers cost 1 END per 10 AP." (include the Heroic 1END/5STR here if this inconsistent legacy is even needed); If really needed "Making an Attack Action costs 1END minimum, unless the players have purchased Costs No END on their STR/Powers." But honestly, I see no reason why this section should be so complicated that half a dozen of us have a multitude of interpretations and have come up with multiple situations that they can't even consistently apply themselves to. (And this isn't even just a 5E/6E 'bloat' thing, going at least back to 4E the END rules have been overly complex for no good reason.)
  26. A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    Oh I was just um... Looking at... Porn.
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