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  2. D6 Star Wars to be Republished!

    To be honest, those reviews sound to me like they'd confused Force Powers (which were underwhelming if anything) with Force Points. The latter were the systems equivalent to other systems' Luck, Hero or Fate points and were available to all characters, not just Jedi. And Jedi got no special advantages there - they were actually heavily restricted as to the morality of their actions, while your Rebel Pilot or Bounty Hunter types could burn them for questionable actions without retribution. If a Force User used a Force Point for such an action they'd get Dark Side points. Force powers didn't "add" to anything as a rule, but were separate tricks. My Quixotic Jedi's most used power was "Resist Pain" to keep going while heavily wounded, as I recall. The characters that actually dominated were those that avoided Force powers and just sunk their characteristic dice into being ace pilots, or crack shots.
  3. Complicate the Person Above

    Pariah will be the one delivering the boom tomorrow.
  4. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Ji Nli. A Chinese mutant using his telekinesis powers to set up VIPER in Hong Kong, primarily to protect himself against the Tiger Squad. He can fly, manipulate objects, push things away at high strength, telekinesis shields, ect.
  5. More space news!

    Well, maybe it'll fire its thrusters soon and change to an elliptical orbit.
  6. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Next up, Iron Lighting. Operates in South Africa area. I think that calls for a white bigot trying to get the country of South Africa back to apartie. As for powers, a suit of technical equipment which creates magnetic and electrical forces and manipulate them.
  7. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    An natural option. I wonder if he is a Dr. Blank creation, or something else. If he was created by Dr. Blank, the idea of seeing how his mutation serum would work on a already gifted mentalist would be to great. Or what would happen if it is mixed with PSI's serum.
  8. Headlights

    Actually... no. Night vision lets you see in the dark, not illuminate the dark. A car with a night vision system (which WOULD require purchase) gives the operator and maybe passengers the ability to see in the dark, but won't have any effect on someone outside the car. To make it work like a headlight you'd need to start adding UOO and area effect and quickly start to realise you're overthinking it. Images provides the desired effect as a standard option.
  9. Complicate the Person Above

    Kaeto actually knows the airspeed velocities of unladen swallows, both African and European.
  10. I challenge you!

    Of the DCEU films, only Wonder Woman deserves to be mentioned in the same breath (or paragraph) as Christopher Reeves' Superman. How To Get There (with Kids): Minivan vs. SUV
  11. Today
  12. Monday Morning Music Trios

    Australia. The answer is Australia.
  13. A Game of Answers

    Because it's the right thing to do. I don't need another reason.
  14. Wonder Woman

    Well, not yet, I'm sure someone's trying to reboot it.
  15. A Game of Answers

    Not the beans this time, just drinks.
  16. Can we forgive old movies?

    Excellent idea.
  17. Headlights

    I would prefer 'Night Vision", usable by nearby 60 degree arc, Highly visible because that's what it actually does - and isn't that what Hero System is about?
  18. Monday Morning Music Trios

    Mind blown! Where have you been hiding them all these years?
  19. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    I would say fear based mental powers. Man seems to have a natural fear of snakes.
  20. Can we forgive old movies?

    I'd blame Catholic guilt for some of it. It's one of the hardest things to shake when becoming a former Catholic, that feeling that everything's really your fault, somehow. Former Catholics seem to only rarely convert to another religions. More often, they become agnostic or atheist. It's like Catholic catechism either makes you one of the faithful, or burns the desire for organized religion out of your system. There's sort of a middle ground, that of being a lapsed Catholic, but that's sort of like Limbo*. Some lapsed Catholics will attend mass on High Holy Days and other occasional events, often out of a sense of duty to others (usually related to the guilt of upsetting someone), and others will cruise along, until asking for a priest on their death bed ("Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It's been 34 years since my last Confession....). I said that I was a lapsed Catholic for a long time, until I finally realized that I had essentially become an agnostic (or a Deist on sunnier days). *Except that Limbo's been removed from Church** teachings after 800 years, but you get the idea. **See, there's that Catholic dogma again. There's only one true Church, and we're still a little upset over that upstart, Martin Luther.
  21. World traveler, mysterious benefactor, secret protector and defeater of dragons! This is the man who guards Amsterdam from the secret world beneath it. I find this guy interesting. Some good hooks and a good power level. It mentions that the secret world beneath Amsterdam has its own super humans. I could see him as a mentor to them. Power wise he's versatile. Strong, tough, manuverable and a decent ranged attack.
  22. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Freon. Done for me. Gauntlet. Done for me (CVV3, a hierling dragon). Halfjack. Done for me. Hayaijaze. Done for me? (Champions Worldwide?) That leaves Hiss. All we know is that he is VIPER'S pet mentalist. Someone once surgest that he is able to manipulate man's lizard brain, the primitive nature of man. That is all well and good, but exactly what does that mean? Humm...mind control, only to trigger anger, rage, fear, Berserk/Enrage. Beyond that...I don't know. Does he need more?
  23. Play by Chat Room

    Right. Did you want to make a yahoo group now then so we aren't spamming the forums? I'll give you my email if need be. Conveniently, it's a yahoo email~
  24. Mass Producing Pistols

    15 points Wealth, defined as "manufacturing plant".
  25. Another generation of gamers

    He loved it. Asked if we can play Pathfinder immediately after.
  26. Another generation of gamers

    "We didn't ask questions back then!"
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