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  2. Justice League Film

    Green Lantern is definitely missing from the league. Its time for a re attempt at the character, and this time by fans who have read the comic.
  3. Justice League Film

    I have not seen Batman vs Superman nor Wonder Woman. Will this affect my enjoyment of the film ?
  4. The cranky thread

    I reported someone on the Deviantart website as they were claiming art that was done by someone else. I have notified the artists involved. Also found out that one of the pieces in question was mine. Insult taken..
  5. Using held actions

    You would be correct in that it is a semantic argument (I.E. "logic concerned with the meanings of words). All rules debates are, by definition, semantic arguments (yours are no exception), so calling my "interpretation" semantics is little more than an ill-reasoned attempt to attack my credibility. Regardless, the issue is that you clearly do not understand which part of the rules for Holding Actions are optional rules, and which are not. You may Hold An Action "until a lower Dex", or "until some event occurs" (CC 138, 6e2 20). Period. Those are not examples of Held Actions, those are the basic rules for declaring Held Actions. "I wait until he strikes" and "I wait until he comes around the corner" were the examples given of legal Held Actions (they even put them in both quotes and parentheticals in 6e just to make it crystal clear which section was the explanatory text). What you are describing is the Optional Rule described in 6e2 on page 20 (bottom of the 4th paragraph): "With the GM’s permission, a character can Hold his Action “generically,” without declaring any sort of precondition for acting, and then may perform whatever Action he wants to whenever he wants to."
  6. 2017 Word Association Game

    Quite Interesting
  7. Defense Maneuver

    Does the benefit of Defense Maneuver last until the beginning of the characters next phase?
  8. Trying to recall. Do I just print bases on the same RTF vehicle sheet? I couldn't find an RTF file for bases in the download section.
  9. Defense Maneuver

    It has to do with defining timing. Defense Maneuver takes a half phase to use, and can only be used in situations where combat maneuvers may be used. Unless you buy the "takes no time" adder.
  10. Defense Maneuver

    I am using Champions 4th Edition.
  11. I never saw your post till today. I got it figured out but I need to download the file again today. Thx for the link, made things quicker for me.
  12. Defense Maneuver

    What source are you referencing? Defense Maneuver is a Skill (not a Talent). All it says in 6e1 and CC is that Defense Maneuver "requires a Half-Phase Action to use," (which Defense Maneuver IV replaces with taking no time to use). However, based just on the quote alone. I would assume that whatever Talent you are talking about can only be used if you are performing Combat Maneuvers such as Dodge, which don't involve making an Attack.
  13. Problems printing to pdf

    I just re-downloaded hero designer and that worked. thank you
  14. Enough zombies?

    See, things like iZombie deliberately fall outside the convention of the mindless zombie that dominates the genre. "Zombies" in that television series are intelligent and free-willed and have personalities and story lines. The appeal is that these are people, except they're technically dead and crave human brains.
  15. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Meh, that's just one of those "OK we lost everything but we still have family" things that people say.
  16. Musings on Random Musings

    In reply to Cancer saying 'Cygnia is kicking our collective butts' rep wise, a lot of that is my fault for liking 'And now for your daily dose of cute'. I happened to 'like' a lot of these on a daily basis.
  17. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    In the myth Asgard is the place, the Aesir is the people.
  18. I challenge you!

    From a practical point of view a light saber that you can activate and use is more use than the others. Hollywood Icons 71 (ish) Irving Thalberg vs Samuel Goldwyn
  19. MediaMonkey AutoDJ: "Moribund the Burgermeister" by Peter Gabriel "I Won't Hold You Back" by Toto "Merano" from the musical, Chess "Nice to Know" by Chroma Key
  20. Today
  21. Enough zombies?

    In addition to the two mentioned, Fido was also one that I enjoyed.
  22. In other news...

    Remember Boaty McBoatface ? Well the British public has done it again. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-42026485
  23. Enough zombies?

    I second GM Joe's recommendation of iZombie. I also enjoyed Zombieland. Other than those, though, I'm not a fan at all of zombies.
  24. The sludge can't be worse than what I get when I make Turkish Koffe.
  25. I see quick cuts as often fatiguing (especially if used in a 3D movie*), and sometimes as a tell that the fight choreographer didn't know what he or she was doing. It's why the Daredevil hallway fight is so amazing to me. I'm also not a fan of shaky cam. At best it's a gimmick, at worst, it's just unwatchable. *It takes a bit of time for a viewer to adapt to see a scene in 3D when scenes change, and quick cuts mean that the viewer never quite adapts to it. It's why most of the scenes in Avatar are long, without a lot of cuts, and with careful use of pans.
  26. Defense Maneuver

    I had a question about Defense Maneuver. It says in the text, "Use of this Talent requires a non-attack Combat Maneuver that takes a half-Phase action to perform." What does this mean?
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