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  2. Wonder Woman

    Perhaps I should have included Benedict Cumberbatch (Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee, multiple BAFTA winner), Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson, Idris Elba (Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA winner) and Taika Waititi (Oscar nominee) for Thor, then? And Matt Damon is there too if you're adding up awards. If you include the main casts, Cate Blanchett and Anthony Hopkins are also multiple Oscar winners; Justice League's main cast only has Ben Affleck. Look, I'm not saying the cost blowout wasn't fuelled by actor salaries. Just that if it was the main reason for League costing 120 million more that Thor, they really suck at negotiation.
  3. Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    I made a few changes to a previous post. Since there are no cram schools in River City, Amy, who is Jewish. attends Hebrew School twice a week and likes to use the computer lab. As far as the Court goes, since there is no Sailor Sun, I might make Tim Sunspell with his girlfriend, Judy, as Solastar. They work well together.
  4. Site Upgrade

    Same thing happened for me. I'm not recognized on the top page, but as soon as I go to the forums, I am recognized as logged in. I'm not trying to antagonize you, Simon, but it does seem to be a bug. The site wasn't behaving this way before. I was just pointing it out. It was my understanding that that is the purpose of this thread. If I'm mistaken, please forgive my posts.
  5. More space news!

    The Dec. '17 issue of Discover has a couple articles relating to the Kuiper Belt. One is about the little Kuiper Belt object that's the next port of call for the New Horizons space probe. The other is about Pluto and Ceres. A few planetologists wonder if there's a connection: Ceres isn't much like other asteroids, what with its unusually large mass and evidence that it has a lot of ice under the surface. These guys suggest that if you took Pluto, moved it to the asteroid belt and let the nitrogen, methane and other volatiles evaporate, you'd end up with something like Ceres. This could have happened early in the Solar System, when the planets were shuffling around. As Uranus and Neptune's orbits move outward (and maybe switched), a lot of the icy outer planetesimals were scattered outward to become Pluto and the rest of the Kuiper Belt; but some surely would have been scattered inward, too. Dean Shomshak
  6. Yesterday
  7. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Nice move by the Bills starting Peterman. Can't have that kid having anything like confidence. 5 INTs!? Edit: I'm being told his name is Peterman and not Petersen.
  8. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Of course if you buy the suit as a vehicle, Dispel can't touch its inherent PD or other inherent powers, though it can turn off added ones that aren't purchased with Inherent.
  9. Trip like a Martial Throw requires the user to have enough STR including a normal Push to lift the target to succeed.
  10. Trip is a Martial Arts Maneuver. It is not listed under the default combat maneuvers however there is an optional 'normal' non-martial version published somewhere similar to the relationship between a Grab and Martial Grab.
  11. A kinda sorta timeline

    In regard to the 60's, and building on steriaca's reply, there's a big difference (moreso than at any other time IMHO) between the world depicted in the comics and what was actually happening. The Comics Code was in full strength, and its world was almost fully whitewashed. How much of each viewpoint you include is up to you, but keep it in mind. The Space Race and the Spy Craze are other ways to include the Soviets without needing full-strength supervillains, too. The civil rights movement came to a head in the 1960's, not the 1970's. You just don't see it in the Silver Age comics because of the Comics Code. At best you get some characters of colour, treated normally... but no protest marches or explicit mention of official racism. Gender issues were also warming up, though those came to a head more in the 1970's. Those were better reflected in the comics of that era, since the comics code had been relaxed and showing protests against authority was now allowed.
  12. The Incredibles 2

    I would like to have seen the models wearing superhero costumes
  13. Wonder Woman

    "The net is fiction." Never, ever agree to a cut of the net profits from Hollywood. Always demand a cut of the gross. "We lost $400,000,000 on that movie!" "I don't care. You brought in $1.5 billion in gross receipts. Gimme me cut."
  14. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    True. One thing that I like though about buying powers is that then a certain effect is defined and less likely (and I said less) to be argued. ( For my self, I don’t mind paying for full indirect on stretching to avoid the partial indirect on stretching).
  15. Defense Maneuver

    Also, as a half phase non-attack maneuver you can use it and then perform a half move, or use it and then perform an attack.
  16. Enough zombies?

    If you haven't already read them, run don't walk to buy Mira Grant's FEED series. It's a trilogy of books set in a post zombie-apocalypse world where zombies are just a fact of life. People live with the problem, and with the consequent necessity of extreme defensive measures. People live in fortified homes, communities and cities. There are constant blood tests to prove you're clean of the virus before being allowed into, well, almost any public space or private home, as well as instantly lethal responses to such failed tests, and so forth. But despite all that, life goes on. There are bloggers and elections and so forth. Pretty much exactly what you're asking for.
  17. Given that you have to pay points for Martial Throw, it's really the other way around, but historically you're right. Martial Throw existed before the Trip maneuver was defined.
  18. Using held actions

    Cantriped (or anyone else with access to the 6e text), given that one of the main differences between 6e and CC is that 6e is bloated by a large number of specific examples that were left out of CC, could you advise what the specific example(s) regarding the 6e2 p20 standard rule actually say? The text of the 4e rule seems to basically be the same as the 6e one (hold until a later DEX or other specified event occurs), and in the 4e example Defender is waiting for a specific event (i.e. waiting to see what Ogre does), so seems to be following the standard 6e rule conditions. It's the resolution of that (specifically DEX rolls to see if Defender can act before Ogre once Ogre declares his action, or Ogre always going first) that is really the point here, not "being able to perform any action whenever he wants", which we both agree is only an optional, GM permission rule.
  19. Defense Maneuver

  20. Enough zombies?

    I see what you did there.
  21. Justice League Film

    I don't understand by they used Steppenwolf. Why couldn't they have KISS, or Nickleback, or Radiohead, a band the public would want to see Superheroes beat up.
  22. Enough zombies?

    Zombies have been done to death.
  23. The Incredibles 2

    Yes, there are different metaphors for Violet (Teenager: insecurity, desire to go unnoticed) and Dash (Preadolescent: mischievous, boundless enthusiasm). Just as there are metaphors for Robert (Dad: strong and resilient) and Helen (Mom: smart and flexible).
  24. Defense Maneuver

    In the 5th Edition Defense Maneuver is broken up into four different maneuvers, two costing 3 points, and two costing 2 points. Defense Maneuver I costs 3 points, and keeps anyone from hitting you from behind, for example.
  25. 2017 Word Association Game

  26. The Incredibles 2

    I imagine that only Jack Jack is being used to deliver that metaphor. It isn't encoded as a universal (or even family-wide) axiom.
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