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  2. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Bolo's Anti Disney Society should go after this post. Just need details. CES
  3. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The Rose Dragon is the team's biggest asset. This pink beast leaves a path of destruction despite only being the size of a chihuahua. CES
  4. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Bianca Lo Ciani is the Rescuer. The smaller she is, the stronger she is. Coupled with the ability to fly, Bianca is tries to be the first responder for any emergency where she is stationed. CES
  5. I would like to pick RIFTS Earth for my location, and Rasputin from Hellboy as my general. CES
  6. Supers Image game

    The Warrior Since the end of the Second World War the British government has worked discretely on a supersoldier project. The continuing success they have had is with the agent side of things resulting in a hero/vigilante called The Warrior. Selected from military personnel each man that has become The Warrior has also been trained in police work after the successful 1960s version worked with a group with superpowers. The current training process is akin to commando training and also involves the parachute regiment and the Special Air Service. The Warrior is also trained in martial arts and uses a quarterstaff as a weapon. They also use a handgun but otherwise a variety of equipment is available making them akin to a lesser form of The Batman. Police powers are through New Scotland Yard as are any enquiries that need to be made into groups, organisations or individuals. There has been a tacit agreement that each country's supersoldiers are not sent into other's countries on missions. The KGB and CIA were quite particular on this and everyone else more or less fell into line although 'rescue' missions were condoned. Although each Warrior is different they are all loyal to The Crown and are decidedly apolitical mush to the annoyance of political parties usually the one in power. Several Warriors have been killed on active service around the world against mundane foes like The IRA and superpowered threats like Dr Destroyer but a new one seems to appear with hardly any delay much to the chagrin of the Underworld. The reason for this is simple. There are usually 2 Warriors ready at the same time one on active service and one on reserve while at least a third will be completing training with the police. As yet there have been no women in the programme partly due lack of frontline experience for women soldiers and those with major powers like super strength or flight go into the Captain Britain or Britannia programmes.
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  8. What Should the Arc finish next?

    I must answer with the James Bond film. The World is Not Enough.
  9. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/17/rex-tillerson-syria-military-presence-344315 Do you ever wonder if one of your tax dollars goes towards the bullet that ends up killing an innocent civilian in a faraway land that you'll never meet?
  10. Some of them may even become catatonic.
  11. Not to mention the panther movie-going audience. I hear they're going wild. Could be quite an uproar.
  12. You lost me at Fox's X-Men movies have become consistently better since its soft reboot with First Class The Wolverine and Apocalypse were...not good...at all. Fox and Sony (and WB) movies have gone wrong with studio exec interference and studio decision-making, particularly with regards to FF, Spidey 3 and Last Stand. Its possible Marvel could eventually fall into that trap, but doubtful while Feige is in charge. I am also not one thats having nerdgasms because these characters have been acquired. I've already seen them done, I'd prefer Marvel maintain their next phase concentrating on the newer, less-known characters they have planned.
  13. The Last Word

    I'm in Darwin, NT. The evolved territory.
  14. The Problem With The X-Men Movie Rights Coming Back To Marvel https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2018/01/the-problem-with-the-x-men-movie-rights-coming-back-to-marvel/
  15. Ctrl+V

  16. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/trump-blows-up-republican-plan-to-blame-democrats-for-blocking-chip More evil s**t from the "pro-life" (actually "anti-choice") party. Remind me again why critical laws/bills are able to be bundled together?
  17. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Please don't let it be soccer.
  18. Heh, I would think that would be the main reason. To be honest, I never really thought to have a special reason for attack, just run of the mill conquering seemed reason enough.
  19. With my pick I will pick from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Fuhrer King Bradley also known as the homunculus named Wrath, he will be my Dragon at the moment, but I could consider moving him up to General depending on how my draft goes.
  20. The Last Word

    You're at roughly 12 degrees south latitude? Not counting the flights to/from our honeymoon on Rarotonga, that's closer to the Equator than I've ever been. Intellectually I know some of the differences, but obviously have never experienced them.
  21. What Should the Arc finish next?

    I've work on my Academy Project for awhile. However, which group should I finish next?
  22. Traveler Meets Star Hero

    Traveler fans, we just added 25 official Traveler products for Star Hero. It may not be chocolate and peanut butter but it is a great way to combine two popular, classic science fiction role-playing games. If you love the Traveler setting, check out how it has been adapted for HERO System
  23. I remember some concern being expressed here over Brie Larson's age (currently 28) to be playing a character of Carol Danvers' military rank (Major). To be honest -- and this is not intended as a slight against her -- Larson appears older than that to me. Personally I wouldn't object to being told that her character in this movie is in her mid-thirties.
  24. 2017 Word Association Game

  25. COH builds

    any room to post our own COH toons?
  26. Genre-crossover nightmares

    dreaded anime crossover: The Dirty Pair meets Akira. (whats left of the planet?)
  27. A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    I never did mind about the little things.
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