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  2. Store is Broken

    Yup - you're not doing anything wrong at all. The item in question needs to have shipping methods defined (something Jason and Co. need to handle)
  3. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Agreed, Badger - but the absence of the Mon Cal fleet is no harder to accept than the absence of the Rogue 1 characters, had they survived. To the Bespin question, I prefer the theory it took the Falcon a while to limp to Bespin + get repaired, and that Luke spent more than a day or two in training on Dagobah. The movie skipped over the "no action" parts.
  4. Black Panther with spoilers

    Hat tip to Tasha Guess this means Shuri joins Hela, Goddess of Death, as Disney Princesses from the MCU.
  5. Focus

    Sure. Just like staying out of melee range to avoid disarms. But don't be shocked when a tactically sharp opponent Grabs your OAF and throws it as far as his STR can hurl it. Of course, any damage bonus from the shield is also useless at escaping Grabs and Entangles, which is also limiting.
  6. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    If you're going to get that super-general, you can just say Skills have only one function: To solve a problem. Your numbers 1 and 3 are just examples of problems being solved. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary notes that number 3 is just a special case of number 1 for that matter.
  7. Negative END and charges

    RAW (5e and 6e page references above), it costs a minimum of 1 END to fire a weapon (a specific example of something, along with Block and Dodge, which requires spending 1 END). That's been around for a lot of editions, maybe even from 1e, but I rarely see it enforced.
  8. Stunned without losing STUN?

    I think CE which forces a roll to avoid being Stunned is as reasonable as CE which forces a roll to avoid falling prone. I'm not sure a "drain that does not really drain" is any less kludgy. 17d6 (170 AP) Drain will get 51 on a 3 point per 1d6 standard effect, recalling that STUN is a defensive power costing 0.5 points. What's the limitation for "immediately recovers"? That seems pretty limiting to me. Tack on HyperMan's "CON roll at -6 avoids entirely" means someone with a 30 CON needs 11- to avoid the effect (that's higher than average, and is a 62.5% chance of failure, which is equivalent to acting on a 9-,) That's a -1 1/2 limitation, IIRC (Act 11- being -1). I'm curious how the APG cost and your cost would compare. Your model would be a lot cheaper in a Heroic game.
  9. Store is Broken

    HI. Just not sure I understand. I did specify shipping options. In fact, there is nothing to specify that comes up. I've tried a couple of times, so I'm not sure what I'm missing.... dk UPDATE: I see what you are talking about, now.. Example: this has shipping, but the one I'm trying to purchase doesn't
  10. I challenge you!

    F Troop F Troop vs the A Team Lucius Alexander Who will it B? The palindromedary says we'll C who D winner is.
  11. Store Problem: THRILLING HERO ADVENTURES Won't Ship to Me

    I got the same message tonight trying to ship to Indiana UPDATE I see what you are talking about now. the item I'm trying to buy has no characteristics in the shipping tab
  12. Black Panther with spoilers

    Heh... good line. I personally like the darker toned movies. I like serious action, with real life ramifications, and Winter Soldier and Civil War presented those amazingly well. The affects of "super violence", the ramifications on society of people with powers doing their thing... I love that stuff. I really like Black Panther because it essentially asked questions of a similar vein... what is the responsibility of super people (or in this case, a super nation) to actually affect change, to address historical wrongs of their own and others, to challenge the status quo. I never expect the MCU to dig too deeply into these the way I wish comics would and could, but at least they are addressing these logical extrapolations, like good SF should. Good stuff. Seeing it again, tomorrow.
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  14. Black Panther with spoilers

    I agree with you on Civil War -- it was a different take, and one that didn't really jibe with me. Winter Soldier was darker, but not in the same way - I liked it a LOT more than Civil War. IMO, Black Panther is different from Civil War or Winter Soldier. It doesn't shy away from some pretty deep subject matter, but it handles it extremely well. It's still decidedly a comic book movie and has a villain that is...understandable. Given enough depth to make him interesting, believable, and even (to an extent) sympathetic. There is still a two dimensional villain...but that's left to one of the Tolkien white guys to play
  15. Armor Encumbrance

    If you look at the link I give in the OP, it suggests that although armor was equally distributed, there was a great deal of weight on the legs, which made the whole affair more burdensome. If you imagine hiking with a large pack, and then add 5 pound weights to each ankle, you get the idea. So it could have been a lot more tiring that previously thought. But not as bad as the myths about full plate being too heavy to move. So, I'm trying to develop a city-based campaign, perhaps using Valdorian Age and a cross between the city of Elweir and Sanctuary from the Thieves' World series of books. In general, armor just doesn't belong in a city, as discussed in this thread: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95995-why-are-you-wearing-that/. I'd like there to be real tradeoffs for wearing armor. I think the DEX penalties for stealth alone would be a good start, but since it's a gritty, dark sort of setting for hero level characters, I'd like it to be more skill-driven than hack-and-slash-driven. More ideas would be a great help!
  16. Store is Broken

    Contact form or open a Support Ticket.
  17. Black Panther with spoilers

    Back to the core topic, the trailer makes this movie look so awesome, I expect it to be on par with Civil War. Everything in it looks action packed. One thing I am worried about is Marvel has been taking a deliberately optimistic approach to their movies up until Winter Soldier, then Civil War. I keep hearing from others that this one has a different tone and I hope this movie will not continue that pessimistic view. While I love the MCU as a whole, I would hate to see it go the way of DC and get filled with super serious characters. I know everyone hates the Marvel Villains for being shallow or two dimensional. But that allows the director the time to develop the heroes and let's us see them in all their awesome. PS: Not knocking DC, I think Wonder Woman did a lot to bring the DC tone back to something I could enjoy. But to me MCU is simply superior. PPS: I think Civil War, Home Coming, Ironman, Avengers 1, and Guardians 1 where the most enjoyable. While Thor 1 & 2, Ironman 2, Ironman 3, and The Incredible Hulk are at the bottom to me. The others were great and enjoyable. Doctor Strange I bounce between okay and love it. But I cannot put my finger on why.
  18. Yesterday
  19. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    I'm sure the Kroff brothers pretake in certain weeds. Just look at there work. Singing bugs who live in a jukebox. A friendly sea monster. A dragon who is a mayor of an island where everything is alive. A world where hats live. A superhero team is the most normal of there work.
  20. Improved Alchemical Sling - Does This Make Sense?

    True. But the player would also like to use the sling normally, ie throw lead shot at people. I could make him pay points to add an RKA slot outside his VPP, but it seems simplest and cheapest to just take a 1pt WF. That's a fair point. The alchemist has described it as a coat-of-many-pockets-type thing, but it might be worth clarifying that in more detail. I'm not quite sure what you mean here? The sfx is still: alchemical potion/item. Good points. But I don't think the Range By STR is as big an issue for the player as the lack of accuracy. Sorry if I didn't make that clear before. Yeah, we talked about that too, but that would mean either reducing the Base Cost of the attacks or buying up the VPP Control Cost. The player doesn't want to do the former, and isn't yet ready to do the latter. Thanks again for the comments, everyone. Sorry I've been so spotty is replying.
  21. Funny pics

  22. Black Panther with spoilers

    And I want to go to Wakanda's Institute of Technology and study biotechnology. My thesis will be on Vibranium skeletons & rapid healing.
  23. Black Panther with spoilers

    "Oh no not another white boy to fix." The other best joke of Black Panther.
  24. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Yeah, I think that's the one the Alchemist's player was trying to remember.
  25. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    I too love Almost Live but I preferred Bill Nye's Speed Walker superhero. Wish those were available to buy on DVD
  26. Stunned without losing STUN?

    I'm not fond of the Change Environment build, it is super kludgey and easy to abuse (like several APG options). I think a ruling like "a drain stun that is high enough to on average stun a target can be said to automatically do so if bought to do no actual drain effect" or something like that would be a better rule.
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