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HERO Designer Source Code

HERO Designer has become the definitive character creation software for the HERO System. While the software allows for the development of custom plugins and extensions, many potential software projects for the HERO System could make use of portions of the source code which drives HERO Designer. It is for this reason that we are pleased to offer access to HD's source code.

By purchasing this package, you will gain access to the following:
  • The Java source code for HERO Designer (updated when application updates are released). The source is developed using Java 6.
  • The Eclipse project definitions for HERO Designer, allowing easy import into Eclipse on your system.
  • Access to a new HD Developer Access forum (beneath the existing HERO Designer forum) where you can ask questions of the developer and receive guidance and input on how best to utilize or change the HERO Designer source code to suit your needs.
Those interested in developing projects using HERO Designer's source code should be aware of the following licensing restrictions:
  • You are welcome to change the code or utilize it however you want for your own personal use.
  • If the product you develop is distributed, you will need to pursue licensing with HERO Games -- the terms are exceedingly easy.
  • If the product you develop is intended for sale, there may be a licensing discussion needed with both HERO Games and the developer/owner of the HERO Designer source code. Generally speaking, use of the HERO Designer source code which does not replace or replicate the character generation process does not fall into this category.
This product is intended for Java developers only.