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    Expose your Superhero ID!

    Not until they become the Blue People Group. #Solidarity
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    The zombies were driven to feed even if they didn't have to. Which begs the question do they take a few bites from a victim and then move on to look for others, or consume the victim and then move on? And i maintain that Zombie movies take place where there are no zombie movies.
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    Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    Valid questions. Note: My conclusion, politically, everybody has lost their damn minds of late. Way too many on both sides have become "He Who Fights Monsters". (as an aside, why I don't talk politics much anymore) 2nd Note: Not saying you or anybody here in particular, Pariah. Just as a collective nation, politically, we've definitely lost our way with our ability to talk about it rationally.
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    Hugh Neilson


    I don't see it that mathematical. An OAF can be disarmed, rendered useless by Grab or Entangle, etc. It need not be unavailable for an extended period to be limiting.
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    Hugh Neilson

    House Rule idea

    If you are dead set on "roll high", then roll the dice, subtract the result from 21 and apply that as the roll using the normal rules. We still have some abilities that work better if you make the roll by half - how does that work in your model, Sean?
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    Remember the Pueblo
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    Armor Encumbrance

    from previous discussions, I have heard that increased END cost for standard actions is a fairly sound idea.
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    Black Panther 2: Electric Boogaloo
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    Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    There are four questions I'd like to ask those folks: 1. If an athlete who doesn't like the President wins an event, or if an athlete who loves the President crashes and burns, is that karma too? If so, for what? 2. Vonn has publicly stated that she's dedicating her performances in these Games to the memory of her recently-deceased grandfather, who served in the Korean War. So I have to ask the detractors: Why do you hate our military? Why do you hate America? 3. What's the point of making the comments in the first place? Who benefits? Do you really think this will bring Lindsey Vonn around to your way of thinking? (Spoiler: It hasn't.) Or is this just a flimsy excuse to make yourself feel important by celebrating someone else's shortcomings? 4. What the **** is wrong with you, anyway? /rantmode
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    Old Man

    Funny pics

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    Odd Robot Personalities

    Maximillian, V.I.N.CENT, and old B.O.B. from The Black Hole come to mind as interesting and diverse synthetics.