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  1. I don't have that build in front of me, but there are plenty of configurations that can cause Charges to go over a +0 -- HD will follow all of these (despite my loathing of the Modifier).
  2. Site Upgrade

    Yeah...it's doing both. If you're not seeing it, you're going to want to check your system's settings -- browser cache (how is that still a thing?), any script blockers, etc. The site is working as-designed.
  3. Can we forgive old movies?

    Absolutely. There were a slew of cartoons out of Warner Bros. during the war years that served as one of the major propaganda arms for the US.
  4. Can we forgive old movies?

    This whole thread orbits around something I've been trying to figure out....and I still don't know that I have it clear mentally, so the following is likely not going to come out entirely right (consider this an advanced apology...and I'll attempt to clarify as needed). Looking at some of the behaviors and depictions in old movies is VERY similar to looking at the behaviors and actions of certain individuals in recent press in regards to sexual abuse/predation. Context plays a large part, but intent seems to be a major factor that is not discussed either because it's considered irrelevant or is too "sticky"/difficult to address. By context, I'm referring primarily to the prevailing attitudes of the time. Ben Franklin owned slaves. So did most other wealthy Americans. It was part of that period of time. Not something that we want to celebrate, but neither is it something that we want to condemn people of that time for (IMO). To take a more current example, if 100 years from now some of the extreme arms of PETA have their way and owning an animal (say a dog or cat for a pet) is considered akin to slavery, I don't think that people today should be judged for that. People today should be judged based on today's societal and moral standards -- owning a pet is fine, but you need to treat it properly (care for it, feed it, etc.). This applies equally well for sexual harassment -- the prevailing attitude of the time needs to be part of the equation. That we have (hopefully) progressed in our current time from 50 or 100 years ago doesn't mean that we should judge people from prior times based on our current ideas -- their actions should be judged based on the times in which they were made. Which is where we run into intent...and things get really sticky. The intent behind an action (the production of a movie, physical contact with a member of the opposite sex, the publication of a book, etc.) should be considered strongly in any sort of "judgement" of that action. A three year old boy who kisses a girl in his kindergarten class on the cheek should not be accused of sexual harassment (IMO) -- there is no intent there. A CEO (or anyone in a position of authority) who pulls a subordinate in for a peck on the cheek is a different story. Blazing Saddles is a great example of one extreme, oddly enough. Its main theme is based around racism. White supremacy, racism, mysogeny, you name it -- all there. But the intent was to laugh at them...to mock them and hopefully grow past them through laughter. It's hard to take the movie as offensive or wrong (unless, of course, you sympathize with the white supremacy group). Warner Bros./Bugs Bunny through WWII had some remarkably racist themes. They were part of the propaganda push within the US. Without the context of WWII, they are extremely offensive. With proper context, they are (IMO) educational and enlightening as to what was going on in society at the time. Certainly not something that would personally feel is appropriate for kids on a Saturday morning (do they still do that?), but not something to be locked away or burned. Then there are movies that I've either intentionally avoided or simply not been subjected to due to my own preferences -- the ones that don't just portray hateful ideas/ideals, but promote them (without the excuse of historical context). The best examples I can think of here (again, I'm somewhat sheltered) are some of the earlier cartoons and their depictions of black people. They've generally been scrubbed from the airwaves at this point...and rightly so -- keep them for people researching history and society at those times, but they have little place for the general public.
  5. Site Upgrade

    Doesn't matter if you're quoting or not -- you're using the quick reply form at the bottom of the page. Replies will always go to the end of the thread, but having the page change from your current selection is non-ideal, so you'll need to just trust the "Saving..." and clearing of the form.
  6. Support Tab

    Support requests are viewable by site admins only. That said, be sensible about what information you post online. Name, address, etc. is fine. Full credit card details are not.
  7. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Sorry I forgot to get back to this earlier. Under 5E rules, Systems Operation can be a category-based Skill (assuming that you have the Star Hero supplement checked/enabled under the app preferences). Under 6E, those options were removed -- if you'd like to use them, you will need to make a custom template (as you surmised). You can copy the definition from the 5E copy of Main.hdt if you need an example of how it's structured.
  8. Site Upgrade

    Let's go with "No." Just. Stop. You have a solution. Use it and move along.
  9. And there have been WG compliant export formats available since HD1...or maybe 2....
  10. Let's be clear: in a perfect world FOR YOU characters would print out just so and take up the appropriate number of pages. Others would hate your format and claim that it ruined the whole program. The Print to PDF function is a near mirror copy of the "official" character sheet format. It's very nice... But it's not for everyone. Hence the export format concept, which has been with HD from the start. Everyone had their own ideas about what a character sheet should look like... From the number of pages to the layout to the fonts used. You do not want to get hung up on PDF layout and design. The XML/HTML based export format is the best compromise you're going to find to balance customization and usability.
  11. Site Upgrade

    Let's do this once more for posterity: I did not write the software for the forums. I am not interested in changing the code, "debugging" or anything else. The software for this site works just fine for Fortune 100 companies...I suspect it will do just fine for HERO Games. If you have a question about how the forums work (since there are a LOT of changes), that's fair game. If you think there's a bug, by all means ask...but if there is a perfectly reasonable "fix" suggested -- USE IT. Don't keep posting about your personal theories on how the code for the site is written and how it should be fixed. There is no "index.html" page for the site -- that is entirely handled via redirect in .htaccess file for the docroot, since the site resides in the /forums subdirectory (beneath docroot). That is not an invitation to figure out "what's wrong" with the current redirection scheme vis a vis auto-login -- it's simply an explanation of how things work and why those who are positing theories on what's going wrong "in the code" are out of their depth. Just do what works and move on.
  12. Site Upgrade

    Curious that you're trying to debug code that you've never seen...and which doesn't exist. You have a solution to the issue -- use it.
  13. Problems printing to pdf

    Some oddity with the compiler settings, as near as I can tell. I've got a new update posted that should fix the issue -- no code changes, just some tweaks to the compiler.
  14. Error Exporting Combat Record

    Still not having any issues, though the .hde file you included is a character export, not a combat record export (.hdr)...so I'm just using a random combat record export file for the moment. Start with the easy one: update your copy of HD. You're running the May update from this year...there was one last month that included a few fixes. I don't think it would be anything directly affecting what you're doing, but it's always possible. If that doesn't work, please post the .hdr file that you're using for the combat record export and I'll try again.
  15. Error Exporting Combat Record

    Also, please post the full trace.log file from the directory that you're running HD from (after the error occurs).