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  1. Extra Disadvantage (5e)

    Blue text means the display has been edited (manually) - likely an accidental copy/paste. HD will not automatically update the text as the disadvantage is edited/changed, since you've indicated that you want something custom. To get back to the default display, click on the text to edit and then clear out everything - HD will see empty display text and revert to its default.
  2. Store is Broken

    Yup - you're not doing anything wrong at all. The item in question needs to have shipping methods defined (something Jason and Co. need to handle)
  3. Black Panther with spoilers

    I agree with you on Civil War -- it was a different take, and one that didn't really jibe with me. Winter Soldier was darker, but not in the same way - I liked it a LOT more than Civil War. IMO, Black Panther is different from Civil War or Winter Soldier. It doesn't shy away from some pretty deep subject matter, but it handles it extremely well. It's still decidedly a comic book movie and has a villain that is...understandable. Given enough depth to make him interesting, believable, and even (to an extent) sympathetic. There is still a two dimensional villain...but that's left to one of the Tolkien white guys to play
  4. Store is Broken

    Contact form or open a Support Ticket.
  5. Store is Broken

    Same answer as before: store is working just fine. No applicable shipping options were defined for that item.
  6. Black Panther with spoilers

    Fair enough -- Nothere will no longer be joining us in these forums.
  7. Black Panther with spoilers

    Round and round we go. I suggest you perhaps read my posts. Or keep going and see where it ends up.
  8. Black Panther with spoilers

    Not well. I did read the entire post (when it first went up)....and decided not to respond to it until after I had actually seen the movie, so that I could determine if perhaps there was something I wasn't aware of behind his apparent need to express that particular outlook. If this is the hill he wants to die on, then so be it. Banning will occur. Alternately, if his intent was NOT to express a racist opinion, all he really needs to do is say "sorry, that was not my intent and I apologize that it came across that way"
  9. Black Panther with spoilers

    Read my post. "No offense, but..." is generally a lead-in to something offensive. "This isn't racist, but...." is generally a lead-in to something racist. Without any context for your opinion other than "I haven't seen it," your statement applies to Black Panther in specific, and is viewed as a reflection on what is known about the movie. Now, if you preface your statement with other reasons/explanations it becomes significantly more palatable -- just like any other review (from those that have seen it). "I really don't like Marvel movies, and while I haven't seen this one yet, I can only assume that it will be the same poor acting, poor cinematography, etc." That explains your opinion as a general opinion of Marvel movies and not specific to Black Panther. So, again, I would strongly suggest that you explain your statement a bit more thoroughly. Unless, of course, you actually meant to be racist...in which case I would strongly suggest that you quit posting entirely.
  10. Black Panther with spoilers

    This whole post has been bugging the crap out of me...and it comes down to the first statement combined with the general sentiment. If you haven't seen the movie, the only thing you have to go on is the general knowledge of it, which is largely focused on the overwhelmingly black cast, direction, and theme. So you're judging a movie as crap based on that general knowledge -- which is racist. I'd rather strongly suggest you consider how your post is coming across. If you don't mean for it to actually be racist, you may want to post and amendment to explain your intention. If you do mean for it to actually be racist, you may want to find another site to frequent.
  11. Loading Prefabs

    Simply put: you don't. You load (and UNLOAD) prefabs on an as-needed basis. Memory issues will be the least of your concerns with a large number of prefabs loaded -- each and every ability needs to go through multiple rounds of calculations anytime there is a change anywhere in the active character. That is a LOT of processing cycles.
  12. JSON Export Template

    Still no clue what you're after. If you're worried about special characters in XML, you use <![CDATA[]]>
  13. JSON Export Template

    Not entirely sure what you're after...if you want HD to export XML, make and XML export format.
  14. JSON Export Template

    Edit: never mind -- it was simpler than what I originally posted. <!/--STR--> That's where your problem is. Replace it with the correct end tag: <!--/STR-->
  15. You associate the base/most expensive form. The feature is not intended to track all possible files, it's there for cost calculation.