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  1. STR Minimums

    Use a Heroic template -- STR Minimum is not a valid Limitation on Superheroic characters.
  2. HTTPS on the site/forum

    Again, anything which requires or benefits from SSL is run over SSL. Running the entire site over SSL would not benefit anyone.
  3. HTTPS on the site/forum

    Anything which requires or benefits from SSL is run over SSL.
  4. Create New Skills in Template

    There are two styles of "containers" in the Skill definitions. Rapid Attack is done using the first (older) one in which the XMLID and the container name are essentially one and the same. If the application doesn't know to look for the container, it'll just skip over anything new that's added in. You can _replace_ Rapid Attack with your own (keeping the container as RAPID_ATTACK_HTH), but you're likely better off using the second (newer) style where you just use a "<SKILLL....> ... </SKILL>" container. The app will read in all of those, the only restriction being that the XMLID attribute that you assign to your Skill needs to be unique.
  5. Computer Programming - 6th Ed.

    Once they make it part of 6E, sure. Until then, either the way you've been doing it, or creating a custom rules template (and copying over the Computer Programming Skill definition from the 5E template) -- the internal handling of the pricing is the same, once you go the Adder route.
  6. Access to Export Templates

    You're running HD from a directory that you do not have full access to (e.g. C:\Program Files\)
  7. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Christopher will no longer be taking part in this conversation. Carry on.
  8. Get a current copy of the app - the feature didn't exist in 2015.
  9. Combat Record Export NPE

    That would make sense -- too many files accessed in too short of a time trigger one of it's safeguards (guessing here).
  10. Combat Record Export NPE

    Interesting. The characters load fine (after selecting "no" for the newer version of the template file so that HD uses the one bundled with the character), and the combat record export runs without issue on my system. I note that deeper down in the stack trace (in your trace.log file), we're in the java.security package. I'm thinking that may be due to the location of some of your files (looks like Google Drive is in play). Some system-level access manager is not playing nicely with Java during that process...possibly due to the rapid open/close of multiple files, though that's purely a guess. Try moving all relevant files onto your local system (yes, I realize that Google Drive makes a folder on your local system...move them to a permanent, non-mapped drive for now) and see if the problem persists.
  11. Ready Player One

    IG was direct from the book -- IIRC, a victory prize for one of the other players. Wait'll you see one of the others....it's mechanized...and bigger...and bigger
  12. Ready Player One

    The stacks being blown up in the trailer is the overt beginning of that.
  13. Ready Player One

    Oh yeah...that was a major part of it. It's been a while, but from what I recall, the latter...half?...quarter?...of the book was mixed between real-world and the Oasis.
  14. Ready Player One

    I'm loving the folks chiming in with statements of the movie not being even close to the book....that they haven't read. Joust? Yeah, that's a major thing in the book (slikmar's been through that part already). Movie references? Yup, those too. I've read the book. It was fun. It was chock full of pop culture references (as noted)...kinda its thing. The trailers thus far are looking to be following the book pretty closely. I haven't seen anything in them that I don't recall from the book, at least....and without seeing the movie, it's impossible to say how much from the book hasn't made it into the movie.