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  1. Site Upgrade

    Clear your cache.
  2. Site Upgrade

    Please read above responses.
  3. Site Upgrade

    Are you trying to be funny or an ass? Because the latter will get you punted to the moderation queue. If only there were a link at the right of the quoted section that took you to the original post...oh, wait. There is.
  4. Site Upgrade

    Again, I don't write the software and will absolutely not make any modifications to it. May want to try deleting portions of the previous quote that you don't want....and/or inserting the same quote multiple times if you want to respond to individual sections of it.
  5. Store is Broken

    The store is working just fine. Check your browser settings, particularly in regards to allowing cookies and JavaScript. If you're blocking either of those, the bulk of the sites on the Internet will not be functioning correctly.
  6. try adding the following attribute to the Characteristic definitions in the template: SHOWROLL="No"
  7. Java for Android

    No, there is not.
  8. If you're looking for total max combinations (e.g. adding character's base STR to an HKA and then taking into account STR bonuses from Density Increase and Growth), then no...as the example I gave indicates, that's simply not feasible in any fashion that wouldn't cause VASTLY more problems than it "fixed". The GM plays a role in character creation -- if your players don't want to listen to restrictions or concerns that the GM has, then you may want to find other players.
  9. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    You cropped the screenshot a bit short. Immediately below the prefab listing is a "Select" button that will enable when you select the Multipower. Click it and the Multipower (with all slots) will be assigned to the character.
  10. The liver is evil and must be punished.
  11. While I appreciate the apology and sentiment, I was actually referring to Tech priest support....
  12. HD is locking up on me?

    Derp. I forgot about the trickery under Windows that allows for user-specified increased memory. The command I gave above will work on any system except Windows. Under windows, it will just increase the memory available to the launcher. Increase the memory available to HD under the preferences screen (general tab). Set it to 256MB for now and see if the error repeats. One way or another, your system is having issues with Java (outside of HD) -- we're just seeing if we can bypass them for now.
  13. HD is locking up on me?

    Direct cause is most likely an overly-large image being assigned to the character (based on the stack trace), but that's just the direct cause of the out of memory error -- the underlying issue points to Java not being given enough memory to operate (64MB is a rather dated max). Try the following from a command line to see if the issue is resolved with a memory adjustment: 1. Open a command prompt and cd to the directory that you have HD installed in (the one with HD6.jar) 2. Enter the following: java -Xmx1024m -Xms256m -jar HD6.jar That will start Java with an initial heap size of 256MB and a maximum of 1GB
  14. HD is locking up on me?

    Most likely problem: you are running a 32-bit version of Java on a 64-bit system. If you're not using it for anything else, I'd recommend uninstalling all copies of Java from your system and then reinstalling a 64-bit version directly from Java.com
  15. HD is locking up on me?

    Post the trace.log file (or the contents of it) after the problem occurs -- it will show the number of open files as well as other info (like the memory on your system and how much is being allotted to HD)