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  1. OK...it's unlikely that we'll be able to get away without any political discussion taking place in the forums (despite the fact that the forums are for an RPG and there are plenty of other arenas for political discourse) -- so we're going to make a dedicated spot for them to take place. With rules that will be followed. Before I get into the rules, a little bit about self-policing. You guys are a good group. I'm assuming that, political differences aside, you'd like to keep each other around. So you're going to be the first level of checks that will take place. This is the ONLY US political discussion thread that is going to be around. If you see someone start another thread for politics, or if you see another thread head that direction, it's in your best interest to shut it down quickly. Once I get wind of it, the thread originator (or poster who diverted the thread) will be moderated or banned from the forums (depending on the nature of the post). No arguments, and no discussions. No, I'm not going to sticky this thread. No I'm not going to make a general announcement on the rules. The rules are largely unchanged from the general rules of the forum -- ensuring that others are up to speed and don't unintentionally violate them is on you. Talk to them before I do. Now, onto the rules for this thread: 1. I will be monitoring this thread heavily. Email notifications, reading along as time allows, etc. I don't give warnings -- if you fail to follow the rules, you will be moderated or banned outright. If this bothers you, I would suggest NOT participating in this thread. Find any of the plethora of other areas of the interwebs for your political discussions. 2. Lies or half-truths which are determined to be intentionally communicated on your part will not be tolerated. You present the facts. If you're not sure of the facts, then you don't post. If you want to post something that you saw and agree with, you will want to make sure you do your due diligence and research it first to ensure that you are not passing along lies and/or half-truths which happen to be in line with your political view. 3. Attacking of other forum members is subject to immediate banning. Don't like what someone has to say? Great! Post a factually accurate counter point to their argument and make your case. Discuss the topic, not the poster. 4. This thread is meant to be a place where ADULTS can have a SANE, RATIONAL discussion of politics. Posts which are viewed to be in violation of this concept will not be tolerated. Yes, this is a very general rule -- use your brain and interpret it to the best of your ability. If you feel that this makes it difficult to know where the "line" is and that you may accidentally cross it, then I would strongly advise that you not come anywhere near the line. If this means that you are uncomfortable posting in this thread for fear of crossing an arbitrary line, I would refer you to rule 1.
  2. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Sorry I forgot to get back to this earlier. Under 5E rules, Systems Operation can be a category-based Skill (assuming that you have the Star Hero supplement checked/enabled under the app preferences). Under 6E, those options were removed -- if you'd like to use them, you will need to make a custom template (as you surmised). You can copy the definition from the 5E copy of Main.hdt if you need an example of how it's structured.
  3. Site Upgrade

    Let's go with "No." Just. Stop. You have a solution. Use it and move along.
  4. Site Upgrade

    I think that the site upgrade is more or less complete at this point. There are still a number of background tasks to complete -- some manual, some automated. The manual tasks include updating shipping methods for the store and verifying that everything is functioning normally. This should be done before the end of the day. The automated background tasks are going to be running for the next few days and may result in some slowness. A few features on the site will not be available until the background tasks complete (some searching, etc.). Other than that, look around, have fun, play nice, and let us know if anything looks odd/out of place.
  5. And there have been WG compliant export formats available since HD1...or maybe 2....
  6. Let's be clear: in a perfect world FOR YOU characters would print out just so and take up the appropriate number of pages. Others would hate your format and claim that it ruined the whole program. The Print to PDF function is a near mirror copy of the "official" character sheet format. It's very nice... But it's not for everyone. Hence the export format concept, which has been with HD from the start. Everyone had their own ideas about what a character sheet should look like... From the number of pages to the layout to the fonts used. You do not want to get hung up on PDF layout and design. The XML/HTML based export format is the best compromise you're going to find to balance customization and usability.
  7. Site Upgrade

    Let's do this once more for posterity: I did not write the software for the forums. I am not interested in changing the code, "debugging" or anything else. The software for this site works just fine for Fortune 100 companies...I suspect it will do just fine for HERO Games. If you have a question about how the forums work (since there are a LOT of changes), that's fair game. If you think there's a bug, by all means ask...but if there is a perfectly reasonable "fix" suggested -- USE IT. Don't keep posting about your personal theories on how the code for the site is written and how it should be fixed. There is no "index.html" page for the site -- that is entirely handled via redirect in .htaccess file for the docroot, since the site resides in the /forums subdirectory (beneath docroot). That is not an invitation to figure out "what's wrong" with the current redirection scheme vis a vis auto-login -- it's simply an explanation of how things work and why those who are positing theories on what's going wrong "in the code" are out of their depth. Just do what works and move on.
  8. Site Upgrade

    Curious that you're trying to debug code that you've never seen...and which doesn't exist. You have a solution to the issue -- use it.
  9. Problems printing to pdf

    Some oddity with the compiler settings, as near as I can tell. I've got a new update posted that should fix the issue -- no code changes, just some tweaks to the compiler.
  10. Error Exporting Combat Record

    Still not having any issues, though the .hde file you included is a character export, not a combat record export (.hdr)...so I'm just using a random combat record export file for the moment. Start with the easy one: update your copy of HD. You're running the May update from this year...there was one last month that included a few fixes. I don't think it would be anything directly affecting what you're doing, but it's always possible. If that doesn't work, please post the .hdr file that you're using for the combat record export and I'll try again.
  11. Error Exporting Combat Record

    Also, please post the full trace.log file from the directory that you're running HD from (after the error occurs).
  12. Error Exporting Combat Record

    I'm not showing any issues when I run a test CR export...but the stack trace you posted certainly points to an issue within the code. Can I get some more information from you? In particular: 1. The character files that you are looking to export. In particular, I want to see if any are using custom templates. 2. The specific combat record export format you're trying to use. 3. The list of steps you're taking to generate the error (e.g. "Load character 1, 2, and then 3...go to File -> Combat Record Export, select all three character files, select the combat record export format, and then the error happens.")
  13. This. I'm firmly and completely in support of the push against sexual harassment (which has become endemic in our society)...but it needs to be tempered with due process and reason if it's going to avoid becoming the witch hunt that opponents have decried. Intent of the individual needs to be part of the equation...and yes, that makes things very (VERY) tricky. We also need to stop looking to equate or distract. It doesn't matter what Franken did (or what happens as a result) when looking to Moore. Or vice versa. They're two different people and two different incidents/allegations. If I go out and attack someone on the street, I don't get to point to someone else and say "they did it, too" as some sort of defense for my actions. What I (personally) think should happen: Franken should go before the ethics committee (which he himself has recommended). They will determine the severity of his actions and appropriate measures to be taken in response. Unless something radical changes in the story, it is likely that he will have consequences (censure, removal from committees, etc.) and either resign of his own choosing or have major issues in the next election (resulting in much the same). This is the type of response that we expect and want to see -- our elected officials are being held to a high standard (or should be) and are accountable for their actions both during and before their terms of office. Moore needs to have the same thing occur...but he's currently in an election process. It would be best for his party (and Congress in general) for him to drop out. Pushing forward presents a decidedly negative appearance for the GOP in regards to their response to sexual harassment. Should he continue in the election, the GOP needs to take a very strong stand on the issue -- he's essentially forcing their hand. They've more or less done this within Congress (though nothing from Trump). Should he manage to win the election, then the ethics committee and Congress in general need to become involved, likely resulting in his ouster. Any other course of action for either individual gives credence to the "other side" when they try to distract/detract from a given situation by pointing fingers.
  14. Site Upgrade

    Sounds like you have a bit of a dilemma, then.
  15. Site Upgrade

    Don't embed videos in spoilers?
  16. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    I'm working from memory here, since I'm currently traveling.... But make sure you have all supplements checked under the app preferences - the categories for systems operation were originally laid out in a supplement, not 5ER. I -think- Star Hero...
  17. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Try choosing a category...
  18. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Systems Operation is 3 points unless/until you make it Adder-based (select a category) - then it changes the cost structure to match
  19. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    You'll need to create a custom template for that. If you look at the definitions of the skills you want to mimic (in Main.hdt) you'll see how it's done.
  20. Site Upgrade

    No idea what you're talking about....all examples you posted are fine.
  21. Site Upgrade

    Once again (for posterity): there are a LOT more options. From following people (and receiving notifications when they post), to following forums, news articles, products, receiving notifications when your name is mentioned, etc. All configurable under notification settings. Any email received contains a link to the specific notification setting that generated it (in the event that you want to change it).
  22. Site Upgrade

    Options were toggled based on software defaults. "I deleted all the e-mails without reading one" is on you. Yes, I am frustrated that you seem to expect others to take care of things for you and continue complaining and questioning when it's pointed out (repeatedly) that you can and should handle it on your own.
  23. Site Upgrade

    In short: no - that's on him to do. It's basic site usage -- If you're getting unwanted notifications, adjust your notifications settings (what I told you to do early on). It even states this in EVERY EMAIL THAT IS SENT.
  24. Site Upgrade

    Unfollowing will work. OR (and maybe this is just me) you could listen to what I said earlier and turn off notifications for people that you follow: That's your screen, btw. Not a glitch in the system, your own settings. Rather than remembering to change notification settings every time you reply, you could (again) take the advice I gave earlier and change your settings.
  25. dice rollers for the clubs

    Compatible, but multiple errors including pulling back the last release. You're not likely to see me implementing any plugins here unless and until they receive full support/approval from Invision... Which would essentially mean being integrated into the core trunk.