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  1. Can we forgive old movies?

    I've forgiven lots of people in my life...doesn't mean I still hang out with them.
  2. Enough zombies?

    More cool zombie stuff
  3. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Well, I thought he called a horrible game, WAAYYY too many slant routes, our Bengal radio guys were actually predicting playcalls during the game.
  4. In other news...

    I dunno, the first time I tried that guy he just wanted me to do a bunch of woodwork and painting on his property. Sounded like a scam to me.
  5. Enough zombies?

  6. Animated superhero movies.

    The Incredibles obviously Most of the stuff mentioned already were at least good to really good. Anything by Dwayne McDuffie Any of the Timmverse Justice League, particularly the 2nd season. All seasons of Young Justice - this show is so smart, the exact way a serious superhero series should be done. Nuff said. Anything involving the Wonder Tw...HAHA just kidding!
  7. In other news...

    Exercising mercy indiscriminately could be viewed as foolish in some cases, but having mercy is not a failing IMO, Badger. Also FWIW, there is some evidence out there that many psychopaths are victims of some type of frontal lobe or general brain damage from birth or early childhood.
  8. Enough zombies?

    Umm, Shaun of the Dead, anyone? *drops microphone*
  9. Wonder Woman

    Bazza already gave one reason and having watched both movies JL definitely used more CGI. Additionally, you could figure that JL essentially had at least four hours of footage to cut to two.
  10. New Series--The Orville

    I think the confusion was from you saying you can't comment on the show while commenting on the show and saying one show is better than the other when you've never actually seen one of said shows. But I've been wrong before.
  11. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Odin was old, he was dying. He was senile and confused or just trying to pump up his son's confidence with a standard parental white lie.
  12. Justice League Film

    The irony is that they made a KISS movie in the 70's (?) where they played superheroes, I believe.
  13. The Daredevil stairwell fight is definitely one of the best fight scenes I've ever watched.
  14. Justice League Film

    Well, at least they
  15. Justice League Film

    They're are definitely a few conversations that will not make sense, nor have that much emotional depth. Particularly some important scenes between Batman and Supes and Batman and Wonder Woman. However, if you have decent knowledge of the characters and their general backstory you'll get by ok.