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  1. Focus

    I don’t see that it has to happen just as long as the possibility of it logically happens. Iow, if a Hero has an OAF weapon, then in combat, there will be an attempt to disarm it. That doesn’t mean that it should happen.
  2. Star Trek Generic Character (5th Edition)

    How about phy lim: Red Shirt takes max killing damgage? 😁
  3. Choke Hold Maneuver as ranged?

    UMA for Fifth has rules for adding advantages to martial maneuvers.
  4. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Very cool!! I also like your use of three 6’s and three 1’s too!
  5. GM brainworms

    Same here! I’ll even go to different systems and work on stuff even though I should be working on the current game/system.
  6. What can you Smash and Grab?

    How about an insurance scam? Thugs hired to steal an item which is a fake so the owner can get cash from the insurance company and keep the original!
  7. What can you Smash and Grab?

    Or the Smash and Grab is a ruse for the real crime?
  8. What can you Smash and Grab?

    Let me add that perhaps in the Bank’s safety deposit boxes there is something of interest . Perhaps a key, code book, microfilm, Or Lost Time perhaps?
  9. New Power (?)

    I wouldn’t say that that pic helps your case Hyperman. 😀The flash is linked although not by the named limitation. I’ll check 3e in the use of powers when I get a minute. And as a limitation as an advantage I think that fails too. Consider, Starburst cannot just flash a target he must do an energy blast. Also he cannot minimally Blast someone either, that flash is going to attract attention a lot more than a regular blast I would say.
  10. New Power (?)

    Really? I thought the reason for linked was to have two different powers go off at the same time. At least in 4th Ed.
  11. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Two thoughts on the characters I suggested. Since you want to keep with density sfx, Shadow Boxer makes him (or her) self desolid. Though I wouldn’t have the damage be as high desolid as when solid. Second, Uppercut would have Blast with indirect. Im going to have to write up a version of Shadow Boxer for myself now. (You never know when inspiration hits! 🤗)
  12. "Aliens" Colonial Marines Target Tracker

    If you can foresee a possible issue and can avoid it with a -0 limitation then I think that’s a great idea.
  13. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    And of course if you have Knockout, then it’s a girl! 😬
  14. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    An uppercut is hard punch to block do to its angle of attack. So perhaps some sort of strechting with indirect.
  15. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Shadow Boxer! He can create a shadow duplicate of himself!