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  1. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Two thoughts on the characters I suggested. Since you want to keep with density sfx, Shadow Boxer makes him (or her) self desolid. Though I wouldn’t have the damage be as high desolid as when solid. Second, Uppercut would have Blast with indirect. Im going to have to write up a version of Shadow Boxer for myself now. (You never know when inspiration hits! 🤗)
  2. "Aliens" Colonial Marines Target Tracker

    If you can foresee a possible issue and can avoid it with a -0 limitation then I think that’s a great idea.
  3. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    And of course if you have Knockout, then it’s a girl! 😬
  4. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    An uppercut is hard punch to block do to its angle of attack. So perhaps some sort of strechting with indirect.
  5. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Shadow Boxer! He can create a shadow duplicate of himself!
  6. Refining my New Year's Revolutions

    As for spontaneous riots. I think that 2017 showed that there would be “spontaneous” riots over something political. (I think some of those irl seemed well planned to to be spontaneous. I’ll leave it at that.) In any case there would be people who would try to take advantage of the riots.
  7. Refining my New Year's Revolutions

    I immediately thought that Deathstroke should have an old fashion Ice Cream truck that plays music! 😬
  8. I need some help on a villain

    Well I think your basic Arcane Bolt (Blast) and Mystic Shield (Resistant Protection) is in order.
  9. Civilians on a Starfleet vessel: what do they do?

    Forgive me, I skipped a few posts and this might have been mentioned before. Perhaps Starfleet is closer to the US Coast Guard? The Coast Guard isn’t considered military except in times of war it can be called upon. It uses Naval rankings. It has warships. Yes Cutters are some of the smallest warships out there but still warships. They are more of a Police/Defensive Force than say the US Navy.
  10. Civilians on a Starfleet vessel: what do they do?

    I just wanted to add that Firefighters have a ranking system and are not considered military.
  11. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    But the bigger question though, should the mechanics be enforced over common sense? I.e. say a normal agent-15 STR rolls extremely well 6 Body and grabs Defender. Defender blows his roll -all ones =0 Body. Does it make sense that the agent holds onto Defender and stops Defenderss flight?
  12. Traveller, anyone?

    Just realized that we still use magnetic tape technology. Unless I’m wrong, isn’t that what’s on your credit card and gift cards?
  13. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Well Grailonight if the rules were as explicit as you say, there should be any arguments going on this long. And no game mechanics don’t trump anything,. If that were true then why is there optional rules which change said rules in order to get the feel of the genre? I know Steve Long said what you said but then he also says about common sense, dramatic sense and something thing else that escapes my mind at the moment which supersedes the rules.
  14. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Christopher I was referring to inherent as in no limitations put in a power. I should have been more clear. And Teleport not as in the power but as the special effect.
  15. Traveller, anyone?

    Then let me be the second. Lucius (as usual) put it more eloquently than I could say.
  16. Traveller, anyone?

    It did dawn on me that the only reason we have “instantaneous” communication here today is due to both satellites and cellular towers. Missing either of these and your cellphone doesn’t call Home. Now if you have a satellite phone then of course you don’t need cell towers. So in oder for transmissions to be sent across space you would need something like Battletech’s Hyper Pulse Generators to send a message faster than light.
  17. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Ok legit question for those of you who are against the T-port outta armor because the armor is OIF, would you have the same reservation if the armor was bought OAF? I ask because I remeber in Dark Champions 4th ed. that Steve suggested for people with 2 weapons to take a lesser custom OAF at -3/4 because you can Disarm them but one weapon at a time. So I’m thinking what if Power armored guys take a similar limitation? Just a thought.
  18. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    But not as much as inherent powers! You are getting a discount for the price.
  19. Too hot to touch

    And fwiw, I’d allow this to work against appropriate OIFs too! (At the -2 OCV of course).
  20. Too hot to touch

    After more thought, I would say CE at -2 Charateristic Roll-CON. AoE-surface. Limitation (trying to figure out a succinct wording): Not vs LS High Heat And other simular defenses.
  21. Too hot to touch

    Seriously though the only problem I have with a straight Disarm is that even mechanically, it doesn’t make sense that The stronger you are then better you are able to restrain a heated object. So if you are allowed to use an alternate characateristic, then I would have no problem with using Disarm.
  22. Too hot to touch

    I will add perhaps Change Enviroment?
  23. Too hot to touch

    Well yeah. But are you surprised? 😀.
  24. I’m curious how fellow Heoites feel about allow the neck to considered a limb for stretching purposes. I know for martialmaneuvers it is considered a limb. I’m thinking the use would be for a classic elastic guy to poke his head around corners or a few meters away (limited of course by stretching bought.)
  25. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Seriously? Look how chokehold is described. I can put you in a headlock and that’s NOT going to cut off your breathing the neck will.