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  1. Site Upgrade

    Welcome. The first couple of times I visited the notification settings, I thought the initial view was it. Then when Simon was talking about all the different settings in there. I *almost* asked him "where" but decided to go and look more thoroughly. That's when I saw the scroll bar and had my "ah-ha!" moment. Figured I'd share . . .
  2. Site Upgrade

    Just remember to scroll all the way down when you go into the "notifications settings". Otherwise you'll miss stuff.
  3. Ah, that's probably what I'm remembering . . . .
  4. Dropping an item mid move

    Been awhile since I read Snapshot but doesn't that only work if your going to do something like pop around a corner, take a shot, then pop back? I would think Strafe would, in this case, be the more suitable maneuver as it allows for the moving (from cover), the dropping and then the moving (to cover again).
  5. Hmm, that brings something to mind. Is there a "standard" Root maneuver? I ask because if I recall correctly, the martial maneuvers all seem to have a standard counterpart with the martial one just giving O/DCV modifiers as well as additional effects (IE: bonus str for grabs, etc) If not, then perhaps the GM can just rule that there's a normal root that does get any of the bene's as the martial one and then go from there?
  6. This Week in MMOs

    So with PGs comments on WoW and running across the Battle for Azeroth cinematic on Youtube, I decide to download it again and give it a shot. It's been *years* since I've played and while poking around my account found out that they gave me Warlord of Draenor for free. So I'm just behind by Legion. Anyway, I decide to mess around with the "free to play" portion since I've got a few alts below level 20 and well, after finding out I couldn't do much I decide to spring for a 60 day game card. Figured it would give me time to mess around and see if I'm really interested in playing again or if it's just a random phase I'm going through. But lemme tell ya, things have REALLY changed . . . . Anywho .. it's going to be interesting. Oh and I forgot I upgraded my video card in the interim so was pleasantly surprised at the graphic performance.
  7. Site Upgrade

    That helps a lot. I was under the impression that "remember me" applied to keeping me logged in. Not just remembering the user id (which, fyi, it's not doing but that's no big deal). As long as there's no issues with my system or the site, it's all good. Thanks a bunch for the assist!! Much appreciated!
  8. Site Upgrade

    Evening! My login woes continue. . . It seems like it's only happenening here on the hero site and I've looked into my cookie settings and everything seems to be normal. I've even delete them a couple of times to try and fix the issue. But I'm still being logged out every time I'm closing the browser. Anyone with any ideas? I've tried with Edge and Firefox with the same results. So I'm not sure what setting needs to be tweaked but as far as I know, browsers don't share cookie information so I'm at a loss.
  9. HKA & added Str?

    At which point your gm needs to step in and call [redacted] and slap said player upside the head with a mackerel. What we've tried to do in our games is allow the unrestricted adding but also give a chance that the weapon you're using will be destroyed on the first, or second hit. It's basically based on "flavor and dramatic sense". As for non-equipment based HKAs, we've never really had a problem with the players going into ludicrous territory with them so not sure how'd we deal with that. Short of what I mentioned in the start of the post. IE: GM + Mackerel + head.
  10. Site Upgrade

    That's kind of what I thought it was. Will try and poke around the cookie settings and see if I can find out what's amiss. Thanks for the help! Edit: So i checked my cookie settings and everything seems to be correct. It's just not saving the login info.
  11. Site Upgrade

    Hey Dan, Loving the new site! Did get a surprise when I went to the mobile version and say all the changes. I did have question though, when I login, I have the "remember me" box ticked yet it doesn't seem to be doing so. Looks like whenever I close the browser, I get logged out. Would this be a site issue or a settings issue on my part? Ii'm thinking it's a browser issue but can't seem to locate the setting that causing the problem. Thanks!
  12. This Week in MMOs

    Your welcome Nolgroth. As for the codes, you don't gave to log unto the game to use them. You can access your account from the web and enter the codes there. I think there's a "redeem code" thingy. That way, if you do decide to play again, you've got 'em
  13. This Week in MMOs

    For those of you that are still playing and/or interested in play SWTOR again just found out that you can get Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Shadows of Revan and a free speeder. For Cartel and Shadows redeem code: REVANRETURNS For the speeder: KOTOSPEEDER Both codes expire on Nov 6th. PS: I don't feel bad about including them here because A) They were sent out as an email so most of you that played before probably already got it and the codes are in this thread on the SWTOR forums. PPS: if anyone knows how to disable the POS bitraider streaming client, lemme know. I've tried follow the instructions in one of the threads but so far no joy.
  14. Ran out of "likes" so I wanted to thank Ninja here for pointing that out. I was wondering if anyone was going to and was just about ready to do so myself when I saw his reply. /salute Exactly. Some people (IE: my wife) can be very literal minded and have a hard time understanding that just because the power says "energy blast" doesn't necessarily mean it has to be and ENERGY blast. Divorcing (possible) sfx from the names of the powers help those types of people out. Which is a good thing. One other thing to note, which I didn't see mentioned, is that some GMs also don't allow powers to divulge game mechanics. So, for example, my GM wouldn't allow a Detect that would let you know a target's body stat. I also, vaguely, seem to recall that that was also a RAW thing to. But since I can't, precisely, remember where I saw it, I'm going to chalk it up to just a houserule that we've been using for years.
  15. Fall down go boom

    Which is where I feel Hero's shortcomings are fully realized. When you play a Heroic level game, the fact that the system was designed to simulate comic book reality is extremely noticeable.
  16. Dystopian Champions - Campaign Setting

    Out of curiosity, did the RPG give a reason as to why the aliens would kill all the heroes but leave the villains alive?
  17. What is the Current version of HD?

    Looks like I've got HDv3.jar so would more than likely need to create a new directory. Thanks Simon.
  18. What is the Current version of HD?

    Not to hijack the thread or anything but when we do purchase it again, do we just copy the .jar file to our HD directory and call it good? It's been a while since i've update so kind of foggy on how to go about it.
  19. How visible is rDEF? (Forcefield)

    Removed due to being a redundant reply.
  20. Probably late to the party but 5th Ed Dark Champions, pg 192, has "Blowthrough" rules in it.
  21. John Wick / Keanu Reeves for 6e

    The Takeaway maneuver may only be listed in a few of the martial arts in the UMA but that doesn't mean it can't be incorporated into other styles. There's nothing to say that John didn't learn that particular maneuver on his own sometime during his long and storied career.
  22. You get a like for the Greatest American Hero reference.
  23. Any Good Hero System Examples of Starship Combat?

    If the pilot has a different speed than the starship then he has a choice to make. If the ship has a greater SPD than he does, he has to decide if he should operate it at it's full SPD or reduce the ship's SPD to his own. If he does, then there's no real issue. If he doesn't, then the ship does what Netzilla said. It will also automatically crash, or have something else bad happen, if a Control roll is needed on a phases that doesn't correspond with the pilots. But again, this is only if the ship is operating on a different SPD. It doesn't matter what the crew's SPD is as they are operating independently of the ship. They can fire weapon systems, control repair terminals etc. The ship can make a full move and the gunners till fire. After all, they aren't moving, the ship is. Now the pilot might not be able to do anything as he's controlling the ship. Gunners can still fire if the ship is moving and NCM but they will suffer the penalties. And with the speeds that some ships travel when moving NCM, the chance of them hitting their target is pretty much nil. I can't recall what the RAW state, but for ships with multiple weapons, if they're individually fired by (N)PCs, I don't count them as Multiple Attacks. If the ship's Computer is firing them, then I do. As for the vehicle book that was mentioned, it's already been said that it was the last part of the "core" 6e books that never made it to print. The Ultimate Vehicle. while a 5e book, is still very useful and doesn't take much if any, modification to be used with 6e.
  24. The Blood of my Enemies

    Sounds like some of the swords in the Sword-Dancer (by Jennifer Roberson) series. Good read by the way. At least they were several years ago. Haven't re-read them in a bit . . .