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  1. Complicate the Person Above

    And no one will ever outcast the Pariah ...will they ?
  2. Complicate the Person Above

    Not that Kaeto minds to borrow me my stiletto heels sometimes ;p
  3. Goofy characters

    god, I like to read this silly topic ^^ Makes me smile to start the day. And I wondered how I could build up a character sheet for a certain palindromedary; not doubt he's a goofy one ! Opale, hard to wake up this morning
  4. Supers Image game

    Gz Christopher ! VIM was my favorite too
  5. Red Alert!

    I use to think having two teams called "hammer" And "Scythe" would be better, as related to Russian flag Soviet Opale
  6. Champions of the North

    Personally I envision my native France as a dark and gloomy place for superheroes. It's all cultural I guess, as most of francophone people doesn't have the cultural biais to believe in a superheroic savior. They would more likely enjoy watching such a person fail or die... Anyway, I think the Micros comics book, in the eighties , is a good sample of what could be done with french superheroes. I.E, a government that control supers on his lands by using blackmail, threat, corruption, etc... that would be the Champions of France book I could write. Not the kind of stuff most people would enjoy to play with, imho. Opale, now expatriated
  7. Champions of the North

    i always loved to imagine picture in Canada. But I was never able to get the book... so, how can we help ?
  8. Goofy characters

    Offers to bribe the Palindromedary to make you post them ! Opale, wondering btw if Brickhouse counts as one goofy character too afterall
  9. WWYCD: The Skyship Going Down

    she only had one level of Growth in her build, so might be "too much" as a power trick no ?
  10. WWYCD: The Skyship Going Down

    Brickhouse would jump (using a push ?) up to the skyfalling carrier, and do use her formidable physic to crush it into parts as fast as possible to make it explode before the impact... even to the cost of her own life (Thanks Lucius & palindromedary again for the first build of that character ^^) Mimic would try to find the best abilities to copy and use them, ti either destroy, repair, deviate, whatever the skycruiser.
  11. Red Alert!

    Woot ! I like this thread ^^ First, Mother Russia's relatives should be kept under a really well hidden custody, one that Mother Russia can't look for (even more if she's going to have N-Ray vision or supersenses), so here are a few ideas where to keep them : - in an ever moving submarine vessel - in another dimension custody - in her mind : i,e she THINKS she has relative but they are all a creation of a mentalist or gadget that make her thinks so (what about adding a mentalist in your Russian superteam ?) - They are all dead already, and impersonated on videos by robots or VR icons. As for Putin, I won't comment the full american way you see him all; no politics in post. I'd just say, in Champions normally you don't mess with Head of States personas. You don't fight Khadafi or Kim Jung Hun. You fight the minions, the villains, yu let politics to politicians and UNO. Just my thoughts Opale, in soviet cosplay
  12. Heroes of the Multiverse

    I find the idea interesting, although some points seems difficult to settle with. For example, if all your PCs come from a different dimension from each others, how can they work well together ? Who to trust ? Who to follow, as ech of us would want to save their relatives, their own world ? And then, if they survived they would have to fight and survive in a multidimensional world that want them dead. Without a personal way to move from a place to another, how is that possible ? I suggest you take a look at the Book of the Empress for hints about cosmic dimensional threat, or Skarn the Shaper, or Tyrannon. About the character's balances, it seems you are more or so using the 5th ed power level, which means to me the SPD chart of your PCs could go from 4 to 7. But that's not enough to survive and fight in such a world you describe, even if the villains are street level. They would need "weird " science or powers, in order to escape and make a difference. And build a network of resistance. Opale, who ran a V'han invasion in Galactic Champions....
  13. Supers Image game

    Overdrive was a supervillainess from the 31th century, with vast cyberkinesis powers. She was acknowledged by Mechanon as a potential rival and threat, and studied by him till the two confronted in an epic battle that saw an entire solar system covered with a technovirus, that turned every organic life into machines. With the gathering of the Champions, The Star*Guard and several heroes and powerful beings, the Mechanon threat was annihilated. But still, noone was able to understand how he could have achieved that kind of massive destruction; the reason is there : he captured Overdrive, and made experiment on her. He learned that they shared the same hatred of humanity, at least for freeing machines from them, and that she would prefer robots to life. And he wanted to use her powers for his own advantage. So, with nano surgery, he separated her head from her body, and used that said body, still full of her cyberkinesis abilities, as a way to spread the technovirus, covering the planets with a mix of nanites and Overdrive's organics particles. But he underestimated the villainess survival instinct, and while Mechanon was fighting heroes in the galaxy, she subjugated another of Mechanon space facility, and built herself a new body, that would protect her brain and head. Now, using a body partially made of Mechanon technology, she became UltraDrive.
  14. Supers Image game

    well well i hesitated long between taskmistress and her copycat abilities, and T.A.S.K, but I have a weakness for redeemer heroes, so SteelCold wins this one ^^
  15. Do you have a personal life?

    My players don't like to develop their own stories, and paradoxally want to have "something of their own". After a dozen of occurence and try, I abandooned the idea of casual living for PCs, as they aren't able to manage it by themselves, or be patient enough for other PCs Secret ID. :/ Might be a cultural thing again Opale, often putting too much work and hope in Pcs commitment to the game