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  1. The Power Of Presence

    I've always felt PRE and the PRE Attack were seriously broken RAW (any edition). 1 pt cost, 0 time to attack plus the ability to still use a combat/mental attack. So I generally put a lid on it and its use and apply caps to keep it from breaking the game. But YMMV.
  2. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

    Maybe, but at the time it was a nifty twist. When I played the module in the way back, out GM went out of his way to conceal what was really going on so it was shock when it dawned on us that it was a space ship. Sure we didn't see some of the art at first, instead just had the DM's descriptions filtered to fantasy. But it was a lot of fun.
  3. I wouldn't say I hate it. I just think the writing became lazy and disjointed. It isn't that I actively dislike the show, it is that I just don't find a compelling reason to watch it. Of course the number of shows that even come close to "compelling" in the last two years I could count on one hand. If I was missing some fingers.....
  4. Aaaaaaaaahhh..... I don't know which is worse. Time Travel Cop-out or We're Stuck in the Computer Cop-out. Both are prime examples of what happens when a show writer becomes creatively bankrupt.
  5. Too obvious. They will try a "surprise twist" that will fall flat....
  6. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    This is the image I remember from when I was reading comics. Yes, a long time ago. but I've found more recent images like this: I may have gone with narrower lighting on the chest for the TV show. But overall the show and the presentation of BL was not bad for a CW show.
  7. Need Adventure Recommendations

    US based, globe trotting or other? Official team or "saving the world on our own"? Sanctioned by the law or keeping their heads down?
  8. Need Adventure Recommendations

    Beat me to it. Also add in Fear Itself They all use the GUMSHOE as the core system. Fear Itself games started as one-shot horror sessions revolving around ordinary people dropping into weird/horror. Everything from your Saturday night monster flick to aliens in Arizona. Second edition is out and adds in advice on longer games and even campaigns. Nights Black Agents is basically super-spies (think Jason Bourne) versus Vampires, where the Vampire can be any kind from traditional to mutation to alien virus. The GM's part of the book walks you through creating a unique horror to be the primary threat. NBA also has the grittiest combat and action rules/options for GUMSHOE. Esoterrorists is about a secret society that protects the world from evil/magic/sorcery/etc. It falls between FI and NBA in the GUMSHOE rules crunch. The original flagship game was Trail of Cthulhu, which is Call of Cthulhu using GUMSHOE. There are a lot of ToC and CoC scenarios that are not Mythos related or can be easily tweaked to non-Mythos. The Fall of Delta Green is due for release soon. It is the GUMSHOE version of Delta Green. Think special forces versus horror/aliens in the 70's. All in all they are all great sources for building conspiracies and such. Especially NBA, which has great material for designing and multi-plot conspiracy.
  9. starherofandom

    @ngross Thanks for the links. I've been fighting the plague the last 3 weeks and don't remember who I replied to. I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I just like to check on links and this one didn't work.
  10. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    That would work.
  11. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Maybe. But I think he was injecting into it and the smirking and other body language was a bit far. Especially happening in 2017/18. Overall it has a great chance to be a hit if they turn down the melodrama a bit.
  12. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    It is on too late for me to see tonight, but I'll record it and see tomorrow. I recall the comic and it was actually pretty good. I stopped reading it when they pretty much stopped writing comics at all. It was pretty sad and they have never tried to recover. Instead of superhero comics we get pelted with blood splatter gore or lead fisted social justice agenda that usually has nothing to do with the actual story, if they bother to actually have a story. Black Lighting has a lot of potential and was a great character in the original issues. If they actually read the original story and craft the show along those lines it could be great, but I doubt it will stand a chance of making it. I give it even odds the show will be wasted on a really bad, not really thought through, off the hip "ripped from the headlines" fiasco and cancelled after Season One. If it is bad it will definitely get at least one full season to try and avert social hate speak attacks. But I'd really like to see the actual BL presented as originally envisioned in issues 1-10.
  13. I was going to respond directly but I know you were on a literary roll, but you might throttle back a bit and look at what you're tossing out there Generalities in discussion is cool. Jumping into personal attacks based on fictional stereotypes is not.
  14. Traveller, anyone?

  15. There used to be a website called starherofandom.com and it appears to have gone away. Did it change or just fade away?