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  1. Darren needs a V&V expert

    Used to play in the way back. But not an expert......
  2. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    Excellent suggestion.
  3. Retro Styled Campaign

    Have become really tired of politics and narrow vision ranting so I concentrate my games on crime and super crime.
  4. Retro Styled Campaign

    Don't forget Chips and Emergency
  5. Retro Styled Campaign

    80s tech works good too. Just starting to see early computers as we know them and early wireless.
  6. Retro Styled Campaign

    Hmmm... For me I like a 40-50's outlook in a 70's world. Or in other words superHEROES vice "semi-recovered crack head just a kill'in the bad doods" or some such, set in a world that is just pre cellphone, personal computer, wireless. Good guys versus bad guys in a pre-surveilence world just modern enough that all the players can easily relate to it. I clicked 70's for the poll.....
  7. Site Upgrade

    Just a little snippy there eh? But no, I can add and remove item's from the cart just fine. I'd suggest checking to see if you have something running that prevents the website from functioning correctly. For instance I use Firefox with Script Blocker so I had to tell SB that the HERO store was OK.
  8. Of the choices I picked Capes and Babylon with a qualification. One thing that, in my opinion, Champions suffered from was it never had an actual playable campaign. We had an overwhelming cornucopia of individual pieces that could be plugged into a campaign. But no actual campaign. If Capes and/or Babylon contained the standard what and wheres are what 99% of the "campaigns" out there, but also included an actual campaign. As in a series of plot's, encounters and coherent playable story. Pinnacles' Plot Point system is a good example of this. I'd snap it up in a heart beat. But if they were just another "setting" book, meh I have 5 playable cities and as of last week 4 teen superhero school/academies. I don't need additional "settings". I need a pre-fab Campaign. Correction, I need a pre-fab superHERO Campaign. No dark conspiracy, no mutant "fill in the blank" hunted hate'o'verse, no "semi-redeemed mass-murderer/psychopath just saving the world, no dark loner hitman vigilante with a soft spot and not even remotely a superHERO type game. A good old fashioned "the good guys" saving the city/academy/world type of game.
  9. Site Upgrade

    I intend to. I actually only use mobile if I absolutely have no other way. The Hero forums are probably the only ones I look at regularly so it won't take me too long to check out the desktop version.
  10. Site Upgrade

    The mobile version looks great. A few things have changed a bit, but that will just be retraining myself. Otherwise the new mobile looks better than the old mobile
  11. New Series--The Orville

    Or,...... you may all be overthinking it. Orville is not supposed to be serious science fiction. I am watching it with the same mindset as I do Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the show is only getting better. Turn off the forebrain and use the hindbrain instead and you'll have a blast
  12. Describe a rpg mechanic you love.

    still used in brp and coc.
  13. VIPER plots

    Well this is going down hill fast ☺
  14. VIPER plots

    Ah...the Arch-Nemesis of Dudley Do Right.
  15. VIPER plots

    But what good is a good cliche if you don't perpetuate it?
  16. New Series--The Orville

    I just shop elsewhere and make it a personal point to use as many plastic bags as possible just to give them the middle finger. I also found that shopping outside the Comrade Citizen Committee's reach, the prices are lower I am still watching it. Mostly because, while the plots are stupid and clumsy, they are not Dark Evil Conspiracy. That alone is a benefit.
  17. New Series--The Orville

    Agreed. And I don't mind social commentary if done less heavy handed. It is best when you don't realize it was there until you think about it later...
  18. New Series--The Orville

    Not untrue, but I would rather have lite comedy over yet another "we will fix you" social commentary. Social commentary is fine and generally good, but in measure. Back in the day most shows were entertainment and a few injected well written social commentary with skill and finesse. These days far to many shows think they are crusaders and hammer away with 2x4's to the forehead while completely forgetting the "entertainment" part. Too much of a thing eliminates its usefulness. Just like charity. I used, yes I said "used to", give to local charities and one with a larger reach all the time. But since they started pestering me AT EVERY SINGLE REGISTER IN EVERY SINGLE FRAGGING STORE, I no longer do. I mean I can't even buy a pack of toilet paper without the machine asking if I want to donate to something and giving me choices in $5 amounts. It is to the point that I actually find myself getting angry. I am not rich, but I am doing all right. If I was married with kids it would be another story, but being 55 and having been a workaholic for most of my adult life, my income is now comfortable. But being constantly badgered at every F'ing turn for "Just $5" is really really irritating.... Sorry for the rant. Or maybe not that sorry. But I am getting really tired of being constantly badgered by clueless morons (not any of you on these boards, but in general) not just for money but how to think. Really really irritating..... These boards used to be one of the few places, providing you avoid the NGD, to just have conversation.
  19. I don't recall if it was a rule or just an accepted convention. I know that for myself I never reveal information in "rule form" but instead describe it "world view" terms. Back when I played a lot, all of us did the same and even at con games I used to come across it. Perhaps it was from a discussion on the old Red October or maybe in the old Adventure mag.
  20. New Series--The Orville

    For me Q was TNG's personal Time-travel filler. Or when the writers just didn't have any good ideas for a story they would toss in Time-Travel or in TNG's case Q. In anime we call it filler......
  21. New Series--The Orville

    Manipulated? *gasp* You mean social media isn't unbiased truth?
  22. STAR TREK: Discovery

    No need, it was the website playing website tricks. Pattern Ghost helped me find the actual article.