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  1. Record clairsentience?

    Wouldn't that depend on the special effect of the clairvoyant? I mean if this guy has dreams it's going to be harder to record. Also I'd have to ask whether such a thing would be admissible in court, or considered illegal search.
  2. LFG: Fantasy Hero Online

    I'd also be interested in a Fantasy Hero game.
  3. Would using a Conversation roll, in an attempt to stall time, be useful here? Keeping your target engaged in listening to you.
  4. Could you do some sort of Force Field , probably with power defense etc, that triggers only when an opponent's power is triggered???
  5. "Groundhog Day" as a character concept: Groundhog Life

    Could you try limited precognition, defined as "seen it all before"? If the character changes ages while in the middle of an adventure, you might have that as a special effect of "looping", no one else is really affected. {something like Timelord regeneration} Give him skill levels overall- he knows what will happen and is prepared- seen it all before.
  6. Cheesy Acronym Needed - Submergible Structure

    Sub-Mersible Aquatic Research Team ?? SMART. Be SMART, join SMART
  7. Paladins

    When building a standard "priest" you can add a limitation to their abilities that those said abilities only work when advancing their patrons cause. Now I'm curious about paladins-aren't they usually more limited then priest types?? A priest might err and be forgiven but usually if a paladin "falls" they can never be a paladin again. What level of power limitation would you give to such a build?
  8. Magic Phrase

    We've all heard of a superhero who has to say a magic word or phrase in order to get into hero form and that is the only way they can. My question is this; How would you write up such a limitation? Is it worth anything especially if this phrase can be interrupted or prevented in some way...
  9. Donations

    How do I make donations to this board to keep it running?
  10. I received requests from 4 players so far, 2 have given me complete characters. I'm going to go over all of them this weekend, so unless someone has a really cool concept I will stop looking for other players.
  11. I'm flexible depending on the concept. As long as it stays within the "spirit" of the genre. http://www.sysabend.org/champions/gnborh/gnborh.html Spiderman has about 30 pts in skills and 65 in his multipower at least. Daredevil has 63 pts in skills and 70 pts in powers Hawkgirl has 26 pts in skills and 82 pts in powers The guidelines in the book call for ; 90 pts in skills and 70 points in powers.
  12. Char 10-30 Spd 3-6 CV 4-9 DC 6-10 Active Points 40-60 Skills 60-120 Roll 8-/14- Def/Rdef 10/6 You will be costumes crimefighters, You will need a "theme" for your character
  13. You don't really have to know the HERO system at all, just have knowledge of the genre. As for others, players can interact with each other on the same mission. I'd prefer to keep the size of the "team" small. This game will take place in modern day real world, 2016 Fictitious city. I'd like to know what you want in a game, since you guys will be doing detective work and possible research to solve problems. I ran a "serious" game, not in the sense of lacking comedic villains or having the occasional pun, joke , or other comment about your situation; If a guy in a chicken outfit tries to ruin Thanksgiving by stealing turkeys from local supermarkets, I expect someone to say "The fowl/foul fiend" yet realize while this guy may be nuts he can be dangerous.
  14. The game will be done online using a site, you can pace yourself and post whenever you want and then I'll respond. So there is no real time to post. Helps a lot when you have an odd schedule.
  15. Dark Champions The Animated Series game. Saturday Morning animated cartoon (In Color!) Vigilante/Street Level MUST follow "HERO CODE" and have a motivation to fight crime. Hudson City Powers Option[ 150 base + 100 disads= 250 total ] 5th Edition