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  1. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    calling @teh bunneh
  2. Star Trek, Tarantino-style

    I could see hm doing Picard vs Cardassian Borg
  3. Alita: Battle Angel

    it's the first trailer. I remember of what the Hulk looked like in early trailers. I suspect the look will be finessed a bit by the time the movie is released
  4. Merging

    Multiform - one being Duplication / cannot recombine, the other is a normal superhero form
  5. Building a Wizard Archetype

    not anymore *sniff*
  6. New Series--The Orville

    which is a step up from Star Trek where they start out in the planet-eating phase!
  7. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    was that the result of a Multiform usable as Attack as well?
  8. New Series--The Orville

    I'm sure the Doctor can provide a cream fr this
  9. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    what is the Logical defense for teleporting someone out of armor? what makes sense due to the special affect of the power?
  10. Funny pics

    try this
  11. Crisis on Earth X (Spoilers)

    We saw this in a battle against Savitar
  12. In other news...

    I wonder what Father Joaquin would think of the modern day?
  13. Matter-Eater Lad

    NND so that he can eat ANYTHING no matter (pun not intended) how high the DEF value) and 1d6 is that limits how much BODY damage he does per turn (about 1 BODY if we are talking NND Blast no range, or approx 3 if we are talking HKA)
  14. Full Power

    Rules As Written
  15. How would you build this disadvantage?

    Hey. That only happens on Australian Soap Operas!