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  1. Genre-crossover nightmares

    the big kick therory
  2. A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    I wonder how natalie portman would line playin the role of jennifer walers/she-hulk
  3. Genre-crossover nightmares

    Donald duck dynasty
  4. Genre-crossover nightmares

    what have you got when you make iron man out of pasta rigatoni stark
  5. Genre-crossover nightmares

    HERO games marshal dillon
  6. HERO System Martial Arts Now Available

    I might be getting a copy of HSMA next month
  7. A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    is that sand around her? that would explain the name
  8. Create a Villian Team

    isn't that what DC comics renamed the bat villain king tut so they could use him without 20th century fox filing a" cease and desist order?
  9. Genre-crossover nightmares

    since tim allen was the star of the santa clause franchise as well as the original voice of buzz lightyear santa lightyear of star command
  10. A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    try adapting Samson and gloliath
  11. Genre-crossover nightmares

    street fighter vs the chitatari[or should I say CHItari]
  12. What Have You Watched Recently?

    lo campeones de la lucha libre
  13. Genre-crossover nightmares

    waltons iron man
  14. Genre-crossover nightmares

    a genre crossover nightmare question if johnny quest's friend hadji had birdman's powerset would his incantation be zim zim solar beam ?
  15. Genre-crossover nightmares

    the worlds greatest detective is also the man of steel superman holmes