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  1. We're at 68% and rising!
  2. We are at 68% and rising. If anyone knows of a podcast that would want to talk about the project (so we can get the word out) let me know.
  3. Not really. I seriously doubt he's in the public domain, since Weekly World News is owned by someone. And even if he is, I'm not sure what do do with him. That said, I do have some "meme" creatures in the book.
  4. New player seeking book recommendations

    Thanks! (Now to finish the companion.)
  5. Martial Hero

    Assorted martial arts resources: http://surbrook.devermore.net/herosource/herosource.html#NH Assorted orginal martial arts characters: http://surbrook.devermore.net/original/originalchar.html#NH
  6. Strike Force Kickstarter Live!

    Thank you.
  7. We're at $1,700 so far! Almost half-way. Keep it up!
  8. At the moment, I am not going to deal with serial killers. Several of the ones you mention are not public domain characters (Bates and Lecter), while the rest could be troublesome to have character sheets for. If we hit 5k, I could talk to Jason about adding a section on serial killers, but that would be new material. As it is, 4,500 gets us Pathfinder and D&D 5e conversions.
  9. We're at 1,700 and rising! Keep it up!
  10. News From High Rock Press

    The Kazei 5 expansion is like 90% done. I just need to complete editing the scenario and write a few essays.
  11. News From High Rock Press

    High Rock Press is producing more than just Hero products.
  12. News From High Rock Press

    Probably? You make me sad.
  13. Strike Force Kickstarter Live!

    Thank you,
  14. Strike Force Kickstarter Live!

    Please, let me know what you think.