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  1. A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    "I suppose Jane Wyman is the first lady, and Jack Benny, his Secretary of the Treasury! I've had enough jokes for one evening! Good day future boy!"
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  3. TYVM for the responses, fellow gamers. I'll address them soon enough.
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  6. A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    It's a very complicated situation, Cousin Sonja. I'm in love with Alexei. He loves Alicia. Alicia is having an affair with Lev. Lev loves Tatiana. Tatiana loves Simkin. Simkin loves me. I love Simkin, but in a different way than Alexei. Alexei loves Tatiana like a sister. Tatiana’s sister loves Trigorin like a brother. Trigorin’s brother is having an affair with my sister, whom he likes physically but not spiritually.