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  1. Who's been appointed to advise the USDA on dietary guidelines? A lobbyist for the corn syrup industry, of course.
  2. How does one become the Archmage?

    There was an interesting depiction of such a competition in the Marvel graphic novel* "Triumph and Torment". The winner of the challenge becomes Sorcerer Supreme, but has to perform a service for anyone else who's still standing at the end of the competition. Doctor Strange won, of course. Doctor Doom had just enough magical ability to barely hear the call to the challenge, and his armor's onboard sensors, computers, and servos allowed him to mimic the techniques of the other casters, learning more about magical combat in an hour than years of study would have accomplished, by his own admission. He's the only other person left, and he recruits Strange to assist in rescuing his mother's spirit from Mephisto's realm. *This was published back when graphic novel was an actual publishing format, not just a synonym for comic book or trade paperback compilation.
  3. Funny pics

    There's a short story in which a man, feeling there wasn't sufficient public support for scientific research, uses a time machine to go back to ancient Greece to give an extra push to development. In the process, he demonstrates to the great thinkers of the time that scientific progress requires a lot of hard work. This has the effect of turning them off science, because hard work was something the lower classes did. He gets pulled back to a society that's a century or two behind where it had been, unable to recreate the time machine to fix his mistake.
  4. Meanwhile, Trump asked for the power to purge the government of non-loyalists.
  5. Not really political, but Congress is now literally a train wreck.
  6. There's also his Commerce Secretary.
  7. You see it with pretty much any issue that requires work, as an excuse not to do it. It seems to come up a lot when discussing climate change. "Why should we reduce carbon dioxide emissions? (Insert country name) isn't going to do it, so our efforts won't matter." "If you're so worried about climate change, why are you still driving a car, heating your house, and using your computer?"
  8. Tammy Duckworth is not pulling her punches. "Cadet bone spurs".
  9. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    There was an interesting line on one of the news broadcasts about superheroes in other communities. It was easy to overlook, but it leaves me wondering who else is out there on this Earth.
  10. That's a feature, not a bug. There are so many outrages that either people become numb and stop paying attention, or no particular outrage gets long-term attention because it's quickly replaced by the next one.
  11. Funny pics

    It's amazing how much the art style has improved over the years. Then there's the transformation from a comic about slacker indie music fans into a de facto science fiction comic with thought provoking storylines about human/AI interaction and the role of AIs in society, while maintaining the humor.
  12. The latest decree from the Ministry of Truth. Yes, the phrases "science-based" and "evidence-based" are now forbidden, along with other scary words.
  13. Showing once more that it's really all about erasing everything that President Obama did. Trump asked about reversing Obama to rename Denali as Mt. McKinley Fortunately, they had the sense to say no. You have to love his grasp of facts. "The big mountain in Alaska". And absolutely flummoxed that they didn't want to reverse it. President Obama's jokes at Trump's expense during the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner must have really stung. Most of Trump's actions have been the political equivalent of buying a rival business, shutting it down, and tearing down the building.
  14. How would you cause an eclipse?

    Takofanes has a spell in his write-up that allows him to to blot out the Sun, which is pretty much what Lucius Alexander posted, but without Explosion or the Temperature change.
  15. Duplicator without Duplication

    It's not exactly what was described, but the Duplication Powers chapter in Champions Powers has short-range Teleportation based on instantly creating and then reabsorbing a string of duplicates, each separated by 2 meters, pulling yourself to the end of the chain as part of the recombination. It's built as Teleport with Must Pass Through Intervening Space. Anyone remember the Super Globetrotters cartoon from 1979? Multi-Man would frequently use something similar to that effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtwd9kKafv4 He uses it at 5:20 and 19:30 of the linked video.