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  1. Order of the Stick

    I agree. He's sabotaging because his friend the paladin/samurai (name escapes me atm) told him he was working for the wrong team.
  2. A Thread for Random Musings

    I started playing DnD when I was 10 years old. My RPG experience is old enough to drink.
  3. A Thread for Random Musings

    Am I the only person that hears Seth Rogen's voice whenever Sergent Schlock talks in Schlock Mercenary?
  4. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    The best I can share is an incident from our Pathfinder Game... The Party: Othar Deltrothus, Gentleman Explorer - Half-Elf Gear Head from Pure Steam Shantara Swiftstaff - Half-Elf Bard/Fighter that will be taking the Dervish Presitige Class Veleda the Huntress - Human Ranger with a Monkey named Spanky as an animal companion Belanon, Scourge of the Undead - Cleric of Pelor The PC's had been sent to look for a Precursor Artifact to help kill a Vampire who was trying to become a God. The person sending them was a Demonic Oracle. Their search took them to a Hobgoblin Crypt to find the remains of a Hob Archaeologist who specialized in Precursor MagiTech so they could find said Artifact. There they found and killed a strangely powered-up Gelatinous Cube. Inside the cube they found a small glowing orb. I explained to the players that the orb is a fragment of a Demon Soul, typically created when a Demon is not powerful enough to resist having a piece of it soul sheered off. Basically a Long-Term investment, as the Soul-Shard grants control over the Demon much like knowing its True Name. When they holed up for the night, they heard a whisper coming from the Orb. It was the Demon Oracle. "It's about time, I thought you'd never find my Soul Shard." Othar: "I thought we were looking for the Sun Stone?" "You forgot rule number one. Demons Lie, Dumb-a$$." Othar: "I'm really starting to like her." Me: "Is that because I'm role-playing her the way I think you act?" Othar's Player: "And you are doing a wonderful job!"
  5. Order of the Stick

    I think I may have read that many moons ago...
  6. Order of the Stick

    Oh Hardy-Har-Har
  7. Order of the Stick

    Oh great, Dark! Durkon is emo... KILL THE GOTH!* *I feel I should point out I used be a Goth... but I'm feeling much better now.
  8. Order of the Stick

    Or anyone who attacks his charge.
  9. Order of the Stick

    The nature worshipers were the ushers
  10. Order of the Stick

    Durkon killed/turned all the Ushers.
  11. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Context. That lacks it.
  12. Order of the Stick

    What do you expect from an over grown tick?
  13. Quote of the Week From My Life.

    Text I sent to my wife today while I was at work: