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  1. Ctrl+V

    A lot better than some pregenerated characters -- see this thread
  2. A Thread for Random Videos

    Gotta add the NSFW tag here. You'll see why. Hilarious, though.
  3. In other news...

    There are mudslides in Southern California right now. Death toll is at 15 right now https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/10/us/montecito-mudslides-california.html
  4. The Non Sequitor Thread

    How to annoy your fellow players: Play a bard. When the group is in a situation where survival rolls are necessary, offer to sing a song to boost morale. Sing the refrain from "Staying Alive." Dance moves are optional but highly recommended.
  5. The Non Sequitor Thread

    It works every time, in a matter of speaking.
  6. Ctrl+V

  7. Genre-crossover nightmares

    Moby Dick Grayson
  8. Thanks. I was into M:TG for a while, but I lost interest after a few years. I eventually sold all my cards; I needed the cash anyway.
  9. A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Remember Kojak?
  10. A Thread for Random Musings

    What is more annoying: drivers who turn without signalling, or drivers who signal a turn then go straight?
  11. My ordeals

    Hang in there, JmOz. We're with you.