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  1. Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "Most of the critics are D&D fanatics who get butthurt when someone plays a different system."
  2. A Thread for Random Musings

    Updated profile pic now includes the Beard of Evil, which I've worn since June. It should have a lot more gray, however. What do you think?
  3. Real Locations that should be fantasy

    Didn't the Western Shores campaign have something like that?
  4. Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

    Augmented reality sounds like another option: And for the gamer in you:
  5. Welcome back! We missed you.

  6. "Neat" Pictures

  7. The Last Word

    Good to see you! How have you been? We were just talking about the temperature.
  8. The Last Word

    That's mild in San Francisco. 75 F and over is hot for us, but mild in Florida.
  9. TV characters you base game characters on.

    Duncan Macleod for immortal or warrior types Spock for deep thinkers, or Kerr Avon if the character is on the shady side John Sheridan for leaders
  10. In other news...

    Gas warfare was banned by the Geneva Convention.
  11. A Thread for Random Videos

    Yup, I wish more people would realize that there's more to the rpg scene than D&D. That's why I've been running other games, when we get to play at all. I still have my Shadowrun book, although I never played it. I hope to do a one-shot game in the near future.
  12. Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "Now I know how to perform surgery on a pencil."
  13. RIP: John Hillerman

    Sad to hear that. RIP.