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  1. Play by Chat Room

    I usually set up a Yahoo group for whatever game I’m running.
  2. Play by Chat Room

    System, at least to me, has always been in second place compared to things like a good story and interesting characters.
  3. Play by Chat Room

    A little of both. I have a general idea in mind but it would be greatly influenced by the character you created.
  4. Play by Chat Room

    No problem. If you've got questions just let me know.
  5. Play by Chat Room

    Well CrazySaga it looks like you're the only interested player for the moment. How do you feel about a one-on-one game?
  6. Play by Chat Room

    Excellent idea. Doing that now.
  7. Play by Chat Room

    Still here Alder?
  8. Play by Chat Room

    I’m looking for straight human characters. Rather than Batman think Alias blended with a bit of Punisher and Fringe.
  9. Play by Chat Room

    I'm open to either fifth or sixth edition. So you and Alder can feel free to let me know which you would prefer. As for archetypes characters will have either a law enforcement, military or even criminal background. I haven't worked out the precise point totals as yet but characters will be built on skills, talents and perks without natural powers.
  10. Play by Chat Room

    What kind of “aspects”’do you mean? Questions are not a bother at all. They’re practically a requirement.
  11. Play by Chat Room

    Cool. I'll give it a few days to see if anyone else is interested. If not solo play also works.
  12. Play by Chat Room

    Would there be any interest in a play-by-chat room game? Specifically Dark Champions? To be more specific I was kicking around the idea of trying to run a small group in a hybrid play-by-post/play-by-chat room game. The idea would be to run as a traditional play-by-post during the week and on the weekends pick a day and time to get everyone together in a chat room for a few hours. Not only do I think doing so helps foster more of a sense of being a play group instead of just typing things for strangers on the internet it also makes it easier to have back and forth conversations and to run combat. In the spoiler tag below is a quick and dirty run down on the setting. If this sounds like something you'd like to try please post a reply.
  13. Platform for PbP Game

    You might check out: http://www.unseenservant.us/forum/ It's a friendly place with a simple, though relatively versatile die roller. The die roller allows you to set up simple macros which comes in handy. I'm currently playing in a MechWarrior game over there and it's been a breeze to make and post die rolls. It's a nice example of a place that takes basic, solid tool (the die roller) and uses it really well.
  14. Crashing Through Plate Glass

    When I was six I ran through a sliding glass door at my house. The door shattered into pieces but the sum total of my injuries was a slightly scratched left knee. Now it's possible I just rolled six 6s on my luck dice but that was my experience. It did scare my silly, so there's that.
  15. Looking for a PBP game for beginners

    I would definitely recommend trying to find a face to face or live chat game if you trying to learn the system. PBP games tend to run to slowly to be good teaching tools. Whereabouts in the world are you? Also what parts of the game do you need help with? Character creation? Combat? Everything?