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  1. Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    Koreans are very sensitive about Japanese in general. Japan occupied Korea for several decades until their empire collapsed in World War II, and they were not benevolent masters. Korean women were commonly conscripted as "comfort women" -- unwilling sex slaves used by the Japanese armed forces for R&R. Most of Korean history since, including the current series of crises, is the direct result of that occupation. Officially, South Korea and Japan are cooperative with each other, and both are significant economies in Asia, but the wounds haven't healed in the Korean psyche. It doesn't help that the arrogance of Japan's days of imperial glory has not entirely dissipated.
  2. Things that should be in fortune cookies

    This. What? You weren't asking for a recipe?
  3. In other news...

    After reading the summary (which makes me want to see the movie), I'm astonished at one thing; the British allow teenagers to drink in public?
  4. Answers & Questions

    Q: Why does the Porridge Bird lay his egg in the air? A: She's as approachable as a Polar Bear, and just as safe.
  5. In other news...

    "It's your turn to rule Venice!"
  6. Answers & Questions

    Q: Thanks for helping us move to our new house in Innsmouth. Is that a present for us? A: Anything worth having is worth making some sacrifices for.
  7. Answers & Questions

    Q: Somehow I imagined Goliath to be a bigger threat. See how I got him with my sniper rifle? A: I take cash, credit, Paypal, and human flesh (by the pound).
  8. NGD Scenes from a Hat

    The Fox of Crime, who plans to return it once he has figured out how to make it fire whipped cream and banana pudding. NT: What does Foxbat do in his free time?
  9. Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    mmm, NO. Few Americans have any idea what Korean ceremonial garb looks like, but Koreans do. The Japanese get their turn in the 2020 Summer Games. I refer you to this for a quick reference on how Koreans traditionally dress for ceremonial occasions.
  10. Answers & Questions

    Q: What makes you think Star Trek II: The Wrath of Barnum will be a success? A: When I said I wanted to make a "cult classic". I didn't mean for the term to be taken so literally.
  11. NGD Scenes from a Hat

    Dirk Wagonslayer vows to not destroy every horse-drawn vehicle he sees. Unfortunately this does not breaK his geas, and this is really unfortunate because his resolution does not stop him from attacking the horses.
  12. Answers & Questions

    Q: And what makes you think you have a baby in the house? A: Oh, right. I keep melting them all!
  13. 2018 World Cup

    I'm not sure what happened in Moscow in 1980; that was the year that the US boycotted the Games and most of her allies joined them, over the invasion of Afganistan (it's amazing how many of the changes there have been stemmed from that one operation), So the data would be definitely skewed by the absence of these teams. In Russia's top-flight football league, there is a quota of foreign-born players and the few non-white players in the league are booed incessantly with no intervention from Russian Soccer officials. They also receive many other forms of harassment, subtle or otherwise. Generally speaking, the Russian league is of decent quality but playing conditions are horrible.
  14. Answers & Questions

    Q: I want to share my bounty with the world, so can I donate one of the things I'm buying to charity? A: Pants! You need to start wearing pants! I'll even buy you a pair if you don't own any!