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  1. Another generation of gamers

    Which movie was the one he dissected that thoroughly? I'm curious. Of course, a lot of that would be our own examples, because as gamers in systems like Hero we do things like that all the time. Whenever I watch a bad movie, I can't help but think how much better the movie I am imagining now would be than the one I'm watching now. I walked out on the first Final Fantasy movie (emptying the screening room in the process) when it piled on one dang cliche too many (and this after making me sit through thirty minutes of blatant advertising to make me even GET to the movie, which ticked me off so much that I boycotted that chain for almost a year.)
  2. In other news...

    Genesis carries two self-contradictory accounts of the creation of Humanity -- the founding of the species in the first chapter ("Male and female he created them"), and the explanation of "why are humans evil?" in the second and onward. Neither is scientifically literal. There are a lot of things in Genesis that make no sense as literal statements, but are perfectly sensible if taken in the sense of "everything that is is the result of the actions of a single, superior being we call God, and He views the Universe as essentially sacred and good. We have been placed as stewards of that universe, and given the task of taking care of that sacred, good creation." The main point of the Adam and Eve story seems to be not so much that God created two perfect beings and expected them to populate the earth from just their genetic base (which is absurd), but "Humans were basically good, but have free will and as such are capable of making bad choices. They need the ability to make bad choices, but sometimes those choices are VERY bad and lead to unbearable consequences." There are questions about that account (did Cain feel remorse?), but it is interesting that rather than strike him down God chose to make Cain live with the consequences of having killed his brother.
  3. Danger Girl movie coming?

    These guys produced some of the most critically reviled films of the last decade. Probably not Uwe Boll level of deliberate bad, but the Resident Evil series is one of those film series that keeps showing up in theaters every few years despite nobody seeming to acknowledge their existence. These will probably be low-to-low-middle budget for action films, churned out relatively quickly, and spend a couple of weeks at the multiplex before going to streaming and home video.Which doesn;t mean they won't be fun, escapist entertainment. They just won't be anyone's favorite movies.
  4. Animated superhero movies.

    No robots I have ever seen in movies are more iconic and more copied than these. I saw a variation of them in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which was set in the same era as the Fleischer Superman cartoons).
  5. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Researchers have found chemicals in living brains that may be linked to CTE that is found when the brain is examined postmortem. Previously the only diagnoses of the ailment have been postmortem, frequently after suicides. If this leads anywhere, the ability to detect the condition while the patient is still alive leaves open the possibility that CTE might well become treatable, even if only in a palliative sense.
  6. Wonder Woman

    Haven't seen it yet, but Justice League looks every bit as bad as Wonder Woman is good. And Wonder Woman is very good....
  7. In other news...

    The family behind Hobby Lobby has opened a big, bright new Bible Museum in Washington, and the prize of their collection is a set of Dead Sea Scroll fragments from their very large and expensive collection. The catch? Some scholars think the Greens' entire collection of fragments is probably fake.In 2002, just before GWB invaded Iraq, previously uncatalogued Dead Sea Scroll fragments started appearing on the open market. It is now believed that most of them were forgeries. Some scholars have said all of them were.
  8. Soccer Thread 2017-18

    But how much would he gain if a club in Germany or France buys his rights in the January window -- and buries him on the depth chart? He would need to play, against top-flight competition, for his game to grow. I was thinking about a loan, but that might not be such a good idea. Nagbe had a brutal season in terms of the demands placed on his body, and needs a real off-season to recover. Jetting off the Europe in January would deprive him of that. That said, under his current contract he makes less than half a million dollars a year from his Timbers salary (not counting endorsements). A player of his ability and international experience could command four to six times that in Europe. MLS's weird salary structure means he literally can't get the payday he deserves from the Timbers or another American club.
  9. Wonder Woman

    After a little more reflection, it occurs to me that Diana was very lucky anyone listened to her. Steve greased the rails, obviously, and it was clearly needed -- because despite her obvious talents, nearly everybody must have imagined she was out of her mind,. There were a couple of times where use of the Lasso of Truth at inopportune times would have really led Diana to some very confusing places for one simple reason. Diana hunts Ares. Ares only discovers Diana exists when he meets her. Nobody else has even heard of Ares except possibly as part of mythology classwork in college. When Steve tells Diana he'll help her find Ares, it's a bluff. He's just desperate to get off the island. He doesn't have the slightest clue about Ares. The German spy in London may know of Ludendorff, but nothing about Ares. If he had not bit down on that cyanide capsule, his response to Diana's question would have been "I don't know anything about Ares". which would only have served to confuse poor Diana. Ludendorff? He isn't posing as Ares. He isn't pretending to be anybody. The film has been setting us up oto think he's Ares, while all the while dropping subtle hints that he's really not. Even when he dances with Diana and gives his talk in praise of the spirit of war, he has no idea that he's setting himself up to be the target of her superhuman wrath,. I don;t recall if she ever calls him Ares, or how he reacted if she did. Ludendorff is not directed by Ares. Dr. Poison is not guided by his hand (she uses ancient languages as a code because it's something people wouldn't be looking for)/ They are evil, but motivated by the very human desire to see their nation victorious in a completely human conflict. Ares may be pulling some of the strings, but the war is not something he tailor-made to order. All war and all desire to fight did not end when he died, and there were other very large wars in the post-Ares DCEU. Diana's greatest and most alarming discovery is that human beings are not puppets on a stage. They can control their own destinies, for good or ill, so the best she can do is give a little prodding in the right direction where she can.
  10. In other news...

    Science rejects the notion that you can say "X is true because it is" and be done with it. The Appeal to Authority is frequently taught as a logical fallacy in elementary logic and philosophy classes, something that is basically an admission that you really have no evidence to support your position. Religious argument, when done wrong, is often the ultimate appeal to authority. To take an extreme example: "Deuteronomy 13:7 states that the Earth is flat. Therefore, the Earth is flat." It is based on the notion of Biblical literalism, which has somehow become quite popular in this country. To use the most obvious example, if the Book of Genesis presents the literal account of how the Universe came into existence then there is no point in examining the matter further. It is sinful to even want to. And that attitude tends to lend itself to an overall contempt for science.
  11. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    From the article, it sounds like Rae Carruth remains a sociopath with delusions of entitlement. I feel bad for his son, but I really shouldn't. His life is, in its own simple way, quite enjoyable and he is surrounded by people who love him and care about him. You can't really ask for more than that, regardless of your perceived level of "ability". Rae Carruth does not deserve to call himself this amazing young man's Father.
  12. Soccer Thread 2017-18

    In the aftermath of a devastating 2-1 loss on aggregate to Houston im the MLS Westyern Conference quarterfinals, Caleb Porter has left as head coach of the Portland Timbers. His five years included two conference top finishes and the 2015 MLS Cup championship. He will be sorely missed. Perhaps he might wind up coaching the USMNT for a while -- he can;t be worse than most of the other alternatives. The question, of course, is where Portland goes fro, here. Soccer teams cannot afford to rest -- they are in constant flux and continual rebuild. Stars like Diego Valeri and Darlington Nagbe are apparently happy in Portland, but are in the prime of their careers -- and if they're ever going to hit the really big stage in the sport, their time is now. I would hate to see Nagbe go -- he's been the soul of this team for years, and does so many things that don't show up on stat sheets but help you win that you can;t begin to estimate his value. But are the Timbers holding him back from earning what he is truly worth in the global game? With Porter, who had coached him through his days at the University of Akron through his best years as a pro, gone, will he have a compelling reason to stay in Portland if the club gets an offer in the January transfer window?
  13. NGD Scenes from a Hat

    The Australian Football League (who play, obviously, Australian Rules) is suddenly interested in expanding into Houston.\ NT: Alien sports that would be surprisingly successful on Earth.
  14. Answers & Questions

    Q: Where does the Little Blind Spider go to get his little blue dune buggy fixed? A: When I said I wanted to eat healthier food, this was not what I had in mind.
  15. Answers & Questions

    Q: Did that teddy bear just stand up on its own and pick up a...? A: Knowing is half the battle -- just not necessarily the half you want to win.