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  1. WWYCD?: Two Mind Controllers Whammy Each Other

    Talos would laugh and call Primus to pick these two up. Then he would take embarrassing selfies with the one on the floor and post them on the net. Buying popcorn he would then capture the one taking a long walk while he was still under the mental influence and let Primus do its job. In both cases their little escapade would be all over the net.
  2. Thank guys. these are all great suggestions. I'm going to go for the Ambidexterity, as this is for a giant pair of hands after all.
  3. I just finished Talos (below), and got approval from the GMs here. But I have a point left. I already have Longevity. What can I do with just one point? What would you do? I'm not gonna bank it...no, its burning a hole in my pocket. I have a 60 point Multipower. There are single points in skills...He is built around gathering information on the street level...but I took all the PRE skills. Is there a decent 8- skill worth having? This is killing me.
  4. Mummy character for League of Extrodiany Gents game

    immunity to all terrestrial diseases and toxins. Regeneration until there is only one certain way to kill you. Mummies are like that. Flight by turning into a sand storm, or locusts Desolidification - turn to sand - only through non-airtight spaces is there a point limit to the game?
  5. GM review please, Talos

    Thank you! Fixing now. Hmmm, now I have a point Left. What to do with a single point? any 1 point slots you can think of for the Multi-Power?
  6. GM review please, Talos

    OK, I just updated Talos. His edit is much easier to read in the first post. I will be posting his back story in a few hours.
  7. Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Never believe them when they say, "It's just a simple delivery mission."
  8. Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    You will never see your DNPC in a game unless he is destined to be captured.
  9. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Playing Shadowrun: The players were all scrounging for clue when this was said in all seriousness "OK, you guys reach out to your contacts. I'll see what I can squeeze out of Mr Johnson."
  10. Psidestep (formerly intradimensional hero)

    Hmmm. If you want to use him as a villain, keep him as an escapee from the empire and use him to draw invading Hunters into the game area. Or as a loyal spy infiltrating someplace important, like a super prison.
  11. Psidestep 2.0 10 STR 18 DEX 16 20 CON 10 13 INT 3 20 EGO 10 15 PRE 5 7 OCV 20 7 DCV 20 3 OMCV 3 DMCV 5 SPD 30 2 PD 5 ED 3 20 REC 16 60 END 8 15 BODY 5 50 STUN 15 161 Total Characteristics Perks and Talents 1 Well Off. $100,000/year 3 Lightning Reflexes (Dex of 21 for initiative purposes) Powers 40 (60) Summonings and Conjurations. Multi-power all slots require Gestures and Incantations -1/2 4) 12D6 E Blast Summons Mini Photon Missiles to hit target. 4) 4D6 RKA Summons Blaster from the armories of Empress Istvatha V’han 4) 6D6 STUN Drain. Summons Blaster from the armories of the Empress 4) 4D6 STUN Drain 8M Summons mini Stun missile. area effect, similar to above 4) Summon 2 “Dog Soldiers.” Genetically bred warriors with Blasters Intra-dimensional summons. 125 points total, X2, Slavishly Devoted. 60 active points. See attached page for stats. 4) Summon Beautiful Girls 100 points, x 4, Slavishly devoted. Striking appearance. Can only summon from dimensions other than the one he is on 4) 6D6 Major transform (creating objects out of thin air: He’s actually taking/stealing objects from other dimensions.) 4) Clairsentience sight and hearing 25 +5 mobile, +15 Dimensional Sense (any dimension), +15 8X range. 4) Dimensional trap: A portal is opened and tentacle entangle victim. Entangle 4D6 (takes no damage from all attacks +1/2) END 6 45 Dimensional Mastery Multipower, 4) Teleportation 30M, one Floating Fixed Location, X4 Mass 4) Teleport 20M, Megascale: IM = 10 KM, 200KM (124 miles and 482.6 yards). 3) Summon Flying car. Flight 30M X2 Mass, X8 NonCombat Movement Physical Manifestation. Psidestep summons a Flying Car from the V’han Empire, uses it, maybe wrecks it, and sends it back when he's done. 40 (60) OIF armor 20PD/20ED 10 (15) Power Def OIF armor 3(5) flash defense sight OIF lenses 3(5) Night Vision OIF lenses 8 +16 Leaping/20M total Cybernetic enhanced muscles 2 Longevity 202 total Powers/Talents/Perks 161 Characteristics/perks 363 37 for skills Skills/Spy Training 2 Dimensional Navigation 2 Knowledge skill: the Multiverse, Extra Dimensions, the Empress’ controlled dimensions. (he downloaded an encyclopedia) 2 WF V’han Empire Blasters 1 KS V’han Empire Security protocol/spy school stuff. (He never completed the training) 2 V’han Empire Common tongue 3 Breakfall 13- 3 Computers 12- 3 Security systems 12- 2 TF Flying cars V’han Empire 3 Combat Pilot 12- summoned Flying car from V’han Empire 3 Lock Picking 13- 3Concealment 12- Not only hides self, but allows roll to find hidden items. Good spy search skill. 3 Conversation: weasel information out of people without their knowing it and lie convincingly afterwards. 3 Stealth 13- 3 Shadowing 12- Complications 5 HUNTED: By Primus Mo Pow, NCI, watching 15 Hunted by ESS (or whatever dimensional group the GM wants to toss at me) Mo Pow, Frequent, Kill/harshly punish 15 Hunted By another villain (to be determined) as pow, frequently, kill. I'm looking for an even match here, possibly an energy projector or armored suit type. 10 Distinctive features. Standard mutant complication 15 Secret ID New ID given by Primus 15 Over confidence …………………………………………………………….. Dog Soldiers (glass cannons) Somewhere in another universe (one of the 100 million ruled by Empress Istvatha V’han) there are a people who breed soldiers for their queen, what was needed was loyal, unquestioning and disposable soldiers for the vast armies she fielded. The result was: The Dog Soldiers. Bred in vast numbers they can be found nearly everywhere in the V’han empire. Identical in shape and size to humans, Dog Soldiers differ in their fur coats and dog like heads. Some look like hyenas, others look like wolves, collies, terriers…indeed any known and many unknown breeds of dog is likely to have a head represented. In the queen’s previous attempts to conquer the earth, the dog soldiers haven’t been used, but it’s only a matter of time. Psidestep summons these minions because they’re bred to obey without question and their loyalty to the Empress means they aren’t watched all that closely. A few who go missing aren’t likely to be noticed or even traced to him. Another important factor is this is a dimension that speaks English as a native language, no translation is needed. 10 STR 18 DEX 16 15 CON 5 10 INT 10 EGO 10 PRE 7 OCV 10 (20)* 7 DCV 10 (20)* 3 OMCV 3 ODCV 5 SPEED 15 (30)* 2 PD 2 2 ED 2 4 REC 20 END 10 BODY 40 STUN 10(20)* 66 Total characteristics * Is the OIF enhancement suit -1/2, Does Not work under intense magnetic fields and shorts out underwater. The suit is considered substandard, so it’s used only for the Queens disposable troops. Powers (Substandard equipment) 30 Blaster Rifle 12D6, 30 charges + 1/4 (75 active points)OAF -1, Does not work under intense magnetic fields -1/4, shorts out underwater -1/4 8 Jump Pack +20 Leap (24 Total) 2END OAF -1, Does not work under intense magnetic fields -1/4, shorts out underwater -1/4 9 Body Armor 8 PD, 8ED. OIF Kevlar armor Suit-1/2, Required Roll: 14-, Half Mass -1/2, Real Armor -1/4 (the Kevlar fits over the Enhancement suit) 47 points so far 66 Characteristics 113 total points 2) WF: Blasters 2) Knowledge skill: Basic Military Tactics and Maneuvers 2) TF: military ground vehicles. 8) +4 CSL with Blasters (Intensive training) 12 Skills 113 Powers and Characteristics 125 total points Complications Subject to Orders, Such is life in the military. It translates well to summoned controls. Distinctive features:Humanoid Dogs. Overconfident when holding a blaster rifle Social complications: Trained to follow orders and kill. Does not think of consequences beyond failing to obey orders. Susceptibility: 2D6 Stun from suit shorting out when underwater. This won’t happen in the worst rain, but rivers, swimming pools, etc are right out. Just another reason why no one else in the Queen’s military wears these outfits. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spectacular Psidestep Origin: When the Empress Istvatha V’han first invaded earth, she took a number of captives. These captives became especially important when she was defeated and was forced to retreat. They were sent to a secret security stronghold to be brainwashed and turned into spies for the Empress. Steve Marsh was one of them. Because he showed more promise than the others he was given a number of cybernetic implants. His left arm was amputated and replaced. Several ribs were replaced with nanite factories. The muscles in his legs were enhanced and the bones replaced with steel. In the end, Steve was granted powers of teleportation, and intra-dimensional movement. Unfortunately for the Empress, Steve was a latent mutant. He had the “survivor gene” that enabled instant mutation in the face of a life threatening situation. The invasive implant surgeries awoke the mutation and he began to adapt. Midway through spy academy training, the mutation overrode the brainwashing. Steve was free! He knew enough not to stand out and continued his training, all the while exploring his prison. The school was on a lonely planet, on top of a remote desert mesa. Dog soldiers protected the academy and patrolled the nearby desert. They spoke English but were not very good conversationalists. No fences or walls held him prisoner, but the desert was unforgiving. Where would he go? His left forearm had a sliding panel that opened to reveal a keyboard. Steve had a built in computer! With the mutation adapting to the cybernetics, Steve was able to access forbidden programs and run a diagnostic upon himself: He had a cerebral bomb implanted in his head and an intra-dimensional homing device implanted near his heart. He re-ordered the nanites to dismantle both implants. Further investigation revealed a good deal of circuitry throughout his body, all designed to allow for extra-dimensional travel. Well, now he could escape, but to where? Steve had no idea how to get home. Using his new skills, Steve snuck into the library and downloaded a dimensional encyclopedia, and a dimensional navigation program. Cautiously testing his fellow students he found they were 100% loyal to the Empress (the result of loyalty nanites). With nothing else to hold him back, Steve stole some supplies, fled into the desert, and activated the intra-dimensional transport. His superiors were surprised to discover a student and broken their conditioning. Such a thing had never happened before. Loyalty nanites were supposed to be infallible. Further, the cerebral bomb should have gone off the moment the boy had left school grounds. How the boy could have disabled both the bomb and his homing device was a pure shock…humans from his planet had no such technical skills. The Empress’ Secret Service (ESS) became interested. Such an escape could seriously compromise security. The Empress need not be bothered with such trivial matters, but a branch was assigned to retrieve the escapee. Unaware of the intrigue surrounding his escape, Steve spend the next several years wandering the multiverse. Downloading a navigation program and actually having the skill are two different things. His mutation continued to absorb the cybernetic implants, making them completely organic. Steve’s left arm is fully a part of his body, even though he can slide back a portion and access a fully natural organic computer. Steve developed and lost powers. He could teleport at will now, and could summon extra dimensional beings and summon/steal things from other dimensions (but not from the one he currently was on). Steve developed clairsentience that could work locally or even across dimensions. His body continued to produce nanites, but by now they were completely organic. But Steve did have a problem; he was losing his ability to trigger his dimensional transport. He eventually had to steal portable transport technology to keep looking for home. Lucky for Steve, the Empress had lots of such things and he stole from her shamelessly. Eventually Steve did find his way home. He sought out and contacted the Champions and Primus. He gave the frequencies of the agent’s homing device implants (100 agents arrested), and gave both groups his last transport devices. (it was these very devices that enabled the Champions to foment unrest in the empire and delay an invasion). Steve even summoned computers and technology from the Empress’ armories for study by Primus. Today, Steve is living in a campaign city and looking for a team. He knows agents of the Empress are hunting him down. He has taken the identity of Psidestep, and fights crime. He turned down a Primus job preferring to remain independent, but they know full well who he is and they will always watch him. He has a new identity thanks to Primus, and runs a simple import business (summoning exotic luxury items from other dimensions). Notes: Future plans are to buy up wealth, regeneration, and power defense. With DM’s permission, Psidestep will also buy intra-dimensional movement as well. Being Hunted by the ESS (Empress Secret Service) gives the GM a free hand to throw anything Steve’s way. By now, they’ve figured out Psidestep may well be their man, and that he’s damaged their plans. This week it may be a group of D Warriors with a hoovertank. Next week it’s a more effective group (a Viper squad dressed up by the GM in intra-dimension outfits). The next week it’s a rewritten Pulsar. The next week it’s a “Demon” force. All GM needs to do is take any existing characters, change a name and call them my hunted. Sucks to be me. The Major Transform is not a varied power pool. Psidestep can pull out food, simple objects, high technology, gemstones, tools. But apart from buying off the whiz kids at Primus, I have no allusions about pulling out high tech weapons…If I’m gonna shoot someone, I’m gonna pay points to do so…As for the gemstones, any GM worth his salt would require me to buy up wealth instead, and I’ll just amend my origin to allow for a jewelry store. But lets face it, Gems and jewels have to come from somewhere. Psidestep defines all such things as coming from extra-dimensional sources. If a GM allows me to take the crown of the Dark Elf High Priestess of Lolth…she gonna want to know where it went. And she has DIVINE resources to hunt me down. That’s a zero point Hunted that could be REALLY annoying! Summon Beautiful Girls. AKA, Summon Hunted. This is 4 points that will never see use in game time. BUT. If the High Priestess of Lolth was also Miss May 2008 for a calendar shoot on Earth 52 (heck, you need money to travel the multiverse), it may be yet another reason to kill our perverted hero. Further, in the vastness of multispace, some of those gals develop…super powers. Others are Amazons who must sacrifice their men at dawn…and here’s one who got away. And others might be agents for inter-dimensional organization against the Abuse of Summoning Powers (ASP for short. They’re used to hunting down rogue mages, but here’s a 400 point behemoth to deal with!). I’ve had inventive and evil GMs before…I know what you guys are capable of! Hmmm, maybe I ought to make my hunted as, “Pissed off extra-dimensional force of the week…” QUOTE: “Sooooo, why are the pirate skeletons after me? Ah yes. The forgotten treasure chest I took thinking there would be no one to miss it. OK. That probably explains why the flintlocks are shooting 12D6 E-Blasts too.” Gestures and Incantations: To activate his many powers, He must access the keyboard on his left arm, type and speak vocal commands in the V’han Empire Common tongue.
  12. GM review please, Talos

    Yep. I couldn't think of anyone else at the time. So I went with the talk show host.
  13. GM review please, Talos

    Thanks Bolo, I will be dumping that. I like the idea of the "Physical Manifestation" on the multipower. But I was playing with the Armor/BODY for the Gauntlets and it is really expensive. Is there a limitation for "Only on Gauntlets?" 15 PD/ED adds up. So does buying BODY for each one.
  14. GM review requested. Character for Fantasy Hero

    Well, I thought there would be more objections. He is kind of an experiment. To clarify, Killian cannot summon specific people...just generic soldiers or hot chicky babes. Its all pot luck and he has an entire world to abuse. Still its only a matter of time before someone important gets called up. ---and you are right , Killian cannot erase memories... I'll be making some changes this weeked. Thank you for the feedback!
  15. GM review please, Talos

    Mannnn, this is a lot of good advice. Just what I wanted (hadn't played Champions in a decade). OK a rewrite is coming up but it will have to wait until Friday. I work M-T 10 hours days so I always have a three day weekend. In the mean time, here is another of my commissions: