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  1. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    depends on how much stimuli there is 1 feed till target is still 2 keep feeding unless there is stimuli to go chase new prey( moving shadows not shambling, fresh meat, etc) this allows those still not dead and struggling to kept being fed upon
  2. House Rule idea

    Yeah making the roll by 1/2 was 1 thing I hate about roll high skill/combat hero games yeah handing them a chart to use makes it easy
  3. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Max Brooks did explain a lot the virus was deadly to everything(even bacteria) so rotting took 3 to 5 yrs ,longer if they stayed in near freezing conditions the zombie virus's motivation was to spread to as many as possible, so unless there where other targets to infect the virus just let them feed also the zombie's digestive system was shut down food would just pass through the bowels unless there was a blockage then blow up like blimp
  4. Expose your Superhero ID!

  5. Restrainable overload?

    When I talk about scaling I mean the advantage converter that scales up and down as needed unless you take the limitation does not scale 1km 10 km 100km etc....
  6. Restrainable overload?

    For me that breaks megascale ,as it could also be done to any movement power and is a cheesy munchkin build Megascale for me was never to be that accurate And the scaling for me was implied as whole numbers
  7. Restrainable overload?

    for me the Gestures and restrainable are pretty much the same thing so 1 has to go running is legs flight flapping arms or striding(ala Magneto) into the air first I would make the player buy 10m first for teleport as there is nothing in the rules about using fractions for distance so it is 1 trillion km or 100,000,000 km you cannot do 0.8 trillion km sfx would be tearing a hole in time/space and stepping through(also works for EDM)
  8. Altered Carbon series

    Saw it all I liked very much
  9. Champions Character Cards KS Project Now Live!

    also posted to KS my only suggestion would be to have the cards either 4x6 or 5x7 or at least make the pdf so they can be scaled up
  10. Champions Character Cards KS Project Now Live!

    Backer #23 I'm down for 3 decks
  11. More space news!

    probably cheaper and safer to build a nuclear power plant near the nearest ocean near the water problem to run a desalinination plant and pipe the water in
  12. I'd use Presence only to intimidate those coming into striking range (say 7m max range a 1/2 move + adjacent meter
  13. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    CC pg 150 GRAB AND MOVEMENT When a moving character is Grabbed, and his Casual STR roll for immediate breakout succeeds, he keeps moving; if it fails, he’s reduced to 0m of movement and remains where he was Grabbed. A victim cannot use any form of movement to keep moving while Grabbed (though Teleportation allows a character to escape most Grabs easily). The Grabber can move and bring the victim along, subject to normal rules of transporting other characters
  14. Traveller, anyone?

    No is does not it just means that in 4500 they have not found a faster mean of transporting just information we may have with quantum string theory/entanglement they have not
  15. Less as DCV is a defensive stat/power so it is cut in 1/2