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  1. Animated superhero movies.

    Let's just say the animated ones have been much better than the live ones.
  2. In other news...

    ANd let's be honest, that top student of his was a prick.
  3. Can we forgive old movies?

    Well, being someone who watches a lot of old Westerns (I grew up on John Wayne movies) I may not be the best to decide. But, I have to agree it is a product of the times, for the most part. Although, some things they should have known better. I am slightly more forgiving with Japanese portrayals in WW2, extremely uncomfortable with it, but we were in the middle of a pretty brutal, cutthroat war with them, you cant forget that before you do pass judgement. THe nation and the Western world, for that matter, seem to be in a mode of wanting to hide history, to fear history, rather to confront and learn from it. I worry that will ruin us all someday. If I gather more thoughts, I'll try to re-reply
  4. I challenge you!

    Superman 4 was worse than 3? Glad I didn't ever watch that one, then.
  5. I challenge you!

    Speaking of which MST3K material or not Superman 3
  6. I challenge you!

    Reeve, if we agree Superman 3 never happened.
  7. I challenge you!

    Yes, but Kirk could go toe-to-toe with gods when his shirt ripped
  8. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    If memory serves Musial had a rather unorthodox batting stance. That was really only something he could do with consistently to begin with, so it would be doubly hard.
  9. I challenge you!

    Brawl from classic TV Cpt. Kirk (post-shirt rip) vs Dr. Banner (post-shirt rip)
  10. I challenge you!

    Menstrual cramps have to be worse, heck, in my teens with the raging hormones, I wished for impotence, just for some peace. And women are terrifying during PMS.
  11. I challenge you!

    I like mashed potatoes with gravy (my aunt made some great gravy). Who eats yams?
  12. Enough zombies?

    Cranberries was my 2nd favorite band in college for awhile (next to Garbage) gotta have been 15 years since I've heard this song.
  13. Enough zombies?

    I think in one unpleasant moment with Attack on Titan, the Titans evidently vomit when their stomach gets full, which could go with cinematic zombies on a smaller scale of vomit.
  14. Enough zombies?

    Not zombies, zombies are much too smart for that.
  15. In other news...

    Well, actually, I did mean I don't have mercy for someone like him. and that maybe lack of mercy is a failing of mine. (A word seemed to have disappeared between my brain and my fingers) But, I do understand pity, in the sense of his childhood, in responding to tech priest. But, I think we can all agree when it is said and done, that has to be overcome if you wont to end up being a worthwhile human being. Or at least overcome enough, where you aren't involved in mass murder, and being a complete manipulative bastard. I guess there are many spots on the plain between pure good, and pure evil, but Manson seems to have chosen to go as close as possible to the latter, and in the end was probably worse than what created him. I hope that makes sense, I am 15 minutes from bedtime