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  1. I challenge you!

    watching Manos, Hands of Fate (no MST3K) vs taking a bath with a cat
  2. I challenge you!

    Speed, because if I cant get through the other guys armor, I will still be able to run away.
  3. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    No, but that might have been a bit too exciting for a Thurs. night crowd.
  4. In other news...

    Yeah, they've made many a crazy story on Cain, I've heard a few.
  5. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Not bad as Thurs. day nights go.
  6. I challenge you!

    Romans vs Mongols
  7. I challenge you!

    Green Giant, because not Christmas related.
  8. In other news...

    I think he placed the mark and curse on Cain, because Cain was afraid of having vengeance rained down on himself. But, I'd have to check on the details, to be fair. Note: though that would imply more people in the world than the decendants of Adam, but anyhow Edit: Well, I am pretty sure Cain's punishment was to be cast out of his homeland to become a wanderer. Exiled, essentially
  9. Happy Tom Hanks Giving Day !

    I'm too stoned on tryptophan to care right now.
  10. I challenge you!

    Chewbacca, although I'd rather see what would happen after Spock beat him in chess. which is safer to use: Port a potty vs the woods
  11. Happy Tom Hanks Giving Day !

    *flushes DT down the toilet* DT better hope he gets out before Uncle Jim needs to go after his 8th helping.
  12. Another generation of gamers

    Has to be Conan the Destroyer. Ok, already answered
  13. I challenge you!

    Best way to transport those kids in a minivan/SUV: Inside vs outside tied to the roof
  14. I challenge you!

    Sybil, because not Pamela Anderson (dont recall who Sybil Danning is though. And if I find out she did a sex video with Tommy Lee, I'll revise it to a tie)
  15. Enough zombies?

    I never thought of that, damn it, next time he picks up a cruise liner, I'll be thinking of that. Edit: Though I do sometimes when a flier is flying at high speeds carrying a normal, start wondering why the normal isn't freezing to death (though depending on the flier I guess an argument could be made the energy being used by the flyer is enveloping them protecting them.)
  16. Enough zombies?

    Well I find the Titans even creepier than zombies. Maybe, the uncanny valley thing with their features.
  17. I challenge you!

    I beg to differ Ewoks are useful. Tasty, and their skin makes good leather boots. WHat?
  18. Can we forgive old movies?

    not as far as we should hope, I'm afraid.
  19. Animated superhero movies.

    Let's just say the animated ones have been much better than the live ones.
  20. In other news...

    ANd let's be honest, that top student of his was a prick.
  21. Can we forgive old movies?

    Well, being someone who watches a lot of old Westerns (I grew up on John Wayne movies) I may not be the best to decide. But, I have to agree it is a product of the times, for the most part. Although, some things they should have known better. I am slightly more forgiving with Japanese portrayals in WW2, extremely uncomfortable with it, but we were in the middle of a pretty brutal, cutthroat war with them, you cant forget that before you do pass judgement. THe nation and the Western world, for that matter, seem to be in a mode of wanting to hide history, to fear history, rather to confront and learn from it. I worry that will ruin us all someday. If I gather more thoughts, I'll try to re-reply
  22. I challenge you!

    Superman 4 was worse than 3? Glad I didn't ever watch that one, then.
  23. I challenge you!

    Speaking of which MST3K material or not Superman 3
  24. I challenge you!

    Reeve, if we agree Superman 3 never happened.
  25. I challenge you!

    Yes, but Kirk could go toe-to-toe with gods when his shirt ripped