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  1. HD won't open character for 5e Heroic

    Simon, that worked. Not sure why I've been able to run it with the defaults before, but I can't remember if I ran it on this computer before. Thank you.
  2. HD won't open character for 5e Heroic

    Here you go. The directory is c:\HeroDesigner trace.log
  3. When I try and click on File > New Character > 5th Edition Rules > Heroic it doesn't open up anything. The only thing I can click on to open/start a new character is New Character > Current Template which opens up 6th edition rules by default. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm running build 20171119.
  4. Quite possibly meant to be...

    I've just had a great nightcap on an unexpected evening... First off, it's been too long since I've played Champions. My last session I was the GM and that was 10 years ago. Prior to that, the last game that I had played in worth anything was 17 years ago. So deciding to get back into the swing of things, I call one of the local hobby shops to see if they had a copy of Champions 5th ED. They did, so I stopped by and picked that up along with a few other books. While I was there, I asked the owner if he knew of any local Champion games or how I could hook up with one. He doesn't know and he didn't have a bulletin board to post anything. (Must be one of a tiny minority among hobby shops) He did suggest I stop by another hobby store to see if they knew something. He said they had late night gaming and a bulletin board. Well, I couldn't stop at that other store because I had to go to work. After work, I decided to swing by that other hobby store to see what time they were open. I was going to have to swing by there anyway to pick up a copy of Hero Systems 5th ED. I had looked at my new Champions book at work and noticed they had totally removed everything about character creation. So radically different than 4th ED! Well, I stopped by the store and they were open. One of the proprietors was involved in a Fantasy Hero's campaign and his GM also had a Champions campaign going. Not only that, they play during on of my off nights, Monday. He said he would ask his GM if I could join, but that was more than enough for me. After giving him my personal information, I was headed out the door when I saw a copy of Hero Systems 5th ED and Hero Designer v2.0. Both were purchased asap. Now all I have to do is familiarize myself with the rule changes. It's nothing definite, but I just can't help but feel this is going to turn out good.
  5. "Champion" in search of group, SE Michigan

    Hey. I live in Sterling Heights and have been hoping to join a Champions campaign since early 90's. Publius, is your group still going on?