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  1. Default combat record export template?

    Hi Buzz, I looked in my template folder for Hero Designer v3, and I have four templates. I am unsure if any of these came with the HD, but maybe one or more did. The ones I have are: Combat Record Beta Test (HTML) (gbsbetatesthtml.hcr) created by Geoff Speare, version 1 (9/15/03) HTML Combat Record (CombatRecordHTML.hcr) created by Geoff Speare, version 2.0a (11/22/03) RTF - Combat Record Sheet Option C (RPM_CombatRecordSheetC.hrc) created by Robert Miller, version 1.1 (05/05/2006) RTF Combat Record (CombatRecordRTF.hcr) created by Geoff Speare, version 2.0a (11/22/03) I'm not sure where I got all of these, buy maybe you can do a search in the Downloads area of this site to see if these exist there.
  2. The Blood

    Yep, these are the same ones Lord Liaden had saved and then shared with me above. Thanks for doing these, BTW! These are a big help to me, bud.
  3. Linked Question

    That is kinda what I was thinking, but wanted to get some further thoughts on the matter. Thanks guys.
  4. Linked Question

    Hi All, I'm building a power (using 5th Edition) for a player character that represents the hero making the target look into the "void" (a flash attack) that also induces fear. I have it built as follows: Gaze Into The Void: Sight Group Flash 3d6; Limited Range (20"; -1/4) <b>plus</b> Drain PRE 3d6; Power Does Not Work If Flash Has No Effect (-1/2), Linked (Flash; -1/4) My question is, do I have to purchase Ranged on the linked Drain, or is that not necessary because the Drain is linked to the Flash, which is already a ranged attack. Page 300 of the 5th Edition Revised seems to indicate this is the case, but is a tad unclear. Any insight anyone might have would be appreciated.
  5. RIP Adam West

    Saddened by the loss of Mr. West. From all accounts, he was a kind and wonderful guy.
  6. The Blood

    Thank you Lord Liaden. These will be good to look at to see what (if any) updates were made to the original versions of the characters.
  7. The Blood

    Hi All, I'm having no luck with the search function to find any posted information on Aaron Allston's creations known as The Blood. I could have sworn that I saw a post a long while back that gave a simple Blood package that provided sample power builds (teleportation, n-ray vision, etc.) and some disadvantages (detects as mutant, etc.). Specifically I'm looking for any updated builds on Blood characters, such as Blade and Sabre. Does anyone know if such information exists here on the boards?
  8. Champions in 3D

    Champions 3-D is one of my favorite HERO products! A few years ago I ran the Horror World scenario, but instead of doing it as an alternate universe, I did it as a dark future, which was part of a year long story arc that had the heroes escape Hell (they were banished there by DEMON's High Morbanes), but in doing so they returned to Earth but five years in the future to see the world devastated by the Anopheles. After finding their way to 1928 they defeated Dr. Kulik and his cultist, averting the takeover by the Anopheles in the 1990's. The Revered Elder of that time period then gave the heroes a magical tea to drink which put them in suspended animation for the next 62 years, until they where awoken up by the Archmage to aid him in defending his monastery from DEMON's attack (DEMON had banished the heroes to Hell to give them a clear line of attack on the Elder). The best part was, the past versions of the heroes slumbered in a sealed chamber of the monastery that I had introduced into the campaign a year prior; the modern day players were told by the Revered Elder that the room was off limits, and they should never, ever enter it. Of course, had they gone against his warning, they would have found themselves sleeping in status (from 1928) waiting to be awoken in the near future. My players really enjoyed the Horror World scenario, and were actually disturbed by the story's dark and terrifying tone. I plan to make use of the Backward World and Nazi World scenarios too. Definitely a sourcebook worth having!
  9. Your Superhero Team Names

    The heroes of my Champions campaigned were brought together by a businessman (my character's secret identity) to form the Justice Force, a corporate sponsored superhero team. The team was disbanded a few months later by PRIMUS, who felt that a group of unsanctioned supers running around was not a good idea. The team later reformed as a government sanction team with the same name but slightly different lineup. As I recall, I floated the idea of the team name to my players beforehand to see if they liked it, and they did, so when it came time to form the team we used the name.
  10. Deadman's Heromachine Archive

    These are great!
  11. Else Earth Pantheons of the ...Verse

    Bummer on the upload limit. Was not aware there was one. I have sent you my email address as requested.
  12. Else Earth Pantheons of the ...Verse

    I sincerely hope not. I am interested in all the stats you've created for the Olympians, bud.
  13. Else Earth Pantheons of the ...Verse

    Apollo too? Bonus!