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  1. WWYCD: The Skyship Going Down

    An enormous flying ship, owned by a villain in the campaign world, is directly over Campaign City. Your group and several others are aboard battling said villain's minions when the government sponsored "hero," Vanguard, carelessly damages one of the anti-gravity units that keeps the city-sized craft in the air. The ship's owner and a crew of his technicians have rushed down to the section where the damage anti-grav unit is located and are attempting to repair it and stabilize the ship. Needless to say, the ship is more large enough to do a catastrophic amount of damage if it falls on Campaign City. WWYCD? (And yes, I'm borrowing Vanguard from Hermit's "Adventures of Fish Guy" for this one, if that's okay)
  2. New Series--The Orville

    Where and when is this on? Based on what I've seen of it versus Discovery, I think I'm more likely to favor this series.
  3. Magical Base/Sanctum

    It all depends on your character's theme/taste in interior decor. Personally, I'm partial to the kind of sanctum that is it's own separate dimension; you couldn't ask for better privacy.
  4. The Grand Unified Fan Theories Thread

    Fair enough.
  5. The Grand Unified Fan Theories Thread

    Ah, but he was on the cusp of playing that very card in the opera house scene, it's just that Lucas chickened out and didn't let him go through with it.
  6. The Grand Unified Fan Theories Thread

    Then you'll love my next fan theory... Anakin actually does have a biological father. Shmi only said "there was no father" because she doesn't remember. The reason she can't remember? Three words: Sith Mind Trick. Hell, in the movies, there is a Sith Lord who has all but come right out and confessed to being Anakin's father: Palpatine, a.k.a., Darth Sideous. Ol' Palps knocked up Shmi Skywalker, wiped her memories of him, and paid the junk dealer, Watto, to make sure she had the baby. Watto of course treats Anakin better than what you would normally expect of a slave owner because he was secretly receiving payments from Sideous to look after the boy; Anakin was his meal ticket right up until Master Qui Gon took him away. That also accounts for Watto selling Shmi after Anakin was gone; his only real use for her was taking care of the boy, and she was passed the age at which pimping her out in Mos Eisley would've yielded enough money to cover the costs associated with keeping her. Why would Palpatine allow his own son grow up on Tatoonine as a slave, you might ask? Simple. Such an upbringing would give him all the makings of an ideal Sith; the legendry Sith Lord Darth Bane had a very similar childhood. Besides, it's way more believable and has more gravitas than the "Anakin is Space Jesus™" claptrap.
  7. In honor of today's astrological event... What would your character be doing during the 2017 Eclipse?
  8. Answers & Questions

    Q: Why are you looking at me like that? All I said is that I'd like to buy a copy of Wings of the Valkyrie... A: One upon a time I was fallin' in love, now I'm only fallin' apart. Nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart...
  9. Totality 2017

    An eclipse, eh? Well, that accounts for the marked increase in power I've had today... But in all seriousness, it was fun watching the live streams of the event.
  10. Ditch your buds.

    If you're in the market for a set of headphones, always read the buyer reviews and be wary of the ones listed dirt cheap. The cheap headphones are usually so rubbishly made that they're sure to break on you at the most breath-takingly inconvenient moment.
  11. This thread is for sharing any fan theories you may have about any Movie, TV, Literary, Web Original, Etc. franchise. To get the ball rolling, here are some of mine: (Demolition Man) The Secret Of The Sea Shells: The three sea shells are in fact the buttons that operate the toilet's built-in bidet. (Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime) The REAL Heart Of The Cards: All authentic Duel Monsters cards have RFID chips embedded in them. Not only does this account for how Duel Disks and Duel Arenas can read the cards, but it provides a nearly foolproof way to detect counterfeits. (Mad Max: Fury Road) Like Father, Like Son: The Max who we see in Fury Road is none other than Max Rockatansky Junior. The Max from the original trilogy eventually found a new wife, sired a son, and retired from wasteland scavenging. Naturally, the boy grew up to be a chip off the old block.
  12. Really? No one has linked to the new Doctor yet?

    A Question: Isn't the Doctor fresh out of regenerations? Maybe I missed a memo, but I thought the rule was "limit 12 to a costumer only." The current Grumpy Old Guy Doctor is thirteenth life, logically the next time he gets killed he should be perma-dead.
  13. Post A Weird, Random Fact About Yourself

    As surprising as it may sound, I was actually quite afraid of the dark when I was a child. I even slept with a nightlight. In contrast, as an adult, I'm so at home in darkness many of the people that know me in real life find it it creepy.
  14. Answers & Questions

    Q: Why do you like Crime and Punishment? A: We put the naughty in Illuminati.
  15. Favorite "Cheap" Powers

    Money: Filthy Rich with a side order of Fringe Benefit: Head Of State.