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  1. Chivalry and sorcery

    The Red Book edition was the first edition.
  2. Tears for Fears - Everybody wants to rule the world...
  3. Unaging Characters and Skills

    This the build for a immortal who has been around since 5000 BC... he has a very good memory... he likes art and traveling... 3 Knows Everything... - Scholar 2 1) Art of the World: KS: Art History (INT-based) 13- 2 2) History of the World: KS: World History (INT-based) 13- 2 3) People of the World: KS: People of History (INT-based) 13- 2 4) Weird Things of the World: KS: Unusual Things and Events (INT-based) 13- 3 Traveled Everywhere... - Traveler 2 1) Cities of the World: CK: Cities of History (INT-based) 13- 2 2) Cultures of the World: CuK: World Cultures (INT-based) 13- 2 3) Places of the World: AK: World Geography (INT-based) 13- 20 Worldly... +10 with all Knowledge Skills; Limited: Life Experiences, Limited: Only to offset penalties to Knowledge Skills
  4. London Calling by The Clash
  5. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Bravo!!! rep to come when I can...
  6. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! some inspiration....
  7. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! seconded... request for someone to rep Bolo of Earth as well... and 20 is the number of folks you must rep before you can rep someone again...
  8. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Lucius - Palindromedary martial arts - does this art focus on kicks and headbutts?
  9. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! aliens...
  10. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Re: Create a Hero Theme Team!
  11. A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Fortaleza Former member of the Wardens... Fortaleza was the alter ego of Solana Amnedola... Solana chose to craft the Fortaleza suit in a masculine form with a masculine voice for one reason, respect. Her upbringing stressed men as the more active and dominant sex, so she thought a male image would be more respected than a female one. As an afterthought she realized that this also helps to better preserve her identity as most of her adversaries would be searching for a man rather than suspecting that Solana is Fortaleza. As Fortaleza, Solana stands six foot two inches tall and weighs 230 pounds. The armor is built with a muscular masculine look and appears to be form-fitting rather than a bulky exoskeleton type of battlesuit. Solana has not had access to the specialized equipment it would take to miniaturize some of the battlesuit's components, so the extra space inside the armor shell is filled with system components, battery packs and padding. The battlesuit's armor plates are a dull silver colored and the mesh portions of the suit are dove gray colored. The helmet has a featureless faceplate that is black and the rest of the helmet is dull silver colored. The blaster ports project from the back of the each arm and are black in color. The three flight system disks are black in color and are located on the back of the battlesuit, one on each shoulder blade and the other in the small of the back. The battlesuit has a silver glow when the armor shell is energized. Solana retired from the Wardens when she accepted a job with Crittenden Aeronautics several years ago... Solana Since starting to work for Crittenden Aeronautics, Solana has secretly been working on an enhanced version of her pulse field technology battlesuit... She premiered the suit when she helped the Wardens battle the spider alien invasion...
  12. A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Estrella U.S. Marshall created by Project: Avenger and served as a field agent for the Federal Security Service (FSS) for 22 years... http://foundation.angeva.com/paras.asp?pars=Estrella Star Former member of the Wardens... Estrella's niece... her costume is inspired by her aunt's uniform.. http://wardens.angeva.com/roster.asp?Site=W4&Mbr=Star%20%28II%29
  13. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! things changed and he found himself in the void... all the things that had been his were now gone... someone had played around with the nature of reality... that someone had to pay... he drifted in the void... searching... seeking a trail... a path to someone... the someone who had to pay... he drifted in the void... bathed in its dark energies... feeding on the nothingness... he drifted in the void... searching... seeking a trail... he found it... the way was clear... he stepped from the void... into the new reality... he had found the point of change... now the crafter of the change would pay... +++++ He no longer remembers who he was, but he does remember that things are different now. He wants to make things like they were, but no one else seems to remember how things were except him. He is suffused with the dark energies of the void and uses them to follow the trails that will lead him to the someone that crafted the change. Once he has found that someone, he will make him undo the change. He knows that then he will find himself again, but for now he is Void... +++++ Void wants to make things like they were and has found others, the Restorers, during his quest to do that. At first he thought that he had found others that remembered how things had been just as he does. However, he now knows that to be wrong. The others only remember shadows and phantoms of reality, but as long as they work with him to find the crafter of the change he will remain their ally.
  14. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Quotes from Session 55 - The Wardens are discussing Eon's return and how to get Delta Prime home. They end up saving a group of teens with paranormal abilities from a kidnap attempt and then bring the teens back to the base. +++++ Amethyst - Brick with minor energy projection abilities Contego - Gadgeteer with Force Beams and Invisibility gadgets Eon - Immortal Teleporting Energy Blaster in a crystalline shell - powered by alien energy being symbiotes Indigo - Mage from another dimension, stranded in the Wardens' dimension. Stalwart - Red, White and Blue Patriot with abilities from a super-serum and martial arts training Satomi and Neji - teenage brother and sister who are currently Karalyn Nicholas' wards, Satomi has a minor precognitive talent that warns her when others are trying to harm her. Kelvin - teenage paranormal with fire generation and control abilities Mortimer - teenage paranormal with shadow generation and control abilities +++++ "Your duplicate built a device to allow me to transverse dimensions," Eon says to Contego. "You are saying that our evil duplicates can travel across dimensions?" asks Contego. "No," replies Eon. "I toppled the organization." "You toppled a world spanning criminal organization in two weeks?" inquires Stalwart. "I was the leader," responds Eon. "I toppled the organization from the top down." +++++ Stalwart suggests that Indigo use her magic to get Delta Prime home. "I am still working on that for me," replies Indigo. +++++ Satomi says she and Neji were waiting for Karalyn to pick them up when Amethyst and Indigo rescued them from the kidnappers. "Do you know, she has a purple SUV just like you?" Satomi asks Amethyst. +++++ Kelvin asks that the Wardens not say anything about his abilities to his parents and that he is scared to tell them. "They may think they have a freak for a kid," says Kelvin. +++++ After Kelvin leaves, Amethyst tells Satomi and Neji that she is Karalyn. "So that is why you have the same SUV," says Satomi. +++++ "You are asking the same questions as other guy," says Mortimer. "This is a test to see if you give the same answers," quips Eon. +++++