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    What the Hell happened?!
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    I'm in med school. ^^
  1. Complicate the Person Above

    Hermit got him the gig at UPS.
  2. The Last Word

    Being alive is inherently dangerous. Just see it as a heads-up.
  3. Headlights

    It's counted as Everyvehicle Equipment; see that discussion in 5E Ultimate Vehicle.
  4. The Last Word

    "Eclectic" is a term, I believe.
  5. 2017 Word Association Game

    Mmm, toasty
  6. More space news!

    But I want this one!
  7. Complicate the Person Above

    Pariah is so ... Huh.
  8. The Last Word

    Heh. Had a Shaun Of The Dead flashback, there. "Kill The Queen!"
  9. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Not even a meter from the crossbar.
  10. Fear the HFFL!

    Do they play handegg there nowadays?
  11. 2017 Word Association Game

    Fit of absentmindedness