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  1. The insanity of trying to make safe AGI

    Sometimes generating something new needs more then one dumb AI's. But the results can still be surprising. Unfortunately the Video is a bit poorly structured, so I will try to give a summary afterwards: Generally our Dumb AI's are simple "Classifiers". You give them a image/some data and they give you a simple yes/no answer. Yes, this is a cat. No, this person is not ill. The sample set is usually generated by humans. You have a bunch of cat and dog images. You get some grad students to declare "Cat", "Dog", "Neither" on every one of the images. You can teach your Neural Network with the sample set knowing the right answers. Unfortunately this is vulnerable to Adversarial Examples. Images that are modified specifically to fool the AI into a faulty yes/no answer. It showcases that they do not truly understand what makes "a cat" yet. Also if you to ask it to draw a new Cat Image, it would always draw that "prefectly average cat" it learned from it's sample sizes. And it would always produce that "perfectly average" result if given the same sample set to start learning with. So we have a classifier that is not robust at all and could only draw one picture of a cat. The solution to both Problems are: Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN's). You have two agents in a contest: The Classifier tries to get better at classification. It sample set starts with the usual "human evaluated" sets. The Generator is getting Random Noise and trying to make something that fools the classifier out of it. It's "made up as we go" images are mixed into the sample set for the classifier (as "no" images) as time goes on. The Generator "wins" if it fools the classifier (or at least gets it down to a 50/50 confidence). The Classifier "wins" if it reaches 100% confidence. They are in a adversarial learning relationship. One human example given is teaching humans. If you try to teach a child the numbers, you would quickly get high confidence ratings on 0, 2-6, 8 and 9. But 1 and 7 are notoriously similar (depending on the font used and how well the handwriting is). So you would focus (but not exclusively) on those two numbers. You try to get the "marging of error" to be in line with the other 8 numbers. You are "hammering out the weakpoints" by focussing on that. For humans adversarial learning too much is psychically detrimental. But a neural network has no such issues. The end result of this? We get a classifier really good at identifiyng cats (and not falling for adversarial examples). And a generator that makes mostly convincing cat images. Now really intersting is how that allows more advanced image recognition. You can make a generator that you give a "man with glasses" or "women smiling". It will substract the current gender, add the opposite gender. And gives you a "women with glasses" or "man smiling". That implies a way to classify "smiling". And thus the whole area of reading facial expressions/context, wich is a major hangup for Computers.
  2. Justice League Film

    In particular WW's Bracelet Clap seems to have increase Knockback with a AoE. Or possibly a AoE Shove.
  3. In other news...

    Well, we just noticed that extrasolar Asteroid. And NASA did name it for Scout/Messenger. So it would conincide.
  4. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    If Flirting was done as Skill Contest, then this would indeed help him to "get Lucky".
  5. In other news...

    I find this Flat Earth Theory fascinating in a insane kind of way: Sun. Moon. All the planets in the Solar System: All are round. Just hte earth somehow is flat. And there is a conspiracy to keep that a secret for...what reason exactly?
  6. Justice League Film

    You mean like that time Superman was Brainwashed into thinking he was a pawn of Superman and then send to attack earth? That time the government got so scared of the Justice League, they ended up creating project Cadmus. Wich involved cloning, mindwiping, assasination and a fair share of "broken eggs"? How about the Killing Joke, at whose end Batman was mentally broken by the Joker? People often think the DC Animated Universe never dealt with Grownup stuff. But that is far from the truth.
  7. In other news...

    Personally I consider it a good thing that Lynchmobs are no longer a thing. People often think being in Prision is "trivial". But even this side of 3rd World Country hellholes, it is far from that. Just think about it for a moment: Being stuck in one place for years. Nothing to really distract you from the daily monotony. Falling out of the loop with your entire circle of friends and family.
  8. Justice League Film

    Pretty sure that was intentional. Thanks to specific cutting, the one scene with Cavill in the Trailers appear to have been "only a dream" by Lois Lane. They did kind of spoil the whole Doomsday thing in BvS, so they might have overcompensated here. Personally not being spoiled by teh trailers realy helps with the enjoyment of the Film. What do you mean with "Jack Snyder Ethos"? I mean they need to have something Unique. No way they are going to carve out a space agaisnt the MCU by just Immitating it.
  9. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    "Home is where the heart is". For Hela, Asgard (the place) was a sources of Power. Her entire army - with the exception of Scourge - was her own power augmented by closeness to the place. The people were irrelevant, unless she wanted something (like the sword). For Thor and Odin - even Loki and Scourge - Asgard was a Culture, a ideal, the People. The place was irrelevant. Even the power the place may have granted was irrelevant. When we saw Thor fight, he had already been away from Asgard for some time. So we can asume the Arena fight is close ot his "weakened" state.
  10. Justice League Film

    The Problem lies in the Year 2011. I recently watched it for the first time. I had the material for a good movie, but the totally miss-spent the CGI budget. Resulting in absolutely horribly looking Guardians and Paralax. The training scene was propably one of the best scenes of the movie and even it was only average: But despite all this, a new Green Latern film is planned: https://www.cinemablend.com/new/Green-Lantern-Corps-Movie-May-Have-3-Green-Lanterns-Here-What-We-Know-126597.html Basically that character is a stupid idea that was actually implemented: What if we had a german WW1+WW2 Officer on Apokolypse? That would have caused cringe effects in the german markets. Plus Steppenwolf is actually physically menacing without needing to pull out Darkside that early.
  11. Order of the Stick

    At least 9 months like human babies? We can asume slightly slower growing up as result of longer life expectancy (that is a fantasy trope). V spend longer studying Level 1 magics then most other members of the OOTS are alive. It is just one of the many wierdnesses of the D&D settings.
  12. Site Upgrade

    I simply can not help myself from analysing Progrmam behavior. It just happens when I use it. WIth Webpages the Browser and how long it stores cookies is part of the Programm Flow. Especially when logins are concerend. And cookie behavior is the one thing I have complete awareness and even control off. Maybe you could at least relay the bug? I can only check the client side behavior, not the server side configuration. Continuing: There seem only two cookies that are deleted with Browser Closure: ips4_IPSSessionFront and ips4_ipsTimezone All others have "this should never be deleted on a frequent visitor" Enddates. And killing ips4_IPSSessionFront via Firefox ability to does indeed result in the index page turning up in the "not logged in" status. And it is not regenerated until I visit any other page. You can do with that information what you want: Ignore it. Relay it. I know fully well that even with knowing the exact behavior causing the issue, solving it might be infeasible or somebody elses job (and better kept that way). Doing a full 4 sides model analysis of my intentions (as these tend to not transmit via text): Factual Side: The primary purpose Self revelation: Look, I am good at this. Writing "Awesome Programmer" as Forumtitle was not hyperbole. Relationship: We are both programmers. Appeal: Intentionally left blank, because I see how demanding people on Forums can be over the slightest bugs that have the most complex fixes.
  13. Justice League Film

    Marvel would have needed Dialogue for that. DC manages to convey Emotions here entirely via facial expressions.
  14. Site Upgrade

    I can confirm this. If the first page I visit in Firefox in any Firefox session is http://www.herogames.com/index.html the forum indeed does not register that I am logged in. But if I got to any other page first, the running login is properly noticed. And if visit that page later I am logged in. That is really odd behavior, but at least it should be predictable so it is debuggable. Edit: Even repetedly refreshing that index page does not log me in. However if I try my above link that goes to the 404 page, I am logged in. And once login has been "confirmed" by any other page, the index.html usually notices it too. So something is wrong with the index.html Theory: If the current Forum Session Cookie is set to "Browser Session Lifetime" and the "remember I was logged in" cookie is set to a much higher time, the server would have to create a Session Cookie everytime you log in, that you have a valid "remember me" cookie. But exactly that line of code might be missing/broken on the index.html.
  15. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    That already makes him smarter then Loki. That guy had to learn the hard way.