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  1. Funny pics

    x? kcd! https://xkcd.com/1959/ "In-universe, Bart Simpson and Harry Potter were the same age in 1990. Bart is perpetually 10 years old because of a spell put on his town by someone trying to keep him from getting his Hogwarts letter."
  2. In other news...

    There are sillier mistakes to be made with Flags: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/27/cnn-isis-flag-gay-pride_n_7679298.html
  3. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    We can all agree they should not be in teh classroom at all. I do trust you to remember the newsstory. I do not trust anyone (even myself) to keep up with every turn of a newsstory. I can give you a simple chain of events to showcase this: 1. Teacher is fired 2. Teacher sues 3. Teacher is given right in the first trial 4. Appeal is made. 5. Teacher looses all further trials. If you only followed it up to point 3 your preception of reality is the opposite of reality. it is easy to only read a headline, not noticing that a appeal (or similar retrial) is possible or even planned. Or what if the teacher - wich happens to also be a grabber - was originally fired for something totally unrelated. And the court decision was only about 1 month of pay or some such?
  4. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    That sounds like one of those stories that should rightfully upset you. But also are propably not happening the way you have it in memory. Could give a few examples?
  5. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    The right to own Sharks sounds like something that could bite you in the behind quickly
  6. Funny pics

    Damn. This is the second time Britain has nothing to eat because of germany in the last century: http://abcnews.go.com/International/kfc-closes-uk-due-shortage-chicken/story?id=53213136
  7. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Oh, I heard that: "We need more guns to protect us from the people we already gave guns". It was just...teachers. It instantly remidned me of that Hitchikers Guide Species i linked
  8. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Wait, guns for Teachers? That was literally a off-joke in one of the Hitchikers Guide Books: " The Silastic Armorfiends - that was just the name of their race, for the name of their army was something quite horrific that has fortunately been lost to time - were a race from planet Striterax who lived far back in Milky Way galactic history, when every idea worth fighting for was a new one. And fighting was what the Silastic Armorfiends were good at, and being good at it, they did a lot. They fought their enemies (i.e. everybody else), they fought each other. The best way to pick a fight with a Silastic Armorfiend was just to be born. They didn't like it, they got resentful, and when an Armorfiend got resentful, someone got hurt. An exhausting way of life, one might think, but they did seem to have an awful lot of energy. The best way of dealing with a Silastic Armorfiend was to put him into a room of his own because sooner or later he would simply beat himself up. Eventually they realized that this was something they were going to have to sort out, and they passed a law decreeing that anyone who had to carry a weapon as part of his normal Silastic work (policemen, security guards, elementary school teachers, etc.) had to spend at least forty-five minutes every day punching a sack of potatoes in order to work off his or her surplus aggressions. For a while this worked well, until someone thought that it would be much more efficient and less time-consuming if they just shot the potatoes instead. This led to a renewed enthusiasm for shooting all sorts of things, and they all got very excited at the prospect of their first major war for weeks." - http://alienencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Silastic_Armorfiend
  9. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Superman is a danger to Humanity. His Powerlevel is infinite. That is why he is the Boyscout. Anything beyond that and he becomes the single most scary being on the planet. That is why Batman always carries Kryptonite. That is why in many itterations, Superman gave the Kryptonite to Batman: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KryptoniteRing That is how well established a fact that is! This was not your usuall "CvK" Batman. He was not Flashpoint Pradox Batman, but he had become cruel (Alfreds words!). This was one who had fought Gotham Crime for 2 decades. He has lost at least one Robin (there is a decent argument the Leeto Joker used to be a Robin). He is cynical. He has seen more good people be corrupted by Gotham city then you had hot dates. He is seeing himself being corrupted. Alfred is mentioning he is being corrupted. And he had a grudge on superman from killing a lot of people in Waynecorps Metropolis residence. Batman is propably the only human that can kill him even with Kryptonite Weapons. And he is getting to old to do it much later. Batman was already falling into the Abyss: And they were at odds about how to fight Crime, what crime to fight and what not one way or the other. This was just the situation before Luthor did anything. Then Lex orchestrated Framing for a bunch of killings in Africa. Even if it would have been justified as self defense (defense of Lois Lane), public opinion was going against him. And it certainly put the danger of superman back into everyones head. Then there was an explosion in the Capitol. By all appearances a Paraplegic Suicide Bombed the Capitol, fully knowing he could not do anything to hurt Superman. There was everything needed to sell this: Bomb building Implement in his Apparment. All signs he was unmhinged in his Apparment. The checks comming back with explicit writing that Bruce had failed.* A Paraplegic that used to be part of the "Wayne Company Family". A Paraplegic that had been seemingly drive mad being crippeled by Superman. And THEN he got a warning from a Time Travelling Flash to "fear Superman". The chance that Superman was turning bad? More then 1%. People he saw turn bad over two decade or so? More then 100. The Window in wich Batman could still defeat Superman? Closing due to age. Burces Crusade against Gotham Crime? Having had no real effect for 20 years. Lex knew exactly wich of Batman/Bruce Waynes Buttons to press. He remarked it was "surprsingly easy". *The only minor hickup was taht Lois noted the fresh food. And even that did not amount to anything, because she was capture before she could tell superman. I guess we have to agree to disagree here.
  10. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Batman did know that. Indeed I have no idea how you got to such a creative missreading of waht I said, unless you somehow did not watch the movie. Yes, the Explosion was what caused Batman to implement his "kill Superman" plan. Lex mentioned it while talking to Batman. Nope, at no point did he asume Superman caused it.
  11. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    That is not what you said. You said: Asuming that Superman caused the Explosion is the Ludicrous part. Why did you ever write that? The answer was "I do not know". Wich is about what any decent Industrial Spy would say if their actions were found out. Also anyone that screwed up normally. Then the Capitol Exploded.
  12. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    That would be the sensible thing to do. So naturally people in america will say: "That might have worked in every other country on the planet, but it will not work for us. Because."
  13. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Yes, he knew superman did not cause the Explosion. How did you ever think that was his motivation? That is too ludicrous to even respond to. Batman still did some good work. He stopped a human trafficing ring as a side note to trying to get the Kryptonite. Also I want to see that explanation: "Do not worry about me shooting up this mostly abandoend Harbour. I just want to make a weapon against you, all powerfull alien that I do not tust." The key was behind a door they could not open. Just trying to use Zods actuall fingerprints (scraping them off his fingers) was apparently beyond them or they simply lacked the Knowledge of/access too Kryptonite And again: 1. If the Senator could not have gotten him access, Lex Luthor would not have bothered talking with him. A lowly Senator is way below his attention. 2. The Ship was just a nice bonus. Doomsday? Totally unexpected! He had access the moment the sneator gave it to him in Act 2. And he never even acted on having that access until the main plan (mostly Batman) was on Autopilot/had stolen the Kryptonite (Act 6 or so). But for optimal emotional impact, Bruce Wayne had to see them all at once. Had he seen it at any earlier time, this manipulation would have been found out. Hence the idea of using a already placed industrial Spy.
  14. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    It is not actually illegal for the president "to order the DoJ to take the nessesary steps for". But do not worry. That one good act does not compensate for the 30 misteps per month thus far.
  15. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    He only had decided to forge a Kryptonite weapon against Superman. You know, the normal "Contigency Plan" stuff: The decision to actually use it to kill him right now only happened after the "Suicide Bombing". And some pretty bad dreams off a future. And a time travelling flash giving him a warning to "fear him!". Luthor did remark it was "easy" getting him to do it. They had met twice before the decision was made. Once at Luthors place. Once when Superman gave him his Ultimatum. And his Morals had been eroded by 20 years of fighting crime. "We always were Criminals, nothing has changed." And being scared of superman turning bad is not a bad idea. Heck, that was the whole argument of Waller behind forming the suicide squad. Lex was the first one to even have the whole "Meta being" theory. And he was ridiculed for it by people who had the same data as him. It was basically "flat earth" or "hollow earth" theory stuff. Batman tends to be too focussed on Gotham. Even just making a contingency against Superman was a odd case. But it has ample precedence in the Comics and Animated Series. The Warehouse was heavier protected. If anything intercepting it in the largely abandoned Gotham harbor was less dangerous for everyone involved. He had pretty much written off getting Kryptonite after the chase ha failed. Only the "Suicide bombing" resulted in him trying to get it anyway, with success. Mind you, it is not like the Guards were told the plan. So they did their damndest to stop him. He was to emotional to even consider it. And he did not have Lois initial information (the Bullet) or connections either. Apparently his Detective Skills got a bit rusty over 20 years of fighting Gotham crime. Or this version never quite had them. If the Senator could not have done that, why would Luther have wasted time talking with him? He offered to help Lex. This is Lex Luthor. He does not go down to anything below "Major" or "President" unless he has a really good reason for it. And despite all this, Luthor still did not get the Kryptonite across the border. Wich was the one thing that actually matered for his plan. The whole ship deal? Yeah, that was just a bonus.