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  1. I am just rewatching the Extended Version of Batman vs Superman. And I have to say: Luthors plan is really damn good. It was a masterpiece 18+ months in the making. With lots of Contingencies prepared well ahead of time. The core plan was simple: Give Batfleck the willingness (Guilt) and the means (Kryptonite) to kill Superman. Public Outcry agaisnt Superman? Really just part of getting that Bomb into the Capitol. Doomsday? What a happy conincidence! Placing a Superman Call (throwing Lois of a building) and forcing Superman into the fight by capturing Martha? He would have prefered Lois had not figure that out. Everything beyond that? Really just a optional improovement to the plot. If this was a Kickstarter Campaign, you would call those "Stretchgoals". And all he really needed was to know "Bruce Wayne is Batman and Clark Kent is Superman". And the only Hickup was Lois Lane figuring out what was going on thanks to a stray bullet in her notebook and the "Suicide Bomber" having bought something to eat. So it was not quite as perfect as he wanted (Superman going after Batman of his own volition). It started just after Man of Steel: He infiltrated (or already had infiltrated as normal industrial Espioange) Wayne Enterprises to intercept a number of Wellfare checks to a certain Paraplegic (without Bruce Wayne knowing about it). He was also actively looking for a big piece Kryptonite in teh wreck of the Kryptonian World Former. He had already found a small peice early on, but what he needed was a big piece. His plan was to "give" it to Batman with enough plausible deniability. Finally he had placed KGBeast with a certain African Warlord. He also set up the women giving fake testimony during what was to come. Once he found big enough Kryptonite, he knew it was time to strike: He used KGBeast (or his own connections) to influence said African Warlord into accepting a Interview with Lois Lane. KGBeast then "found" the CIA Tracking device in the Camera. Betrayed the Warlord and his men. He burned the Corpses to make it appear as if Superman had heat-visioned them to death. The apparent terror act resulted in opinions going agaisnt Superman. Meanwhile in Gotham, Batman was "falling into the Abyss". This is not a new thing. It was mentioend was far back as Batman TAS. "I thank the heaven for any day you do not fall into it" - Alfred. But after around 20 years of being Batman, loosing at least one Robin (possibly one becomming the new Joker), he was falling into it. Branding and torturing villains for information was how it showed. Batman had gotten Luthors hints regarding the Kryptonite Shipment. It was already packed onto the Ship "White Portugese" at this point, only awaiting the allowance to be shipped in. Once again, KGBeast was integral to this part. He posed as leader of the Gotham Side Crime Syndicate that would "ferry in" the Kryptonite. Luthor managed to trick that one Senator to giving him access to the Ship and Zods corpse, so he could get the literall fingerprint from him. His intetion was to learn as much as he could about the Universe to protect Earth. But he also could not get distracted by all those possibilities. So he intentionally choose not to go inside despite having the means until his "Batman v Superman" plan was on Autopilot. The option to create Doomsday? That was just a "happy side effect". It was never part of the Original Plan. Getting Bruce and Klark to meet, was another master stroke: Getting Bruce there? He had ordered KGBeast to allow Bruce to copy his phone. So the need to get into the house to hack the Computers was appearing. He had also Invited Klark Kent specifically (via an obfuscation layer). I am not sure he intended for Diana Prince to be there or not. It could have been intentional (leaking to her that he had the digital photograph in his "Meta Beings File") to see how the 3 would interact. If they would recognise one another, or were just 3 random Metabeings with no connection. It did not really mater that much in teh Grand scheme. Even after Diana stole the stolen Data, only Bruce had the means to decrypt it. In any case Luthor leaked "Bruce Wayne is Batman" to Klark. I am note sure if the fire was part of the plan. Getting someone to start a fire someplace on the world during a celebration like day of the deadh would not have been hard for Luthor. But timing it properly would propably have been tricky. Does not really mater, Klark Kent would not make a big scene there. That Senator Finch would not let the Kryptonite in was a minor hickup. I am uncertain if the "Paraplegig Suicide Bomber" was a original plan, a contignency plan or just a reserve asset for spontaneous adaptation. He definitely would have prefered doing it without something as crude as a giant explosion but the guy could have done his job just talking as well. At the same time he hired someone to kill a Bat Branded guy via - you guessed it - KGBeast. And he send articles/photos detailing this to Klark Kent. Batman already wanted to stop Superman. He wanted since Man of Steel. Batman had even lied about who/what the white Portugese was to Alfred and it was him trying to get his hands on Kryptonite the whole time. However while he was plannign to make the weapon, it was not certain he would use it too. Getting Superman to wanting to stop batman was the hard part. I mean he always had the fallback plan of "taking Martha Hostage". But again, that was a cured tool. Batmans first attempt at getting the Kryptonite failed, due to Superman delivering his Ultimatum. Lex seemed almost annoyed about it. But he just grabbed it after teh Suicide Bombing. No setback- Luthor sending KGBeast to kill the African Witness was a minor setback too. It resulted in her confessing to Finch. Did not mater. KGBeast got her quickly after and finch died in the "Suicide Bombing". Luthors plan was to drive him firmly into the Edge of "killing Superman" by making it seem the Paraplegigc had suicide bombed hismelf to make a Statement. Finch, Mercy, the Paraplegic. All were just "pawns Sacrifices" for Luthor. And they did not fully realise it until to late. Lois never even got to mention that everyhing up to this was created by Luthor. It did not mater anymore after the suicide bombing. Until she realised this was part of Luthors plan too. While Lois did eventually get to that after being saved, it no longer mattered. KGBeast had Martha. Superman was forced into the fight - albeit via crude tool of coercion. And Batman was pretty much on Autopilot, asuming Superman was a inhuman danger and he was guilty off killing the Paraplegic.
  2. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Yes, he knew superman did not cause the Explosion. How did you ever think that was his motivation? That is too ludicrous to even respond to. Batman still did some good work. He stopped a human trafficing ring as a side note to trying to get the Kryptonite. Also I want to see that explanation: "Do not worry about me shooting up this mostly abandoend Harbour. I just want to make a weapon against you, all powerfull alien that I do not tust." The key was behind a door they could not open. Just trying to use Zods actuall fingerprints (scraping them off his fingers) was apparently beyond them or they simply lacked the Knowledge of/access too Kryptonite And again: 1. If the Senator could not have gotten him access, Lex Luthor would not have bothered talking with him. A lowly Senator is way below his attention. 2. The Ship was just a nice bonus. Doomsday? Totally unexpected! He had access the moment the sneator gave it to him in Act 2. And he never even acted on having that access until the main plan (mostly Batman) was on Autopilot/had stolen the Kryptonite (Act 6 or so). But for optimal emotional impact, Bruce Wayne had to see them all at once. Had he seen it at any earlier time, this manipulation would have been found out. Hence the idea of using a already placed industrial Spy.
  3. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    It is not actually illegal for the president "to order the DoJ to take the nessesary steps for". But do not worry. That one good act does not compensate for the 30 misteps per month thus far.
  4. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    He only had decided to forge a Kryptonite weapon against Superman. You know, the normal "Contigency Plan" stuff: The decision to actually use it to kill him right now only happened after the "Suicide Bombing". And some pretty bad dreams off a future. And a time travelling flash giving him a warning to "fear him!". Luthor did remark it was "easy" getting him to do it. They had met twice before the decision was made. Once at Luthors place. Once when Superman gave him his Ultimatum. And his Morals had been eroded by 20 years of fighting crime. "We always were Criminals, nothing has changed." And being scared of superman turning bad is not a bad idea. Heck, that was the whole argument of Waller behind forming the suicide squad. Lex was the first one to even have the whole "Meta being" theory. And he was ridiculed for it by people who had the same data as him. It was basically "flat earth" or "hollow earth" theory stuff. Batman tends to be too focussed on Gotham. Even just making a contingency against Superman was a odd case. But it has ample precedence in the Comics and Animated Series. The Warehouse was heavier protected. If anything intercepting it in the largely abandoned Gotham harbor was less dangerous for everyone involved. He had pretty much written off getting Kryptonite after the chase ha failed. Only the "Suicide bombing" resulted in him trying to get it anyway, with success. Mind you, it is not like the Guards were told the plan. So they did their damndest to stop him. He was to emotional to even consider it. And he did not have Lois initial information (the Bullet) or connections either. Apparently his Detective Skills got a bit rusty over 20 years of fighting Gotham crime. Or this version never quite had them. If the Senator could not have done that, why would Luther have wasted time talking with him? He offered to help Lex. This is Lex Luthor. He does not go down to anything below "Major" or "President" unless he has a really good reason for it. And despite all this, Luthor still did not get the Kryptonite across the border. Wich was the one thing that actually matered for his plan. The whole ship deal? Yeah, that was just a bonus.
  5. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    They still had those in their guns. A perk of being Private Security for Lex Luthor while in a Wartorn country is having the best he can offer! And it did not even disrupt the plan in the least. It allowed Lois to show us just how smart Luthor is. But it changed nothing relevantly (until they got to working together, maybe). That scoutship was about 10k years old. It was also only operating at about 37%. And they use good old fashioend physical keys with their crests on it. Luthor seemed to only need the fingerprints to get into the command room. From there it was the key wich granted him access. At no point was he refered to as "General Zod" by the ship. He was not listening. I think letting him walk into two traps in a row would have been a obvious clue. The Superman wanted to pound him into submission. And then they had started the fight with Kryptonite weaponry. Superman had to give it everything he got and he still almost died. "I trick Batman into killing Superman." Seems a rather simple plan. All he really needed was: - Batfleck having Kryptonite weaponry - Batfleck wanting to kill Superman - Superman fighting Batfleck. As I said, everything else was just a stretch goal or a intermediate goal. As for Lex working with others: The only people he worked with were Mercy (wich he killed) and KGBeast (wich is a Mercenary, so as long as the money fits the psycho does not mater). That senator? He literally offered to help him. And well, Amanda Waller from JLU puts working with Luthor like this: "I knew he was a snake, but I still let him bite me!"
  6. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    What could proof to the conservatives taht Academia is not a liberal echo chamber? Nothing. They will continue to believe that. Trying to convince religious fanatics is pointless. All you can do is support them, by not saying you disagree. Trump can not accept to he 2nd at anything. Especially the bad stuff. We had 1 year to get used to him. His was at bad or even worse then we predicted. He will not improove from this.
  7. Funny pics

    Rightwing "Womens March" in Berlin, Germany: If I look really hard, I can actually find 3 women in there. With 1-2 "undecided" cases.
  8. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Killing them off was nessesary from a story perspective. Otherwise the question over everyones head would have been: "Where were they duing the battle of Yavin?"
  9. Odd Robot Personalities

    Robots. Droids. Synthethics. However you call them, they are a staple of SciFi. But they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I noticed a number of very interesting variations in particular in Star Wars the Old Republic. Having 8 base Classes, the Developers tried to give most of them at least one unique "Quirky Droid" companion. C2-N2 - shared droid for all Republic Characters. C2 is a costodian droid of Spaceships, and such every Republic Player aquries on with his ship. Apparently the series is "overlerly focussed on Comfort" and pleasing his master. If he does not have a Critical Crafting result he calls that "less then Ideal". His Alliance Alert propably speaks for itself:
  10. In other news...

    And beyond that, it depends on how strictly the laws are enforced on the local level. In some regions they will ask you for your ID if they can not tell for certain you are above legal age. In other they propably know your family and know they would just buy it for you, so you could drink it.
  11. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    By claiming it is fake news, the imagned Deep State and/or they invented the term fake news.
  12. In other news...

    When reading that I instantly felt reminded of this Movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World's_End_(film) But we are still talking over the internet, so that was propably not it
  13. In other news...

    Wood? Let's re-use it as building material. Maybe even armor: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature25476.epdf
  14. Funny pics

    There is a common misconception that the equatorial trench is where the flight taskes place. But it is actually one of the polar trenches.
  15. More space news!

    As the article mentioned, the Delta IV has prooven a much higher reliability. If the price difference was that small, they would pick the Delta IV 95% of the time. But yes, the pricing is oddly low profit. But taht might just be him trying to make a Monopol by driving teh competition out of the market.
  16. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    So, my Shadowrun group now switched to Warhammer Fantasy 2nd Edition, a custom Adventure (or maybe a adapted Package) "Quest for the Southlands". The story is that some Elf Prince wanted to make a expediton into the southern Southlands. The Pheonix king said "I disagree. But while I can not stop you personally, none of my Subjects can go with you". So acordingly the Group starts in Marienburg and has a very heavy "maritime Theme", specifically recruited for that mission: Prince Arathion, Highelf, NPC, Questgiver Rolf Bloem, human Manaan Priest (Water, Weather, Seatravel) Ilumaris, elven mage that learnt in Altdorf (thus technically not a subject of the Phoenix king) Jotunn Eisenbart (Iron beard), Dwarf Marine Soldier. Also me It is worth noting that aside from me and the GM, nobody has any real knowledge of the setting Character creation: You roll 2D10+ racial basis (20, with some 10 or 30) for each Atribute in sequence. You can use the average result (11) for one of them. Jotunn (OOC): "I am seriously thinking about using the average for my Fellowship (Charisma)" GM: "Then you would be the 3rd one doing that with Fellowship this evening". Jotunn (OOC): "Okay, I think average Balistics Skill then." We played the rules a bit looser. Like being able to freely pick our classes (rather then rolling 2 at Random): GM: "You were a bit undecided, Wich career did you pick?" Jotunn: "It was a tossup between Mercenary and Marine Solider. But I picked the Marine Soldier in the end." GM: "What made the difference?" Jotunn: "The Mercenary does not have the 'Drink Alcohol' skill and I just can not play a dwarf that can not hold his ale." First on the Agenda is finding a suitable ship, because without a Elven Crew he can hardly use a Elven Ship. We do find one for cheap. needs some work, wich is good so because the group was not exactly liking the name: Harbor Master: "The Sea Whore, typical van Zandt name" Arathion: "The ship can stay, but not with that Name!" Rolf (OOC): "As a Manaan Priest, I would say we rename it 'The Albatros' " Rolf (OOC): "Let us see what Manaan Priests believe in *starts reading the list*: Women aboard bring bad luck Naked women aboard calms the sea, wich is why so many galleon figures are of naked women A coin under the mast brigns good fortune A cat aboard brings good luck A cat aboard brings bad luck" Ilumaris (OOC): "So basically we need Shroedingers Cat?" We are tasked wick picking and statting out important NPC Characters. WH Fantasy uses "Careers" where you get all the skills and avancements. The pick a new Career (usually from the Career exits). These Characters can/need to have multiple careers: "1 Sea Captain 1st Mate A few more mates Helmsman Navigator Doctor Carpenter Cook - wait, what was he in his previous career?" Magic in Warhammer Fantasy is dangerous: GM: "If all the dice show a 1, your spell automatically fails" Illumaris: "I only roll 1D10". GM: "You do get more later, but that is another downside" Illumaris: "How so?" GM: "If multiple dice show the same number, there is a seperate table to roll on and tht one is really ugly" Jotunn: "Basically your chance to screw up drops from 10% to 1%. But you get a 10% chance to screw up in new and exciting ways!" 2nd session: The GM was enthusiastic about showing off "how elves do magic". Basically they can see (and relatively freely manipulate) the winds of magic if there are any around. The request for a excursion a few hours outside of the City however is really puzzling. But he pays, so he is the boss. But we do take a coach. We drive a few hours. At the first major crossroads we hold. He goes up a hill. Pulls out some weird sperical contraption. Does some adjustment. It starts glowing. He comes back down and we continue. GM: The Coach Driver is confused. Jotunn: "I shrug with the shoulder and tell him: Elves do elven things." We repeat that that navigation step once more And then a final time. In the middle of a market place. In a small village full of superstitious villagers. The last part we have to walk on foot. We notice that the path is somewhat travelled and we find a rock. But not a normal Rock, but a "Waystone". A marker of the ancient ones, wich happens to be placed where two leylines cross. Accordingly the area is strong in magic. We start freeing it and notice that apparently the Villagers also use it as shrine to some local Manaan Martyr. Apparently the Etheral Sight views the winds of magic as various colors Ilumaris: "The Colors of Magic?" So the two elves start talking about wich colors they see, why the two non-elves stand idly by. GM: There is a lot of green. And a bit of blue. Next to no red, purple or black." Jotunn: "We see a rock." Rolf: "It is grey." Finally the manage to "untangle" something in the winds, wich results in the small wellspring at the botom of the shrine/waystone to get a lot stronger. Jotunn: "Ah, elves. Natures Sewage workers" GM: "The Elves act as if they did not hear you" Rolf: "And you really should not tell that to a Manaan priest". Unfortunately our little excursion did not go Unnoticed. Villagers are a approaching. Wich Torches, Pitchforks, a Sigmar priest and words like "Magic at the shrine" and "burn the witches" on their lips. So now we have to talk down the people. Ilumaris (OOC): "I do not understand. Is magic illegal or legal now?" Jotunn (OOC): "Out here that is different form Lynchmob to Lynchmob." The issues is it does have an effect - a refresing to healing one. And it does not help the NPC keeps using the wrong words - the ones starting with "M" and ending on "agic" - in front a ptichfork and torch wielding mob. Something "round but soft" is being thrown, but misses. Finally we manage to talk them down. Apparently the idea of a shrine with a spring that has healing properties does appeal to them. And especially the attention (and money) from Pilgrimages it will bring them. Ilumaris (OOC): "Say, what was it they had throw at us anyway? Rotten Fruit." GM: "No, that looks more like sheep dung..." Jotunn: "I told you. Only sewage workers had to deal with that much crap!"
  17. In other news...

    If anything, this is a confirmation.
  18. Federal Laws. Organising stuff like that is literally why you keep the Federal Agencies around. While it sounds good, it sounds like a Overcompensation. If hte US had a decent Social Security System, being fired would not be nearly as devastating. So this exceptional amout of protection would not be needed.
  19. In other news...

    Guess what Breitbart has to say to that? "Isreals deep state": http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2018/02/13/caroline-glick-israel-deep-state-targets-netanyahu-bogus-charges/ To be clear: Disband only to recreate it from scratch. A clean slate. And it was not like the idea was going anywhere anyway.
  20. In other news...

    You know, most countries have official statistic for stuff like this. You know, people dying and stuff. The Weapon Lobby even prevents that much sanity. Also they did clearly mention their Definiton in the Article. You were informed by the 3rd Sentence/2nd Pargraph. Doign stuff like that is strongly supporting credibility in my book.
  21. Okay, I do not understand how this could be interpreted as something sexual? Who actually says that? If nobody actually says that, then it is just distraction. Uniform Standart? Oh, that will trigger a lot of Conservatives "Evil Federal Government" Paranoia.
  22. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Yeah, meant those. Fixed it now.
  23. Funny pics

    He can try to make up for it by making dinner tonight.
  24. I do not get how that happened. How did their wrongfull accusations net them a Proteciton Status and not getting fired?
  25. In other news...

    The allies were the Victors of WW2. But only a complete moron would doubt the Holocaust. Mostly because we germans love to have documentation of everything, even industrialised mass murder. "Maybe our claims about the Jewish world conspiracy are not true, but they feel like they could be true and that is the real problem..." any Nazi between WW1 and WW2. Those who do not learn from teh past, are doomed to repeat it.