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  1. Love this! My favorite export format. Feature request: A thumbnail of the exported character image on the "Character Info" page. If not possible, a separate page with the character image.
  2. Figured it out. Open Chrome and type the following URL: file:///pathto/character.HTML example: file:///sdcard/Download/Tedric.HTML You can then bookmark it. I have no idea why Android uses "sdcard" as the path for internal storage.
  3. Looks awesome! Question: Why do you need an HTML viewer? Can't the exported html file be opened in your phone/tablet's default web browser (e.g. Chrome)?
  4. Hi Steve. The 40mm grenade launchers (e.g. M203) are built with a +1 STUNx. Several of the grenade rounds (e.g. 40mm Fragmentation) are also built with a +1 STUNx. Are these Stun Multipliers cumulative? Thanks.
  5. I can confirm this error exists in Linux as well.
  6. 6e Export and missing logo

    Open your exported HTML character sheet in a text editor (like Notepad). Do a search for the text string "HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg". You will find several instances. The first instance will say src="HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg". This is the logo that is showing up. The remaining instances will say src="/images/HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg". These are the missing logos. Simply edit the HTML file to remove the /images/ string from all instances and save. The logo will now appear on your other pages. I'm sure someone with more knowledge of HTML has an easier solution.
  7. Hi Dan. The "Real Weapon" limitation is unavailable in the 6E Vehicle template. Don't know if the same exists in the Base template. Should I just create a custom limitation?
  8. Rpg Settings you like, regardless of system .

    The Hyborian Kingdoms from various Conan RPG iterations. My Fantasy Hero campaign (on and off since 1992) takes place there. Mongoose Publishing has some great sourcebooks for the Hyborian Age, which I have thoroughly looted for the Hero System. Pure Sword & Sorcery goodness!
  9. Stuff in Hyperspace?

    Here's how I modeled a Traveller Jump-2 drive in HERO: Jump-2 Drive - 33 Points: Teleportation 62m, MegaRange (1m = 1 trillion km; +4) (310 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Week, -4 1/2), OIF Immobile (-1 1/2), 4 Charges (Recovers Under Limited Circumstances (Gas Giant Skimming/Water/Refined Fuel; -1 1/4), Conditional Power (Power does not work in Common Circumstances) (Non-Functional In A Gravity Well; -1/2), Requires A Skill Roll (Jumpspace Navigation; -1/2) Fuel charges are sufficient for 4 jumps. 1 parsec = 31 trillion km, hence the Teleportation range. The Limitation "Extra Time (1 Week, -4 1/2)" provides you with your Special Effect. The week-long Teleportation is spent in jumpspace/hyperspace/nullspace/slipstream or whatever you choose. Blowing the Jumpspace Navigation roll results in your "random bad stuff".
  10. Thanks. Looks like the 6e RAW deals with this situation. I never noticed this in 5e and just assumed.
  11. On your phase, using 1/2 move to get behind your opponent to attack from the rear, and on your opponent's phase, they use 1/2 move to get behind you to attack from the rear. Ad infinitum.
  12. Hero System Skills (6th Edition) contains new Skills and Skill Enhancers.
  13. What sources do you base your sf universes on?

    Doc Smith's Lensman series. My players are still at a level where they don't even know an intergalactic war is going on around them. I use AstroSynthesis for 3D star mapping. http://www.nbos.com/products/astrosynthesis Various other authors for alien encounters. My favorite is Christopher Rowley's Vang.
  14. "Penetrating" Attacks

    As mrinku said, Penetrating and Impenetrable cancel each other out completely. As per 6E1 147 (and the errata): "Impenetrable (+1⁄4): A Defense Power with this Advantage is particularly resistant to Penetrating attacks. An attack with Penetrating applies normally against an Impenetrable defense; the usual “minimum damage” effect is ignored. Characters can buy Impenetrable multiple times to counteract multiple purchases of Penetrating. A character’s normal PD and ED, as well as any Defense Power, can be Impenetrable. A character must buy Impenetrable with each of his Defenses separately; a character who has a Impenetrable PD doesn’t automatically get Impenetrable ED, for example. A character cannot have partially Impenetrable defenses. A given defense must be all Impenetrable, or it’s not Impenetrable at all. A character can, however, have some defenses that are Impenetrable, and others that are not."
  15. Changing "Member Title" in Profile

    Then it's definitely post number related. I've been a member since 31 Aug 2003 and there's no text field to change the Member Title.