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  1. Found this article in a 1985 issue of "Daredevil Adventures", written by George MacDonald himself! It is for converting old Daredevils adventures to Justice Inc., but should be useful for Pulp Hero, also. There is a lot of DD material floating around the interwebs. Enjoy this bit of pulpy nostalgia! Converting Daredevils Adventures To Justice Inc.pdf
  2. Traveller HERO Sourcebook PDF: http://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/721-traveller-hero-sourcebook-pdf/ Does anyone know which PDF this corresponds to on the Traveller HERO CD? I can't seem to locate it. Contents CDROM Traveller HERO.pdf
  3. Traveller Hero is BACK!!!!

    Traveller HERO Sourcebook PDF http://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/721-traveller-hero-sourcebook-pdf/ Which book does this correspond to on the Traveller HERO CD? I can't seem to locate it. Contents CDROM Traveller HERO.pdf
  4. Java for Android

    Does anyone know if there is a JVM implementation for Android that would allow for the running of Hero Designer?
  5. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    Look here for a prefab for assault rifles. They are built as Compound Powers. http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/286-modern-assault-rifles/ Grenade launchers are built as STR, Only To Make Standing Or Prone Throws Of Grenades (-2) The actual grenade itself is a RKA with AoE Explosion. Range based on STR. All can be combined in a Hero Designer List.
  6. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    Scott constructed his Multipowers with enough reserve points to run everything at full-power simultaneously, so technically it does work. As LoneWolf said, there is a better way to do it. You can use the "List" feature, as LoneWolf mentioned. You could also construct the armor as a Compound Power.
  7. Traveller, anyone?

    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, we converted our Traveller campaign to the Hero System years ago. My players have been cruising around in a Gazelle Close Escort which they have modified over the course of the campaign. Attached here for your review and enjoyment, upgraded to 6th Edition using design standards from Traveller Hero. We tried to keep the Traveller feel for ship design. Any graphics and renderings included are not my designs but rather, gleaned from the interwebs. Gazelle Close Escort.pdf
  8. Thanks! It took me a little while to understand the "No Range" modifier on a ranged AoE attack, until I tried to build a flamethrower (No Range, AoE Line) and a grenade launcher (AoE Explosion). That was my "Eureka!" moment. Would there ever be a reason to use "No Range" on a ranged attack that wasn't AoE?
  9. For Area-of-Effect attacks which originate on the user (e.g. flamethrower, breath weapon, etc.), should it be built as HKA (Ranged, No Strength Bonus) or RKA (No Range)? What's the difference? Thanks.
  10. OK. HD is now letting me saved a Ranged Attack with a STR Min Limitation. It might have been an old template issue. HD Version 20171119.
  11. Planetary Romance Setting: Sard

    Yes, please. Any of your Planetary Romance material is welcome. Love the genre. Did you ever get to "Warlord of Sard"?
  12. Try saving the character and then reopening it. On mine, the "STR minimum" limitation disappears from the Ranged Attack.
  13. Interesting. Hero Designer does not allow adding a STR minimum on a Ranged Attack unless you include the adder "STR Min. Cannot Add/Subtract Damage". Looking in 6E2, it doesn't look like the RAW permit adding STR bonus damage to Ranged Attacks. Unless I'm missing something. 6E2 p199: "Characters can also apply STR Minimum to Ranged weapons, such as bows, crossbows, and guns. However, those weapons are built with Blast or RKA, neither of which add damage from STR. Therefore characters can never add damage to these weapons by using extra STR..." Any other ideas? Thanks.
  14. How would I construct a Ranged Weapon (Heroic Campaign) that allows a character to add in their STR bonus for damage? e.g. Odysseus' Bow. Use Hand-to-Hand attack with the "Ranged" modifier?
  15. Love this! My favorite export format. Feature request: A thumbnail of the exported character image on the "Character Info" page. If not possible, a separate page with the character image.