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  1. STAR TREK: Discovery

    I also liked the mid-season finale. Very fast-paced, good drama, action, and fewer plot holes (hah). Wish there was a bit more ship combat in this series, and wish there was a bit more strategy than just "our advanced tech trumps your advanced tech" this time. Visually, also liked how they're bringing a lot of the control surfaces closer to TOS (actual colored buttons and switches, less of the LCARS touch screens). I have grave issues about the Klingon ship designs, less so about the Klingons (maybe this Klingon fad of shaving their scalps will end, and they'll start growing hair again).
  2. Gamemechanics of the Enterprise D

    Wow! This is a lot of work. Will you consolidate things later?
  3. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I have the PDF. I like what I've read so far. Btw, any chance the PDFs can be updated with minor typo corrections?
  4. The Last Word

    Re: The Last Word fear not!
  5. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Downton Abbey Christmas Special Conan (recent flick) Double Vision (rewatch; I love that film -- the buddy chemistry between Lau and Morse is great)
  6. Beginner's Martial Arts Maneuvers

    Re: Beginner's Martial Arts Maneuvers I recommend adding in a special +1 skill level in OCV on an Activation Roll to indicate the difficulty that some "experienced" martial artists have in fighting beginners because they sometimes misread their crappy stances and awkward moves.
  7. The Chicxulub impact

    Re: The Chicxulub impact Urizen: "Ooh, I don't like those dinosaurs. They're all so cold-blooded. And they don't have opposable thumbs. Let's give the mammals a chance to screw up the world."
  8. Screenshots

    Re: Screenshots Haha! I love it! Did you feel the Monarch's sting? ("But Monarch butterflies don't sting...")
  9. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Illium was the last one I finished, I believe. By Dan Simmons. No, wait... Book 1 of the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson.
  10. Mutants and Masterminds vs. HERO

    Bell Curves and Linears I would imagine that if you really wanted a bell curve, you could change rolling D20 in M&M for a 2d10 or 3d6, making minor adjustments to the rules here an there. Or am I totally off base?
  11. Pics that could be a Super Team ;)

    Re: Pics that could be a Super Team Hey... howabout using this as a basis for a mystical female "Galactus"-type character? It's the Queen of the Cosmos with her four Heralds!
  12. The New Circle

    Re: The New Circle I like all these heroes... and the villains especially. My players all seem to favor mystically powered heroes and now I have something to throw at them...
  13. Superhero Images

    Re: Superhero Images Holy Cow! I remember this guy. He also had 360 degree vision (only in the forward arc) allowing him to never take his eyes off his chess opponents' eyes while moving chesspieces. Unfortunately, he also had monochromatic vision which occasionally gave us problems ("Push the red button. RED! RED!")
  14. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Hm... could've sworn Yao Ming was taller than that...
  15. NGD Forum Presidential Race.

    Re: NGD Forum Presidential Race. Crikey... 28 pages to read and figure out what the heck this thread is about...