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  1. Goodbye Balabanto

    Oh no.
  2. Visibility of Aid-ed points

    At some point the amount of damage it looks like it has taken (but hasn't because of DEF+IPE) it going to strain even the most gullible of players' belief. If they hit that blob with an attack that would level a city, and would turn other blobs into a red (or green if copper-based) paste on the ground - and it appears to do the same here, yet the blob still keeps going... What would you tell the players then?
  3. Visibility of Aid-ed points

    While the effect of an Obvious power may be Obvious (it causes a wound with SFX-relate telltales, for instance), the _size_ of that wound (it was 12 BODY after defenses) would IMO not be Obvious. Whether that 12 BODY wound actually killed the target would not be obvious because while it is arguable about the Obviousness of how much damage an Obvious power inflicted, the amount of BODY a target has is not. Aside: Personally, I find IPE on defenses very hard to justify in terms of stating the effect of an attack power to the attacker. "I hit him until he's a red paste on the ground" - "Well, he's a red paste on the ground, but he get up again"... 0.o
  4. Visibility of Aid-ed points

    Thanks for all the discussion (which I am sure will likely continue ). To clarify a little, my main goal was to understand if specifying a clearly noticeable and distinctly separate SFX for being under the influence of my own Aid (before using any boosted power) was worth a Limitation, or if that was how the power was supposed to be defined by default. I have an electrical SFX brick/blaster. Lightning Bolts and Ball Lightning. One power I was considering was a "power up" (i.e., Aid to some of my powers). I was wondering if, after the Aid is used and while the Aid points persisted, should he have an aura of "zap/crackle" sparks popping off - which is not present for any of his other powers. From the RAW provided by Durzan Malakim, it would indeed appear to me that this should be the case, and is not a Limitation. YMMV.
  5. While the use of the Aid power is visible, is the effect of that power also visible? If I Aid someone's power, is there any visible indicator that that character is under the beneficial effect of that Aid? If the Aid-ed points themselves don't come with any visibility, what kind and value of a Limitation would it be to make them visible?
  6. Questions about Aid-ing a Multipower

    Thanks HM! I knew I was forgetting something - to look under the Framework rules. I thought there was rules against what I was thinking, but I couldn't find it in the section on Adjustment Powers, or on Aid itself. Now for a follow-up question. How big of a Limitation on the Aid would it be if, when any boosted slot in the Multipower in question is used, all of the Aid-ed points fade immediately (i.e., the 'boost' is a one-shot increase)?
  7. Questions about Aid-ing a Multipower

    I did state 6E.
  8. Hello all, been away for a long time. Also gotten a little rusty in my Hero-Fu, so I thought I'd ask here. These questions are specifically for 6E. 1. Can a Multipower with an AID slot boost the whole Multipower (a -0 Limitation on the Aid to prevent it from being also boosted will also be added)? If so, what advantages do I need? (The -0 Limitation is my idea to forestall any accusations of a munchkiny build.) 2. If I boost the entire (except for the AID slot) framework, will switching away from a boosted slot *to* another boosted slot still cause the first slot to drop its boost? Please provide page references so I can brush up! Thanks in advance.
  9. The cranky thread

    Oh, and I got let go from work yesterday. Apparently, being human and suffering from insomnia from the above isn't tolerated.
  10. A Thread for Random Musings

    Hello, I thought I'd give this place a visit again, and give a summary of my 2014 year: * Lost a 9-year coworker and friend in Feb. when he attempted to kill his ex-wife and then committed suicide. * Lost my last uncle (and my mother's last sibling) to natural causes in March. * Lost a friend (and good GM) to heart attack and resulting brain damage. Alive, but very little is left. * Lost my mother in May when my father had an episode of dementia and strangled her to death barehanded. * Lost my father (see above). Alive, but mentally fading, and incarcerated. * Found out my oldest sister has lymphoma in August * Found out my middle sister's husband has cancer in August. * Helped my sisters clean up/out our parent's home. I can safely say that 2014 is the worst year of my life. I have always been an advocate for "fighting the good fight", but I think I'm beginning to comprehend what can drive a person to do something... rash. On the upside, I've found that I have a fairly good ability to hold my liquor. I hope other's fared better.
  11. Funny pics

    Simultaneously read both lines below: [KnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnockKnock] "PenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenneyPenney"
  12. Funny pics

    Is Scuba Hero still around here? This one reminded me of him. http://www.dailyfailcenter.com/138459 Note: Some profanity in the image.
  13. "Neat" Pictures

    Big Damn Heroes! from: http://www.teefury.com/gallery/2638/Mt__Awesome/
  14. Funny pics

    The next one is even better IMO:
  15. Funny pics

    Freefall web comic: