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  1. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    How about Ultron? Or one of the Iron Man drones from AoU? Maybe an android from Westworld? Or Hector from Saturn 7? Iron Giant? Baymax? Chopper or KS20? Skeets? One of the bots from Metalhead (Black Mirror)? ABC Warrior? Spider-Slayers? Zenyatta, Orisa or Bastion from Overwatch? Gort?
  2. How does one become the Archmage?

    Isn't that also how you get a bunch of spell books on tape?
  3. Mutant and Masterminds conversions

    Doc, that sounds much like games we used to play back in the mid-80s. At first we tried to do mechanical conversions using some of the documentation that hit magazines and such, but characters never converted properly. So we started working off the concept and using the other stats to eyeball where they should be.
  4. Mutant and Masterminds conversions

    DCV is an average of Dodge and Parry, while Will is DECV. Toughness gives you a rough estimate of how much damage a character should be able to take. So Toughness 10 might translate to 20rPD/rED. In all honesty, I would skip the direct conversion and work more on creating the concept with M&M stats acting as a blueprint.
  5. Villain Minifigs

    I'd love to see Hero Pawns like Pathfinder has.
  6. Tips for conversion from Mutants and Masterminds to Hero

    A lot of conversion is eyeballing it. Don't look for a steady formula, but rather look for the feel of the character.
  7. Power Armory

    Well, technically, Tony Stark is Everything Man as he's usually written. And whether it's Multiform or VPP, the character would have the same issues. I think the magic here is to limit it in-game. Slow down the transformation, RSR, etc. Is there a better option?
  8. Power Armory

    I was playing around with a few ideas and was wondering how folks build a Power Armory akin to what Iron Man has. Would you use Multiform to represent the various armors?
  9. Vixen from DC Comics?

    Unlike Animal Man, Vixen's not as dependent on the wildlife around her. I would go with a MP with ultra slots like "Flight of the Eagle", "Strength of the Gorilla", "Charge of the Elephant" etc. To my knowledge, she's never shapeshifted, but does have a totem aura that flashes around her (which would be a visible power effect). Her amulet would be the source of her powers (IAF, potentially with a gesture effect "must touch amulet to gain power"). Animal Man, on the other hand, would be more likely to have a VPP dependent on the animals around him.
  10. Mutant and Masterminds conversions

    I had originally looked at creating a power that mimics what Affliction does in Hero, but realized very quickly that it'd make no sense for the same reasons you cited. I wouldn't worry about tight conversions when doing your own.
  11. Mutant and Masterminds conversions

    Excellent choices. In some of the home games, they've been a pain for the heroes. I'm not sure if I want to start from the beginning with Champions conversions, or if it'll be a smattering when they come out. Still might be a bit though... I'm looking at formats and such.
  12. Mutant and Masterminds conversions

    Thanks, Pheonix! It's nice to hear when folks enjoy my supervillains. I've been tweaking a few and may release some for Hero in the semi-near future. When converting, I multiply the base numbers by 2.67 to get a rough point estimate budget before creating the characters. Then, when looking at powers, I work on a 1:5 ratio (using Damage vs. Blast as an estimate). I do agree with Doc, though, and think it's always better to model the character without worrying about points. This also allows you to gauge them well in comparison to your heroes. Just out of curiosity, which ones are you planning on using?
  13. Just a coincidence?

    The Heroic logo is more a play on the old FASERIP logos IIRC. The developer is a friend of mine and is creating a system for his comic line.
  14. How would you make this villain work?

    As a human, maybe he used a super-sonic flight harness with some armor. This might also give him micro-missiles (autofire/explosion blast), machine gun gauntlets (autofire RKA), and a Gravity Winch built into the harness (TK). As he transitions to a bird-man, maybe he has claws (HKA), Wing Blades (AP HKA), and maybe a few gadgets that he wore as a human. In both forms, he might have a bonus to DCV based on an acrobatics/aerobatics check.
  15. HERO Philosophy: What is a Focus?

    Something else to keep in mind when dealing with Foci is prep and ready time. Take someone like Iron Man for example. He doesn't always wear the suit, and changing into it can be a chore unless you have something like Instant Change tied into it. Even then, the suit can be damaged, overridden, stolen, gain sentience, and be copied to use against them. The same, to some extent, could be said about Thor, Captain America, Batman, and Hawkeye, who have all had their share of complications due to their gear. Should this happen all the time? Of course not. Just like someone being Hunted by Viper shouldn't have the Supreme Serpent knocking on his door like a nosy neighbor. It shows up when the story needs it to.