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  1. Full Power

    Short answer, Yes. Charges define number of uses, but not the amount of damage you can set them for with each use. As others have mentioned, always at full power is a separate Limitation.
  2. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Your avatar suggests you may be biased.
  3. Justice League Film

    For all his scheming, Loki in Avengers was just there to set things up for the minions of Thanos, the real threat. It's questionable whether the nuclear strike would even have penetrated the shield around the Tesseract, and if not, Loki might have been toast but that wouldn't have stopped the invasion.
  4. Full Power

    Your armored suit doesn't sound all that high-tech if it's still employing gun powder. There are plenty of rationales you can use : modular interchangeable warheads with variable payloads; injection of varying amounts of explosive and/or propellant before firing; changing the pressurization of the firing chamber so the initial velocity of the rocket is reduced. If instead of rockets you define the weapon as a mini-railgun, just varying the power to the magnetic accelerator will reduce the velocity and force of the projectile.
  5. Justice League Film

    See above.
  6. Justice League Film

    Funny, the latest upcoming Star Wars film is one I'm really looking forward to. But my SW consumption has exclusively been movies, not TV animation or novels or comics or video games. If I was into the whole SW universe package I might be tired of the setting myself by now.
  7. Justice League Film

    I'm feeling a little fatigued with the genre. I haven't watched a superhero movie since Wonder Woman. But I'm not a heavy movie-goer at the best of times. Ironically, the whole shared-universe angle is what's bothering me the most. I want to see a movie that focuses on its own self-contained story, not spends half its time referencing or foreshadowing other movies. I don't like feeling that I need to see or to have seen something else to really appreciate what I'm looking at now.
  8. I'm tired of superhero movies, but...

    Marvel owns a character who practically is Fu Manchu, the Yellow Claw/ Golden Claw, who could effortlessly substitute for him in Shang-Chi's backstory.
  9. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Just keep fighting the good fight; but do it with reason and patience. The reasonable people will eventually hear you. I know they're not as loud as the crazies, but there are more of them, and they're the ones who always clean up after the crazies have inevitably exhausted themselves.
  10. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "Are you going to eat that?"
  11. Enough zombies?

    As Aristotle pointed out in his analysis of drama, Poetics, events in fiction do not have to be possible in real life, as long as they are probable within the "reality" of the fictive world. Comic-book superhumans being able to lift and throw huge objects is a universal convention of the genre going back generations. Same thing with punching someone and sending the punchee flying, without the puncher flying back in reaction. The consistency of the convention creates its own pseudo-law of physics. It's not necessarily arbitrary -- the super-strength example is just an amplification of what can be accomplished by a human with normal strength. Likewise, the behavior and physical/mental capabilities of zombies are conventionalized so that we accept them as part of the genre. However, zombie movies have varied those conventions at times; I always chuckle at the intensity of the debate among fans over "fast" zombies versus "slow" zombies.
  12. Wonder Woman

    Well, it worked out well after Austin lost three limbs and an eye. But his crashed shuttle didn't have any Tesseract-energy bombs or flammable poison gas aboard, so there you go.
  13. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    IMO different era, different political realities.
  14. Wonder Woman

    IMNSHO an insightful video essay:
  15. RIP David Cassidy

    At least he's free from pain. Death is a blessing at times. Still too soon, though. And I remember watching The Partridge Family first-run with my mother. I'm old.
  16. Enough zombies?

    I can certainly understand and respect that. Relative creepiness is subjective, but they're both pretty damn creepy. And I don't grasp the emotional appeal of either of them.
  17. Help with Magic Items

    Well, no. I'm not saying that at all. The impression I've gotten from your question and comments is that you want to use the game system mechanics to build a spell that your PC can use to enchant items with powers on demand, and give those items to people to wield those powers with, as often as you want to as many people as you want. If that's what you want to do, I suggested a few ways to do that, depending on the specifics of how you want them to work. I and others also suggested ways to, for example, make a Ring of Invisibility that doesn't involve UOO or Transform, at all. The game doesn't require you to use those specific Powers or Advantages -- you could approach the process via one of the other methods. You seemed to be setting parameters that I was trying to fill. If that isn't what you want to do, you're welcome to clarify your intentions and we can try again.
  18. Wonder Woman

    Or stop riding in planes full of lethal bombs.
  19. Help with Magic Items

    Okay, maybe what we're running into is a confusion of terminology. That would not be uncommon for someone just getting into Hero. UOO and "cast a spell" aren't synonymous. UOO can be one way to describe "casting a spell," depending on what you want the spell to do. If you want your "spell" to be augmenting someone's abilities, you can use Aid for that, and keep doing it for an unlimited number of people as long as you keep throwing Aid. That's what Aid is for. If you want the Aid to be through a Focus that you give to someone, you can build it that way; the Special Effect becomes that the object is enchanted. And you can keep doing that as often as you want. If you want the spell to be built using a Characteristic with the UOO Advantage, the maximum number of people who can benefit from it at once is based on the size of the Advantage. That's explicitly in the description of the Advantage. Whether it's built with a Focus or not is beside the point; the Focus doesn't change the mechanics of the Advantage, it just describes what it looks like and adds additional restrictions to bring down the cost. You can "cast" it all you want, but the maximum number is set. If you want to "cast a spell" to imbue a random item with an ability it doesn't normally possess, and give that item to someone so they can use that ability, and keep doing that as often as you want, that's probably more closely modeled by applying Transform to the item.
  20. Help with Magic Items

    Bingo. "Making a magic item" can be the description -- or as Hero players say it, "special effect" -- of all sorts of constructs. Some are appropriate to build as permanent artifacts, others only as short-term game effects. "Magic item" describes what it is within the reality of the game world, but the mechanical function of it is its metagame definition. Those may differ greatly from one item to another, even though they're all "items." Now, I'm not sure you've encountered this yet expressed in the rules, but it is a long-standing Hero truism: just because Hero can simulate almost anything by its game mechanics, doesn't mean everything has to be simulated by them. Sometimes, if player and GM agree, it's perfectly acceptable to hand-wave a process as involving X and Y over interval Z, without costing it all out in CP; especially if that eliminates an awkwardness getting in the way of a game group having fun playing.
  21. Help with Magic Items

    That's why there are multiple ways to construct everything. Each one has benefits and drawbacks. Aid works differently from Characteristics bought as Powers, because using one or the other may better simulate the way you want a particular construct to work. I get the impression part of your original confusion was in assuming Characteristics as Powers can do everything Aid can do, only more cheaply. If that was the case there'd be no need for both, because the former would always be superior. But because each one is in some ways functionally different, either may better match a given concept.
  22. Help with Magic Items

    I think we're also running into a problem with genre conventions. In Hero fantasy games, which is typically a "heroic" genre, characters don't pay points for equipment, so you want to have some magic item creation guidelines to arbitrate the flow of such items in the game, keep them from becoming a flood. In superheroic games, characters pay their own points for whatever they possess. In the supers genre, if someone with the relevant ability -- technological or sorcerous -- is creating an item for someone else to use, nobody worries too much about how it's done. The person makes it, and then the other person has it. In Champions terms, the recipient invests the Character Points in it. If he wants another one he won't get it until he has the points to pay for it. So the creation of the item is just a plot device, unless inability to get it made contributes to the plot in a particular case. If you still want a mechanism for creating an item for a superheroic game, I suggest having the creator of the item roll for success on what you rule as an applicable Skill, with any appropriate Complementary Skills, and a penalty to the roll based on the Active Points in the item (-1 per 5 or 10 AP, depending on how difficult you want the creation process to be). You can use extra time per the Time Chart to gain bonuses to the roll, but you may want to set a minimum necessary time for "realism." If you make the roll, the item is created. If you fail, you have to start over again.
  23. Enough zombies?

    Full disclosure, I find those titans nearly as disgusting as zombies. Probably why my mind went to them first for a relevant example. The imagination of the Japanese is more broadly boggling to me, but that discussion would be far beyond the scope of this thread.
  24. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    It can sometimes be tricky to find the line between "I support the lawful authority" and "I was just following orders." Sometimes it takes history to define it. A big part of the issue is whether the majority of the public have faith in the competence and justice of their leaders, and/or in the system that supports them. So many nominal democracies collapse because the public's faith is lacking, often with good reason. The institutions of the United States have mostly earned that faith over generations, but there have been more than a few times when the conscience of many Americans was tested by the course its government chose.
  25. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    The Parent Trap, Easter edition.