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  1. Twins of one mind

    Reminds me of Dee Dee & Cee Cee from Batman Beyond. Always wanted to build a character like that - Low level martial arts & utility powers, but then maxed out Teamwork skill and every attack is a Combined Attack. Plus it's hinted that their grandmother is Harley Quinn.
  2. Hero System 5th Edition

    My IRL gaming group still uses 5th because they fear change, and are too cheap to buy new books. And, honestly, it still works great for everything. After trying 6th I very much prefer it.
  3. Hero System 5th Edition

    Plenty of people still use 5th. It feels like old school Champions. Although it only took my one game with 6th for me to REALLY like it. I find it normalizes DEX vs CV, something that older versions of Champions struggled with.
  4. WWYCD: Justifiable Homicide?

    Quasar - "Mind Maiden! AGAIN? This makes... Oh God! Get back to headquarters before anyone ELSE sees you..." Shadowhunter - "PRIMUS has Psy Ops of their own who will confirm your story after a deep mind scan. So come with me to PRIMUS headquarters right now. OR I can break every bone on the left half of you body. Your call. I'm not picky." Mystica - "Punch-punch, Bang-bang heroes will be busy tonight. So will Mystica. New artifact to analyse."
  5. Power Armory

    Multiform leaves a bad taste in my mouth, since I've seen too many players abuse it to build Everything Man - One form is a wealthy bachelor socialite, one is a batman-seque stealthy martial artist, one is a flying power projector, one is a super strong invulnerable brick, etc, etc, etc. In my head it's poor form for one PC to try to be Everything Man because it makes the other PCs redundant and unnecessary. If the team already has a stealthy martial artist or a trick arrow power projector on it, then those players have laid their claim on that shtick. There are enough super hero tropes out there that you can be something ELSE and not step on another PC. Also, IMO you spend your 400 points to build the hero you see in your head, NOT the hero you see on the pages of your favorite comic. Because to build a hero that can do EVERYTHING that, say, Daredevil or Wolverine or WHOEVER has EVER been shown to be able to do, at the level of competency that the comics portrays them to be at, you're looking at 1000+ points. But to answer your question then, yeah, you could use Multiform and have one form be Tony Stark, wealthy bachelor socialite industrialist who just HAPPENS to have been trained in stealth & hand-to-hand by Captain America, and then have other forms be his Hulkbuster armor, Stealth armor, Orbital armor, Deep Sea armor, etc. And one for his Every Day armor. But now we're back to Everything Man.
  6. Happy Tunguska Day! (A Day Late)

    Yeah, my character Mystica is a Russian mage raised by her grandmother, and her origin story strongly hints that her grandmother was the Archmage's lover.
  7. The Streets of Steel City

    My old campaign had to outlaw Aid to stats as it got REALLY broken really fast.
  8. Goofy characters

    Well if you're not gonna take Besty then I'm totally stealing her for myself.
  9. Goofy characters

    Then her hero name HAS to be Besty. And THAT is her super power, AND her catch phrase - "Besty is The BEST!!!" 18 DEX & 18 INT, a TON of skills, decent CV, Martial Arts, a few gadgets (Flash Defense Sight Group, Life Support Extended Breathing, Radio Send & Receive), a multipower with various powers & attacks (Flash, Entangle, NND, APED, AOE EB, AOE Flash, AOE Entangle, AOE NND, Swinging, Gliding, AOE Darkness "Smoke Bomb", that should do it), and finally Four Over All Levels! In combat the Over All Levels will give her +2 to OCV & +2 to DCV, which will make her REALLY formidable. I'd say ratchet her DCs down by 2-3 so she doesn't overshadow the other charters, because with Martial Arts and those skill levels she will NEVER get hit. Also, the FYB powers in the multipower will give her plenty of opportunity to debuff bad guys, but let Star Girl be the one to ACTUALLY finish them off. After all, "Star Girl is the Star. But Besty is the BEST!" And +4 to any skill roll or Perception check will make her really formidable when she's out of combat. She'll be the Velma to Star Girl's Daphne.
  10. Goofy characters

    Her name is Frenemy. She has Ego-based powers rooted in her deep-seated jealousy of Star Girl, and she will one day become Star Girl's archvillain nemesis. Either that, or stick with Besty and make her a classic side-kick, with a ton of skills, gadgets that give her Flash & Entangles, but no actual attack powers.
  11. Goofy characters

    This should give you some idea:
  12. Book recommendation

    thanks ot this thread I am re-reading West Pacific Supers. I also find myself increasingly ticked off that the author hasn't written a 3rd volume.
  13. Goofy characters

    Hard to believe we made it to the second page without anyone mentioning Foxbat. Although my personal favorite among the published villains:
  14. Goofy characters

    Back in the Champions I - II - III days I had a character named Kaptain Hero that was a Greatest American Hero rip off. He had the standard Superman power set, but all with 11 or less Activation Rolls. He'd go to fly across the battlefield, oops, a 13. Not this action phase. He'd fly into the air to engage the villains, yes, he flies. Next action phase he'd roll to stay in the air. Nope, falling back to earth. Oh no, an NPC is trapped under a car! Roll to activate Super Strength! 12, so sorry. Maybe I'll save you later, citizen. I got a kick out of it, but the other players & the GM absolutely HATED that character.
  15. Red Alert!

    A hulking, burly male hero and a slimmer male hero, alternately a female hero. One's a Brick and the other is a Martial Artist. Both carry weapons, and their names are Hammer & Sickle.
  16. Red Alert!

    You HAVE TO have an older male hero with cold-based powers named General Winter. You just HAVE TO. And he has to have a GIANT mustache.
  17. WWYCD: Global Mind Control

    Well, it looks like the Evil Overlord finally pulled it off. His most recent plan for global domination has actually worked. The genetically engineered insects his minions released have multiplied and spread. Through a combination of low level telepathy and a highly addictive narcotic chemical that is absorbed directly through the skin, every human being that a bug lands on gets drawn into the bug hive mind. While their knowledge, skills and personality remain intact, their will is completely given over to serve the bug hive mind. Getting free of skin contact with a bug severs the link to the hive mind, but the highly addictive nature of the bug's toxin has even the strongest willed heroes looking for a "bug fix" in less than half an hour. But it seems like this plan has worked a little TOO well. Bug swarm clouds have spread all across North America. Every population center is fully infected, including the Evil Overlord and all his minions. The hive mind has police, the military, and every major hero AND villain working together to gather every living human into the hive mind. Non-humans like androids, aliens, and spirit beings are either contained or, if necessary, destroyed. Bug swarm clouds are working their way across Central America, and ships & airliners full of bugs are making their way across the oceans to enslave the other continents. So far you have avoided physical contact with any bugs, although you know that all it will take is skin contact with a single but to enslave you. Meanwhile you have to come up with a plan to get humanity free of bug control. How do you stay free from bug enslavement? What is your plan to save humanity? (BTW - The above is basically the first half of the first chapter of Confessions of a D-List Supervillain by Jim Bernheimer. I recommend it highly).
  18. WWYCD: Global Mind Control

    Quasar - Quasar would adjust his Force Field to function as a giant Bug Zapper. That would keep him safe from the bugs. The only problem there is that once it is functioning as a damage shield then it's NOT functioning as a Force Field. So he would be defenseless against everything EXCEPT bugs. But one crisis at a time, right? He would be all over the long wave, hitting up his UNTIL contacts to alert the rest of the world about the bug menace, sharing the design of his Bug Zapper Belt, and brainstorming with the other technology types about potential solutions. He ALSO would be freaking RIGHT OUT over his wife's & daughter's safety. He would probably make Bug Zapper Belts for each of them to keep them safe, too. This would be odd for them, because as far as his wife knows he's just a mild mannered university physics professor. His 12 year-old daughter, however, is well aware of his secret identity as Campaign City's most powerful superhero. So if either of them are infected then BOTH of them are infected, meaning the bugs would use his daughter to set a trap for him. And at 14 Or Less he would fly head first into that trap. So in the long run Quasar is toast. Shadowhunter - "Let's see. Smoke grenades, bolos, grapnel, knock out gas... Damn it! No Deep Woods Off! Maybe I can uppercut a... billion... grasshopper-size bugs... BEFORE one lands on me... Sigh..." Shadowhunter loads up a small plane with supplies and heads for the Gulf Coast. Out in the Gulf he looks for an oil rig at least 20 miles from shore. He'll drop the supplies in water-proof, botany packaging right before he ditches. He'll hole up on the oil rig, living off the supplies he brought with him. Then he'll use short wave radio to organize the global bug resistance. Mystica - Initially she would be convinced that this was all a plot by extra-dimensional insect spirits, along the lines of Bug City from Shadowrun. She would seal herself in a Magic Circle to protect herself from the bugs, and then try to find the chief bug spirit and the insect shaman that's controlling it. They don't exist, of course, because THESE bugs are genetically engineered. But that thought would never occur to Mystica, and she would spend many days trying to find the mystical origin of the plague and to punish the warlocks who brought it about. Once she FINALLY admitted to herself that she had actually encountered a non-magical threat that was so large that she couldn't just ignore and "Leave mess for others to clean" she would be quite flustered, and VERY angry. "Punch-Punch, Boom-Boom heroes, THEY save world from SIMPLE THINGS. Mystica saves world from important, MYSTICAL threats. Now Mystica must do BOTH? Is no good. NO GOOD!" She would then TORTURE her Magic Only VPP until she came up with a 1d6 RKA AOE Megascale, X16 END, only works at exactly midnight on the night of the full moon, only effects creatures blood kin to those currently trapped in the caster's magic circle. etc., etc.. And in one fell swoop she would kill every bug on the planet. And quite possibly herself. And IF she lived, she would spend the next several YEARS reminding every superhero how DISAPPOINTED she was in them, that they couldn't even handle "Few bugs. Feh!"
  19. Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Supergirl had a Supercat There was also a Supermonkey...
  20. Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Fawsett Comics' Captain Marvel had: Captain Marvel Jr. Mary Marvel Tall Billy, Fat Billy, and Hillbilly Marvel Uncle Marvel and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny
  21. Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Everyone looks the other way when the superhero hooks up with the female supervillain. When the reverse happens, people assume it is mind control. They are almost always wrong *, but they assume it is so. * Even girls with superpowers love a bad boy.
  22. Ways to destroy the world

    I miss City of Heroes
  23. Fun with Heal END

    "The secret compartment of my ring I fill with an Underdog Super Energy Pill."
  24. Q: Buzzsaw's Duplicate Weapon Costs

    I was playing in a supers game. My character was a a reformed supervillain who wore power armor. The character had a Deep Cover identity of his old Villain ID, and he paid 5 points to have an extra set of power armor still painted in his villain color scheme. Every now and then he'd put on his old villain armor and blow stuff up that he couldn't in his superhero persona.