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  1. Halflings (Hobbits) are the most like humans if all the demihumans. They can be both Reincarnated & Resurrected. Tend to be over weight. Lives w/in civilized lands. Very predictable. Good at throwing things. Stealthy. A new race not known by all other races. Hairy feet. Cooking is a big deal. Gnomes (Smurfs) live in the wilderness. They are elemental. Wise. Great illusionists & tricksters. The smallest of the demihumans. Biggest noses. Gemcutting is a big deal. Talking to animals is huge. I think they might only Reincarnate. The souls/spirits of both halflings & gnomes often go to Bitopia (the Twin Paradises) when they die -- a celestial outer plane between the Seven Heavens (LG) & Elysium (NG).
  2. During Obama gun sales were way up because of the fear that the government was coming for your guns. With 45 as president gun sales have dropped sharply because the people who were scared of Obama are not worried about 45. That & they already bought so many. So now the new fear that is replacing the old fear is of the mythical radical left antifa. Marketing.
  3. In accordance with prophecy.
  4. The duct tape of...TOMORRROOOW!!!

    Robot towels tasked with coming up w/ new uses for themselves.
  5. I challenge you!

    Ice cream. Warren Beatty vs. Robert Wagner
  6. The insanity of trying to make safe AGI

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just given citizenship to Sophia an AI robot that looks like Audrey Hepburn. https://comicsands.com/weird-news/ai-robot-sophia-mocks-elon-musk-youtube-video/?utm_content=inf_10_3759_2&utm_source=csands&tse_id=INF_5f6c8be0bb4b11e78240a3a6bbddd67d Note this robot may have more rights than actual women living in Saudi Arabia.
  7. I challenge you!

    A like Don Ameche but Ricardo Montalban is a nagual warrior. MacGyver vs. James Bond
  8. Funny pics

    Beavers & ducks in the rain. How is this not an Oregon joke?
  9. Darth Quisitor: "We have ways of making you type."
  10. The power to pique the interest of anyone named Mister E.
  11. How would you cause an eclipse?

    Player: "I'd like to attempt an Extraordinary SS:Astronomy Skill Roll to make the moon eclipse." GM: "Okay. I'll let you make the Roll w/ a -20 penaly. Good luck." Player: "I'm taking extra time."
  12. I played in a game once [WFRP2] with an apprentice grey wizard whose NPC master had an Aura Of Forgetfulness. Very strange. The diffence between in game & out of game knowledge was stark. Led to some funny roleplaying opportunities. An actual gun in hand would make a phantasmal killer gunshot more believeable. Not knowing an illusionist is around makes Mental Illusions more believeable too. The targets are not on guard. Saving the cape for the big reveal? 1. Super-Gun 2. "Offensive Mystery" 3. Psionic Obfuscation Powers 4. "Defensive Mystery" Process of elimination. a- not powered armor b- not more psionics c- not genetic science d- not magic & you say you've never seen this power before used in the main stream. Okay. I think I figured it out. The super power is the ability to make people think you know the secret to picking up hot women. Jk <3
  13. The 5-Point Doubling Rule: For 5 cp you can double the number of any piece of equipment you have. This goes for vehicles followers bases & computers too, in which case the extra ones may have completely different builds than the original. See the first page of the equipment section of most books. "This is an unmodified cost, not subject to Power Modifiers or Power Frameworks & is considered a separate power (not part of the equipment's Active Points)." [CC p.161]