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  1. Sentient golems in charge

    I recently had a notion for a fantasy world that has sentient golems as its rulers instead of organic types. I’m just fishing for any ideas that might be out there to bulk up the concept. I could see a PC group as rebels against them, but I’m wondering what other notions could be wrung out of a fantasy world with flesh beings ruled by a former servants race like golems.
  2. Kneecapping

    Huh, of course. I was overthinking it. Thanks.
  3. Kneecapping

    How would you define "kneecapping" an enemy in Hero terms? Is it accomplished just by damage targeted at a leg location or would it require a drain on running of some kind? If this is referenced somewhere in the books, a page reference would be greatly appreciated.
  4. HERO Philosophy: What is a Focus?

    No game system is immune to in-depth analysis. I'm sure FATE and Savage Worlds have their own issues when you dig into them. I admit that a lot of Hero System discussions can end up devolving to the level of "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" though.
  5. Campaign settings - Speed

    Decision paralysis makes for frustrated players and GM, no matter what the character's SPD is. You could have a 3 SPD character and the player can still be overwhelmed by all their options. I've seen it happen more times than I can count. One option I'm considering using in a martial arts campaign I'm working on is having a set SPD of 4 (and maybe starting at 3 for beginning characters) for PCs and major NPCs and then characters can then only buy one or two points of limited SPD (only to attack) to go above that.
  6. There is an "Unobtainium" shield write-up in one of Hero's equipment books, but I can't remember which one right now.
  7. Looking For A Name For A New Campaign

    How about "Across A Sea Of Stars" or just "Star Sea" for a name?
  8. Making Use of Persuasion

    Couldn't that be done with Charm or Oratory?
  9. Making Use of Persuasion

    How far can you shift their attitude with Persuasion? Can you go from strongly opposed to neutral? To favorable?
  10. Making PETA a PITA

    Expanding on my comment above, there could also be synergy to have them work with another character's Hunter. How could PETA work in combination with a Hunter of Circe or Shadow Boxer, for example? No reason to let Honey Badger have all the fun.
  11. Making PETA a PITA

    The recruitment and the pressure don't necessarily have to be working at cross purposes. There could be public pressure coming down on her super ID, but the recruitment angle could be coming at the same time from a family member or close friend who can spin PETA's grievances to her Secret ID in a really sympathetic manner (maybe using a good Persuasion skill). The recruiter would have no idea that she is Pop Tart, but their words would work with the public pressure to make her wonder if being with this guy is such a good idea after all. Since it's an NPC having things happening to them offscreen, you just have to make it seem logical to yourself then bring the effects to the table. For an infiltrator, perhaps someone like King Cobra and his reptilian gang of henchmen and henchwomen are working with PETA behind the scenes for their own reasons. What better enemy for a mammal hero to have than reptilian villains?
  12. Making PETA a PITA

    It sounds like they will probably be attacking him mainly through the press and public opinion. Pop Tart could be recruited by PETA. If she has sympathy for animals, perhaps they could do something with that. Also, don't neglect looking for a possible synergy with another Hunter. Maybe PETA can't attack him with superpowered villains, but they could combine their Non-Combat Influence with another Hunter to really make his life miserable. Look at all of his Hunters and see how they might work together against him.
  13. This is quite a good match, actually.