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  1. Negative END and charges

    A robot not blocking or dodging seems like it could also be a normal thing for being a robot.
  2. Left the safety on

    Using a Persuasion roll, you could probably convince a thug that he left the safety on, giving a chance to get the drop on him. As for the 18 roll, I’d call it more serious if the weapon jammed than if the safety was on. Clearing a jam can require another roll, like Weaponsmith, I think.
  3. In the case of a target getting hit by two opposing PRE attacks, how would they be resolved? Example 1: A Vampire Lord appears and uses a terrifying PRE attack on a fighter and gets +30 over his PRE, but a priest ally uses a bolstering courage PRE attack at the same time, getting +20 over the fighter's PRE. Would the terrifying PRE attack be reduced to only +10 in effect? Example 2: An ogre appears and uses a terrifying PRE attack on a fighter and gets +10 over his PRE, but the fighter's sergeant uses a bolstering courage PRE attack at the same time, getting +10 over the fighter's PRE. Would the terrifying PRE attack be cancelled out or would both have some kind of mixed effect, maybe both at +0 level?
  4. Orcish Martial Arts

    Thank you for the ideas. The orcs I was thinking of were more like Tolkien/D&D orcs rather than Warcraft or Warhammer orcs. For weapon fighting, I was just planning to use the one detailed in the martial arts handbook, since it seems to cover things pretty well. I could rename maneuvers to something more orcish though. Commando Training sounds like a possibility, and the Brick martial art style in the handbook seems like it could also work. I don't see an orc using Martial Dodge or Nerve Strikes of any kind, but Martial Block and Choke Hold might make sense.
  5. Negative END and charges

    In the case of a weapon built with a STR Minimum, I’m thinking an argument might be made that it still requires some minimal amount of END to use, even if it uses Charges. I’m thinking of a bow and arrow as an example of this. It seems like it should use some END, even though it is technically using Charges. In the case of a gun, it requires a certain amount of effort to raise it into firing position and aim it. Maybe a minimum of END use is a part of the STR Minimum limitation?
  6. Left the safety on

    You see it in the movies or on TV shows now and then. Someone is about to take a shot and wastes their chance to shoot someone because they forgot in the heat of battle and left the gun’s safety on. In a split-second gun battle, this could be death. How would you model something like this? Is it the shooter’s Unluck at play? The target’s Luck? Perhaps rolling a fumble could mean the safety was left on? in any case, one outcome of this would be that charges don’t get expended, so it does have some effect that way.
  7. Orcish Martial Arts

    I’ve been looking through Hero’s martial arts handbook and trying to decide what real world styles would be good for orcs to use, styles that would fit them. In addition to Dirty Infighting, the styles of Boxing, Muay Thai, Pankration and Wrestling seem like reasonable ones I could start with, giving them more Orcish names. Are there any others that seem like they would be a good fit?
  8. The Power Of Presence

    The idea of rolling defensive PRE dice is interesting, and I could also see both sides rolling. Someone with a lower PRE could get a really high roll and then not be bothered by a PRE attack that would have affected them under RAW. Heroic Action Points might be another way to offset high PRE effects. Perhaps by spending maybe one point per level of effect, the hero could drop down the attack’s power against them. Maybe setting a standard cost of two points would let a character ignore a PRE attack. I don’t use HAPs in my campaign, but I am thinking about implementing them.
  9. The Power Of Presence

    Good grief. People are taking this way too seriously. I was only asking about how others treated PRE in their campaigns, if they used caps of some kind, not incite accusations against me as being some kind of killer GM. This event took place in a campaign that has been running for almost three years now. My players know me, that I’m not out to screw them over. Sometimes they get overmatched, and even dying is not the end for their character, much like it is in the comics. I’ve had one PC die in the campaign, and he was later brought back during a time travel storyline where the PCs met the CU’s Archmage back before he died (and warned him of what was coming, saving his life). That death/resurrection was used as the excuse for that player to buy some new powers and abilities that wouldn’t have made as much sense otherwise. Two PCs fled in the encounter against Takofanes and the remaining player has been turned into an undead horror. I gave the player a temporary bonus of 50 Points to use for buying undead powers, and I’m prepared to give him more to fit whatever concept he comes up with for his now undead supermage. I’m expecting he’ll come up with something quite awesome.
  10. The Power Of Presence

    I generally play the NPCs as written in the books, so Takofanes was not tweaked down. The PCs as a team could do enough damage to hurt him (and could even be classed as Avengers-level at 700+ points each). The players are quite capable when it comes to dealing out damage and taking it, but PRE is an area some are a bit weak in. While two of them have 40 PRE plus some bonus dice for things like Reputation and Striking Appearance, the other two are in the 20-30 range. They're fine dealing with the likes of Eurostar, but If Doctor Destroyer glared at those two, they would not be able to meet his gaze. They did get breakout rolls, but by then I had plenty of time for Takafanes to do his Emperor Palpatine impression on the supermage and turn him into an undead horror. "Arise, my young apprentice," and all that. Those that ran away are dealing with a bit of PTSD now, and I was reminded of old Call of Cthulhu campaigns from back in the day. The PC wears a full-body costume and mask, so his change in life status is not readily apparent. Takofanes left him his free will for the most part (since he's arrogant that way), but he can call upon the PC's services when he wishes. The PC now has a quest to find the phylactery holding his soul and get back his full freedom. I was just surprised at winning a battle without a single shot being fired.
  11. Galactic Champions-eque material?

    I didn’t see them mentioned in this thread, but The Omega Men and The Micronauts might be good sources for inspiration.
  12. In my last session of my CU campaign, the PCs were in Faerie and entered Dracula’s castle, expecting to meet the Count and slap him around for information on a case they’re working on (all the PCs are 700+ Points). To their surprise, the arch-lich Takofanes was waiting in the throne room when they burst in, with Dracula acting as his right-hand man. i opened things up with a PRE attack, using Takofane’s bonus PRE from the crown he wears (120 PRE total!). Rolling an 89 (putting everyone on the team in the +40 range), the three supers were immediately overwhelmed with fear (and two ran away in blind terror, leaving the group’s paralyzed with fear supermage to Takofane’s non-existent mercy). i use that as an example to wonder if anyone imposes limits on PRE in their campaigns, or if a limit should be imposed. One of the PCs has a 40 PRE, so he’s usually immune to villainous shock and awe of this sort and can be pretty intimidating to VIPER agents and even many supervillains. It’s been a while since I got a PRE attack this high, so I didn’t remember that the effect lasts for an hour per the chart. That’s pretty potent.
  13. I’m still waiting to slap you in the face with cash!
  14. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    Since he is a high-tech sort, perhaps he could have a team of computer hackers working as mission control.
  15. Galactic Champions-eque material?

    A lot of mileage could be had with a team composed of CU Empyreans from Earth wandering the galaxy looking for trouble. Maybe some of the other races in the galaxy have their own versions of Empyreans.