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  1. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    HBD Heinrich Bernholt Von DRACHEN,Cardinal of the North code name HBD. Heinrichs family have been part of the library of shadows for generations they have always been masters of calling to creatures lost outside in the places between or off the edge of the common map of reality and Heinrich is perhaps the most capable practitioner for generations. Heinrich prefers to call dragons usually smaller ones due to the need for discretion but he loves any opportunity to call one of the great worms from the places they slumber between worlds. He can also summon other mythical creatures from imps to fae but his preference is always Dragons. HERE BE DRAGONS
  2. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The Black Cardinals there are many hidden places lost cities secret tunnels and mystical pathways across the world and there is an organization that wants to keep them that way the black cartographers of the library of shadows their four field agents map these hidden ways acquire exclusive information and prevent others from discovering the libraries secrets. while there are four agents for each of the cardinal directions their powers and codenames do not have to be tied to that.
  3. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    IC Ignacio Chávez was a teenage street tough in the Miami barrio. one day he got chased down and cornered by a rival gang pinned up against a wall by three huge older gang members a knife against his throat he knew he was going to die. He'd fought struggled begged pissed himself but now it was over and in that moment he accepted it and he let go of his fear his anger everything. he just became COLD! there was a blinding flash of blue white light he pushed the guy holding him away and he just shattered. Ignacio ran from that Alley and dissappeared and a new freelance enforcer took his place IC AKA Eye C AKA Eye's Cold AKA the man with the Cold ass Eye's in his trade mark white suit and shades that hide his glowing blue white eyes. a total professional completely unaffected by emotion he is cold calculating and utterly unaffected by fear. Ignacio joined four Eyes when. Miami got too hot.
  4. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    R.O.U.S. A tiny field mouse Rous has the ability to grow to massive size growing to almost 6 feet in length with extreme strength and durability. because of his diminutive normal stature Rous is able to act as a scout able to get into all but the most secure locations. because he spends most of his time in his tiny normal form enemies tend to overlook him and many think that reports of the Rodent Of Unusual Size is just a Urban Legend until he strikes.
  5. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Tron Flynn Jefferson loved Tron as a kid he must have watched it a thousand Times so when his mutant power to generate hard light constructs manifested well there was only one thing he was going to create first while racing through the streets on his light cycle he witnessed a mugging and intervened using a light disc. Tron provides a variety of abilities to the team screening civilians with light cycle force walls providing transport in glowing tank or spaceship constructs or just hurling light discs. he also has a masters in computer science that has come in handy more than once.
  6. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    The Marquees a gentlemanly and refined but brutish looking individual. the Marquees has a strong upper class British accent refined tastes and impeccable dress. he always seeks a fair fight with the most dangerous opponent of his opposition. he has the natural ability to generate and aura bypass the defenses of a single opponent and also resist their attacks enforcing a strictly fair fight. based on the Marquess of Queensbury https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Douglas,_9th_Marquess_of_Queensberry
  7. Cheesy Acronym Needed - Submergible Structure

    I know I missed it but Nautical Experimental modular Outpost or NEMO
  8. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    so I guess it's time for a seasonal team The Twelve Knights of Christmas 12 suits of mystical armour imbued with the spirit of the season appear each year to grant the power to defend the season from all those that would ruin it. though they are called the twelve knights of Christmas they draw their power from all of the seasonal traditions from Diwali and Hanukkah to ancient traditions like Yule and Saturnalia.
  9. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Candy candys sexy avatar has a utility belt of different candy constructs that when thrown grow to huge size so she can cast giant virtual gum drops that ensnare in sticky code enemy programs or crush them under hard candy. or go melee with a double handed candy cane.
  10. Need help with a super team draft

    Dazzler has become something of a badass in recent years excellent tenure as part of Excalibur and A force she's also recently acquired the power to not die recovering from even fatal wounds. speaking of Excalibur captain Britain might be a good option shame your not doing indies because Atomic Robo, Hellboy, steeljack or Samaritan from ASTRO city, or Smax from top ten
  11. Need help with a super team draft

    some more obscure ones Iron from DCs the metal men Molly Hayes from runaways super soldier the amalgam universe combination of superman and captain america Or Shulk combination of Solomon grundy and hulk. devil dinosaur captain #### from nextwave as you have thor why not beta Ray bill or Thunderstrike Apollo from the authority is in main DC universe now marvel boy might work as would miss America hulking and stature from the young avengers.
  12. Need help with a super team draft

    8hmm some more obscure ones plastic man is seriously potent there was a reason Morrison had him on his JLA run invulnerable immortal density and size control A bomb rick Jones with abominations strength and camouflage abilities. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Jones_(comics) Mimic from the eXiles series is a pretty flexible choice with the ability to copy up to 5 powers at half power I'm fond of his standard load out most of his appearances, he retains the powers of Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast and Northstar .
  13. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    so that's five finally lol mrinku it's still your pick or I can come up with something
  14. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    SPARKLE! THE SCINTILLATING SNATCHER sparkle loves sequin covered couture dresses Shiney gold jewelry but most of all DIAMONDS! she just does not like paying for them fortunately she has a mutant power that generates flashing strobes of light blinding distracting and disorienting everyone around her letting her grab what ever she wants and make a quick exit. while Sparkle dazzles the crowd with her radiant presence another unwanted guest is about to literally crash the party at high speed.