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  1. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    so that's five finally lol mrinku it's still your pick or I can come up with something
  2. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    SPARKLE! THE SCINTILLATING SNATCHER sparkle loves sequin covered couture dresses Shiney gold jewelry but most of all DIAMONDS! she just does not like paying for them fortunately she has a mutant power that generates flashing strobes of light blinding distracting and disorienting everyone around her letting her grab what ever she wants and make a quick exit. while Sparkle dazzles the crowd with her radiant presence another unwanted guest is about to literally crash the party at high speed.
  3. Cool Guns for your Games

    my change to the life card would be to switch from a flip up barrel to a slide on then put two more in the grip for fast reloads
  4. Ways to destroy the world

    One really creepy one for me would be trapping everyone in temporal stasis no one dies but the world is destroyed plus if your heroes are the only ones unfrozen the visuals would be epic battling villains around frozen statues of everyday life. Equally a mystical doomsday weapon might enhance the power of a gorgon or basilisk to turn all life on earth to stone. Equally a grey goo nanotech event would be pretty awful an unseen cloud of nanotech just dissolving everything into component atoms/more nanotech I actually used that as the basis for an even more unpleasant end of the world and the basis for an evil alien civilization. The wraith are one of two remnants of a extremely powerful and peaceful alien civilization experts in nanotechnology. there homeworld was threatened by a massive gamma ray pulse that would turn their world into a radioactive cinder destroying all life and every great work of their civilization. they decided to use their nanotech to break down the planet digitize it and then reconstruct it once the danger was passed. Unfortunately they made one fatal error the wraith the last criminal of a society that had eradicated crime the last psychopath of a society that had cured madness and the last being to be digitized. What should have been a perfect digital utopia until the world was rebuilt after the danger had passed was turned into a literal hell where the population of that world where tortured for a subjective eternity by infinite iterations of a single deranged mind. Now the wraith is spreading nanospore craft tiny densely packed craft filled with replicator have been launched to spread across the cosmos infesting planets slowly corrupting the world with terror and violence before unleashing the nanoswarms to consume them and trap every living being in an eternity of torment. Meanwhile the nomadic caretakers Immortal survivors of the lost home world are searching for a lost backup a pure iteration of their world untainted by the wraith.
  5. Would Frankenstein's Monster be considered undead?

    I guess the fundamental argument is the tissue reanimated or merely animate. In the former case it has been returned to life rather than under death and is the re-alive as apposed to undead in just the same way a person with a superhuman healing factor might recover from being chopped up by a mincing machine. Equally an argument could be made that there is no difference between an artificial intelligence constructed of machinery and one constructed from biological systems where the materials originally came from is irrelevant.
  6. Some brainstorming help, please.

    For some reason I'm thinking Rick and morty style Cosmic battle of the bands giant literal rock gods descend and demand we "SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!" rock concert/gladiatorial combat with very obvious expys of classic rock bands/super teams. Definitely requires an appearance from VAL HALEN viking God of ROCK!! perhaps filling in for silver surfer with a DIO/GALACTUS hybrid presiding. Fights Trials & Tribute-lations the band must battle a gigantic red devil controlled by the hypnotic power of the music of a band made up of two chubby shlubs on acoustic guitars. The song they play seems amazing but no one can remember a thing about it after wards turns out they are using a mind controlling pick the band must discover this or be knocked out of the running. God gave Rock and roll too us. A band made up of five avatars of gods of music from different pantheon I'd suggest APOLLO as lead singer team leader (radiant golden blond sun god with a side order of music prophecy and hunting). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo LONO of the Hawaiian pantheon as Drummer he's the God of fertility rain prosperity and peace basically he makes it rain in both senses. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lono SARASWATI multi armed hindu goddess of wisdom and bass guitarist https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saraswati XOCHIPILLI the prince of flowers Aztec God of god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, song and also homosexuals as the flamboyant effeminate keyboardist. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xochipilli Finally HATHOR Egyptian goddess of Joy the perky busty lead guitarist and backup vocalist https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hathor Ragna-ROCK!!! Norwegian death metal magi bent on bringing on the apocalypse via their dark magic infused metal. Knights of the interstellar Supreme sovereign Four leather clad alien knights representing a powerful monarch of a potent interstellar empire. Made up of STARBORN the energy projecting lead singer The ferocious prehensile tounged bassist and Co lead singer THE DEVIL THE ASTRONAUT guitarist faster than light flying Cosmic speedster And THE TIGERMAN stealthy monomolecular claw weilding drummer. That should be enough for a pretty epic bracket competition you can have the team watching them decimate other super bands in between their gigs add in some back stage shenanigans sabotage groupies and the sort of madness that comes from alien sex drugs and rock and roll
  7. The Creeper

    how are you handling his alternate identity a well paid and connected Tv reporter gives you investigative skills that the creeper alter ego lacks
  8. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Standing in the shadows was Ripley Greenlaw Linda's high-school paramour who had been driven from society by his father's public disgrace involving fraud embezzlement and a ponzi scheme that had targeted the cities luminaries. Ripleys father had died in prison before the trial and he had disappeared into public school. All grown up but still recognizable in a exquisite tuxedo Linda had no idea what he was doing here. If Linda had been following international news she would have been aware of the stories of the gentleman theif sought by interpol for dozens of high profile crimes across Europe. The so-called midnight mask had stolen art jewels and bonds from half of Europes glitterati. Appearing on the few occasions he had been glimpsed as a tall athleticly built man in an impeccable tuxedo using a range of high tech gadgets. If Linda had tracked down Ripley after he left their private school she would have discovered that his father was framed by J.M.R. Zyron and Ripley was here to take him for everything he could steal plus evidence of his many crimes. Revenge would be a served as a birthday cake. Linda was also wondering what on earth was more interesting to Ripley than a jet booted blonde and why was he staring at the rooftop pool...
  9. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Oops late pig entry thought I'd submitted last night. Teacup A few years ago during the Teacup pig Fad Teresa Cupertino most ardent desired was for one. She bought one from a breeder only there was two problems there is no such thing as a teacup pig and the so called breeder was nothing of the kind he was a Animal liberationist desperate to get money so he could flee the country. A month later Teresa had a very rapidly growing full size sow. Not just a sow but an angry one that bit her. After the bite things got strange it turns out buttercup the pig was an experimental subject in a program called High Intensity Growth Hormones optimizing Nutrition Texture Health & ethically husbanding organisms genetics H. I. G. H. O. N. T. H. E. H. O. G. used growth hormones genetic engineering and in vitro nutritional supplements to produce the perfect pig for factory farming. Unfortunately for Teresa exposure to Buttercups tainted body fluids gave her a dose of the experimental serums used and Teresa found her self changed. Teresas powers manifested as the ability to change size while she isn't able to shift a huge amount only about 50% shrinking down to under 3 feet tall or turning onto a almost 9 ft hulking brute. At 3 feet Teresa is faster and more agile but not very strong tthe little pig is her goto form for escaping a bad situation she will shrink down don a disguise and go we we we all the way home. Her larger firm is a hulking ogre like being intimidating and destructive she is hard to hurt and can smash through barriers made of anything straw, sticks or brick. Teacup does triple duty in her smaller form she acts as a scout using her size shift she can easily shift her appearance or get into small spaces. Normal size she occasionally acts as honey trap. And big piggy is the team brick.
  10. Character Help: This time, grenade belts

    found this reddit thread on why most grenadiers no longer wear bandoleers https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryPorn/comments/5w38ws/us_marine_with_40mm_grenade_bandolier_takes_cover/#bottom-comments a modern replacement http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2011/10/17/usmc-fields-mag-d-40mm-grenade-dispenser/
  11. Shadow Themed Character

    I have one shadow and one darkness based hero Tattoo the mysterious mystical of Edinburgh was granted her powers when she became bonded with a sentient magical Grimoire called The Book of Shadows. The spells from the book transfered from the pages to her skin and appear as tattoos on her skin when manifesting their powers the intelligence within the book is slowly teaching her more potent spells and she is learning to combine them to devastating effect. Her current powers are Mantel of night invisibility no Fringe chameleon only in shadow/darkness . Plus +4 stealth only in partial darkness. Fist of shadows stretching 8" does not pass through intervening space indirect can come from any patch of shadows. The Binding dark entangle indirect any patch of shadows Shadow step teleportation must pass from one person sized shadow to another. Eyes in the darkness Eyes of the raven king night vision enhanced senses Strength of shadows drawing in shadows from the surrounding area firming them into armour that enhances strength and toughness. On ebon wings draws in darks to form wings of shadow exposure to bright lights or light based attacks destroys them. Nox Is the son of 60s super heroes Godiva and Tommy Peepers. He can absorb light creating a zone of darkness while enhancing his strength and toughness He acts as a stealth/brawler for his team.
  12. Legalities in a superhero battle

    Yeah she was a clear and present danger but hero shouldn't have used full force punch I'd definitely vote for a mulligan. Life model decoy, forcefield belt, secret technique to fake death learned from VIPER ninjas.
  13. Legalities in a superhero battle

    How did he know she was an undercover viper agent and why did he punch her? if she was a clear and present danger to others shooting at civilians or had a bomb he would be justified in using lethal force. If she was just attacking him then his self defense claim might need to be litigated due to him using lethal force against a target that could not harm him.
  14. Create a Hero Theme Team!

    OK I have one the children of Peace John "Warspite" Warren was a royal Navy commando while in the bahamas training mission he was dragged into a previously undiscovered cave network exposed during an undersea earthquake. he would have died lost in the dark suboceanic caverns if he had not discovered a lost cache of mystical atlantean armour and weapons. When he touched the strange glowing metal of the armour it bonded to him granting him not only the ability to breath under water but enhanced strength speed and toughness. Due to Treaty obligations the UK does not allow Super powered individuals to serve in the military operationally he was offered a choice he could serve with Britain's national superteam or be seconded to the UN. John chose the UN after all you join the navy to see the world. It was during a Peacekeeping operation in Sierra Leone that John's Life would change once more when he encountered what he now considers the greatest evil in the world and the thing he now devotes his life to eradicating the scourge of Child soldiers. During the operation he encountered the forces of a local war lord who was working with a rogue VIPER chemist who was attempting to develop a super soldier drug based on a plant native to the the region. He was using the warlords child soldiers as test subjects. Warspite and the rest of the UN force sent into a literal hell dozens of children enhanced with experimental drugs that granted super human strength and durability but also Psychotic Berserker rage. The battle was brutal destructive and the decimation of the local community was heartbreaking. The death and suffering broke something inside john and he knew that he had to stop this from happening ever again. At first he worked with the UN arresting warlords who used child soldiers for war crimes and bringing them to justice but then he started encountering super powered kids forced into conflicts used as weapons. He started to rescue the kids getting them psychological help and training them to use their powers for good eventually he had a team who supported each other as they worked through the things they had seen and become true heroes. Over the last 15 years John has trained over a dozen powered child soldiers created by magic science or nature many have returned to their home nations as Patriotic heroes attempting to end civil wars or keep a fragile peace . there are currently five members ranging in age and origin from war-zones worldwide
  15. Kick your side

    I think the decrease in sidekicks probably has a lot to do with the Teen titans. With the original reader surrogate purpose of sidekicks being discredited as a concept. The teen titans created the opportunity to have teen heroes and the challenges of youth independant of the sidekick mentor relationship Now teenage heroes tend to be part of junior teams rather than sidekicks. Occasionally they have adult mentors but usually that actually creates conflict. I thought it was quite interesting when the recent avengers line up was half experienced veterans and half powerful newbies who immediately went off and formed a youth team. Really the only reason I see sidekicks existing are legacy heroes training up their successors or a mentor relationship with a teen hero who is to dangerous to allow to develop in a teen team or on their own.