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  1. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    A 20 STR barbarian weighs 100kg and has the same casual STR as a 10 STR goblin that weighs 50kg. A 40 STR dragon weighs 6400kg and has the same casual STR as a 20 STR barbarian. 20 STR is 4x 10 STR. 40 STR is 16x 20 STR. It makes sense that a very lucky goblin could hold a barbarian, at least momentarily. It makes no sense that a barbarian could stop a dragon, but the rules on casual strength do not take into account the exponential nature of STR in Hero. They should.
  2. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    The specific rule about characters is that a grab or entangle stops them moving (subject to breakout etc). I don't think the rules treat characters as objects. For balance.
  3. Improving Throwing Objects of Opportunity

    How much damage do you expect these objects of opportunity to usually cause and what would the damage range be?
  4. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    I believe that there is inconsistency in the rules in the name of 'game balance'. If two people pay the same for their flight (30m) then they should get the same benefits and effects (or at least balanced ones). I do not like rules that are there for balance. I would prefer rules that simulate reasonable expectation and if my 800 kg 50m flight 60 STR brick is grabbed by a 100kg no flight 35 STR character standing on the ground, even if the casual breakout roll fails I would not expect the character to come to a dead stop. The problem is that is what the rules say happens.
  5. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    Apologies but I could not help myself...
  6. Sad News: Professor Stephen Hawking has died

    No, I think you'll find he lowered it, so that he could reach his pint. Now you see, that, arguably....
  7. Sad News: Professor Stephen Hawking has died

    Then there's this: https://www.maxim.com/news/gal-gadot-stephen-hawking-2018-3 Some people will say anything to hear the sound of their own (virtual) voices. Nothing in the Gadot tweet was 'ablist' or suggestive that the 'disabled' would be better off dead. It is just appalling that a sentiment that is so innocuous is twisted like that. There was clearly no intention to give offence and I daresay that Stephen Hawking made the best of things, but I doubt he greeted the news of his illness with absolute equanimity or that he would have turned down a cure had one been offered. Of course he had physical constraints and he, very much a realist, would be the first to accept that. I despair, sometimes....
  8. 5th Ed STUN question

    Lovely idea. I like that a lot. Limit the REC to 'only when recovering negative STUN'
  9. Sad News: Professor Stephen Hawking has died

    Yeah, him and Ken Dodd within days of each other, supporting my hypothesis that they were a gestalt creature. https://inews.co.uk/light-relief/humour/ken-dodd-jokes/
  10. I agree entirely but would argue that we need to be able to represent that mechanically rather than relying on individual DM interpretation, otherwise certain SFX are 'inherently' more powerful than others without there being cost consequences. We all seem to agree that there needs to be a logical connection between the SFX and how the power works mechanically and vice versa.
  11. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    The problem with allowing points to be more efficient if you pick the 'right' SFX is, well, I think the answer is obvious. There appears to be a repeated issue with the RAW that rules are made for balance rather than consistency or accuracy. Whilst I appreciate the ridiculousness of either of those things in the context of superheroes it seems to me that the strength of Hero is the ability to build what you like, so we need a mechanic to build this effect: bear in mind that most times a SFX would 'allow' you to keep moving if you are grabbed the same would logically allow you to keep moving if you were entangled but the entangle was not anchored to something solid: do we ignore the rule there too, or change the rules?
  12. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    Part of the problem with grabs stopping movement is that it makes sense in some cases (I grab your legs, you can not run) but not in others (I grab your arms you can not run). Obviously being grabbed should have an effect but not necessarily stopping you entirely. Even more obvious is the situation where one party has flight. If you have restrainable wings and they are grabbed, you can not fly, I think we would all agree, but if you have anti-gravity flight, why should, in effect, carrying someone else stop you? I don’t see that you can really do this without making a rules change because the rules are inconsistent. There are various treatments we could give this, but let us start by reviewing a couple of existing rules: The base rule is that: 6.2.64 Typically a Grabbed character cannot use any form of movement to keep moving while Grabbed. He may be able to use his movement to improve his STR to break free (see 6E2 25), but that’s all… and 6.2.25 As an optional rule, the GM can allow characters to use their Flight or Leaping to enhance their ability to lift or push. (He can allow them to use other forms of movement in appropriate circumstances; for example, a character who’s underwater might be able to augment his STR with Swimming.) Every 4m of Combat Movement becomes +1 point of STR. Seems a bit stingy to me, but that means 40m of flight is +10 STR for a break out of escape, if you allow this rule. In fact, because you can only use Casual Strength, that means 40m of flight (which is 30mph) only adds 5 STR. Hmm. Anyway. Another problem is that you can use your strength while flying normally to apply the same STR as if you were braced on the ground. This is a bit wrong, IMO: we really ought to break flight into movement and flight STR, because otherwise there is a clear lacuna in the rules. Here is my proposal. Flight allows you to lift your own weight, and only your own weight (including equipment and small & light handheld items). Flight differs from most other forms of combat movement in that you have nothing to brace against but your own powers. When flying you can apply additional STR if you pay for it for lifting carrying and throwing. It costs a +1/4 advantage on your STR (or part of it) to be able to apply that STR while flying for lifting and carrying. You can still use normal STR for move throughs and such. You can also buy additional STR just for flying : Does not add to normal STR* (-1) and Only when flying (-1/2) This would make 10 Flight STR cost 3 points. Buying it as an advantage on STR is more efficient: it would cost 2. The GM may want to set a limit on the amount of ‘Flight lifting STR’ you can buy, say twice your normal STR, or some other proportion of it, or may rule you can not lift more in the air than you could on the ground, but that is style rather than anything else. To carry a single person when you are flying will cost 2 points, if you have 10 STR. It is not much but it adds needed granularity and makes the rules consistent. If you are grabbed while flying your casual STR to break out is based on your normal casual STR or your flying casual STR, whichever you like but not both. Also resisting flying KB would be based on Flying STR only. Thoughts?
  13. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    Wings can be angled to stabilise the character in flight, or make a sudden change of direction toward the attack. I can make up explanations all day. I don;t see how it is imbalancing or why we have the injunction against special powers: we just need GM oversight. Also I'm pretty sure I've seen many characters posted on these boards (or referenced) with MP slots that cost surprisingly little after limitations and are much more powerful than reducing KB. Also if you look at the notes in the post I'd probably have reduced it to 10m KBR. Not that the amount should matter as such.
  14. "My wings are like a shield of steel."

    The problem is that we have a rule that makes sense for game balance, otherwise it would be mad to grab a flier as they are likely to eventually break free and you will fall, which is one of the biggest damage hits you can take in Hero in most games. I agree that it makes no 'real' sense. What is the alternative though?